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My inspiration...whats yours?

Hello again, I just wondered what your inspiration was to loose weight?

I decided yesterday that i was going to give SW another go and im so pleased.

Today i have had the ultimate inspiration...

My work are organising a day out un Septemper to a place called Go Ape. Im not sure if you have heard about it or not, but this is it...


I have had a look in the special requirements, and although my weight would be fine, my thight are around 3cm too big for the leg loops in the harness...My waist is spot on 110cm, so the waist band might be a bit tight also.

My goal now isnt to loose a certain amount of weight, but to loose 5cms off my legs by September, and about the same off my waist.

I was just wondering if there was any particular even that made you all want to loose weight?
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Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
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I don't want to be fat and 30! And I'm also doing Go Ape in September for a hen do! Can't wait! xxx
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Oh I've heard about go ape. :D

...I started losing weight for a holiday in 2008, and this year my goal is to get to target for a holiday in January. Obviously there are alot more benefits then fitting into a nice swimming cossy but thats the main one thats got me motivated at the moment. Plus I am a size 12 at the mo but have brought a size 10 dress for a wedding the end of this year and I want to be able to get into it, which will be amazing as I used to be a size 18.

<------picture of dress in avatar ;)

xx :D


Is a crunchy mama!
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My inspiration is simple, vanity! I just want to look hot no matter what I wear :D


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LOL Honeyoc. :D

I too am doing it for vanities sake and will have to keep it up now, as I have had my hair cut short since losing some of my neck fat.

mine is a couple of reasons i got sick of bein the size i am plus im gettin married next year so that is a mega inspiration for me x


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my reason is my two girls age 2 and 11mts. i dont want to be the fat mum that cant take them to the park and run around with them. i want to be able to keep up with then and not worry about getting out of breath/sweating etc...oh and also vanity too...fed up of going to shops liking clothes and then to find they dont have it in my size!!!


feling good!
I want to enjoy shopping and have a bigger selection of shops to make choices from rather than Evans and the internet


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My inspiration is realising that had I have continued the way I was I'd probaby be dead before I'm 50 and I've got 6 children to live for and want to be around a long long time.

I've set my target for my 40th birthday - 14 August 2013, very realistic and there is no way I am going to be fat and forty!!
the reason I started on my wieght loss journey was a photo my 3 year old took of me .. I used to avoid the camera and it was a very unflattering angle .. but it shocked me into facing how big I was ..... it is in my profile albums if anyone is brave enough to look ...... I also get married in 6 weeks .. and didnt want to be in a size 24 dress .. so now gonna be a 16 instead :)

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