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my journey is soon to begin :-)


After the hiccups of recent weeks iv now got my new start date of Monday 27th Dec and i cant wait to get started :)

Im meeting my new CDC on Thursday to be weighed and collect my packs ect and then will be started it straight after Christmas/Boxing day on 27th.

With only days to go im preparing myself mentally by doing lots and lots of research and looking through all the posts on here for inspiration, u all do so fab, I totally admire u! Cant wait to be one of u on this amazing journey :) and im preparing phycically by keeping hydrated, not over indulging and keeping carbs sensible until i start. Iv stocked up on bottled water, not too keen on our tap water :D and Iv cleared the rubbish out of the kitchen.....so im feeling totally positive and ready :D

My partner is going to take some photos of me in my undies on day 1 then will take them again at regular intervals and il keep a journey book to keep me focused and on track which i found invaluable when i did LL before.

If any one would like to offer me any other advice id really appreciate it and sorry for waffling :D

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Hello! I too am starting after Christmas. I'm very nervous as I have my long awaited doctors appointment tomorrow. I feel so positive and ready for me to start, but am really worried that I won't get my forms lines off tomorrow. (am also extremely concerned about the number of CD babies I have read about today!looks like I need to book in another doctors appointment!)
So what are your goals? How much are you looking to lose?

always love to see another newbie as excited as i am :) what day are u starting? and yes, my 18 mth old was a lighter life baby which was a huge shock as i was told id never have a 2nd child as i was so infertile and even ivf ended as a twin ectopic so was adviced to give up at that ppint for my own health so we did.....3 yrs later whilst on my LL journey i discovered i was 3 mths pregnant...huge shock!!! but a very welcome shock, he is wonderful :) so yes, i too will be taking extra care there as i was on the pill back then for my hormones and i still fell pregnant, so if i can, anyone will lol.

what worries u about not getting your forms signed? many docs are very supportive of these diets when carefully followed so fingers crossed for u.

my over all goal is to lose 6 stone which seems a long way off but i know how time went on LL with 3 stone so i know it will fly by. what are u hoping to achieve?

Wow you sound super organised - and excited - well done
Jayellekay - hope you get your form signed - mine wouldn't sign mine at first as she offered me surgery instead! However I politely pointed out that she wasn't signing to give me permission , just signing to say the medical information i had provided on it was right. Then she said OK.
thank u setas x i know that as long as im organised and focused and with all this support...i cant go wrong! lol

u r doing fab too!!! total inspiration to me and every one else on here im sure, i cant wait to have a few weeks behind me and have some statistics to show :) yours are amazing, keep up your wonderful work, its clearly working for u x
Hey girls, im starting after xmas also! I have a LT baby, she is 3 months....fell pregnant whilst on the pill :-S!

Im going to loose 3stone 3lbs to be 'healthy' then see how i feel after then maybe another 1/2 to a stone taking me to 10stone 7lbs!

Heres to a happy healthy slimmer 2011!! :)
there is certainly a few of us :-s

u sound like u have a plan there kellymarie and i too raise my imaginary glass to a happy, healthy & slimmer 2011...chin chin :) x
not long to go now :) x


this time - the last time
Have you had a good Christmas?
When are you starting?
I'm not seeing my CDC till 5th, so still awhile off for me. Cant wait now though! Really excited about the opportunity!
christmas has been really good thank u, how about yours? tho i did eat more than i intended!! so i am glad to be starting CD tmrw :) and im sure your start date of 6th jan will be here b4 u know it! its good to have a little bit of time b4 starting to allow u to 'prepare' i think, tho i didnt prepare as well as id hoped with everything iv eaten over the last 2 days! roll on tmrw for me and 6th jan for u!! x
hey good luck for tomorrow :) I have had a week off over christmas and have gained a fair few lbs , but I know I carry a lot of water when I recarb , normally loose 12-14 lb first week back on , so i am back on SS+ today and hope to carry on now till goal :) So I am only 1 day in front of you so will ber going through the tough 4 days at the same time ... but we will get there :)
That 6 stone will drop off before you even know you have started :) Look forward to seeing your progress on here and if you need any support just shout x
aw thank u hunnie x yes those first 4 days will be tough but i am definateley going to get through them, as will u :) tho i am scared too lol but in a good way. its hard to imagine myself in a few months time after dropping a fair few pounds as it does seem distant, but i know it will fly by and il be at goal b4 i know it :) and u r doing fab!!! 26 wks and u lost 6 st!!! well done, if i could get anywhere near that id be over the moon!!! good luck with the next few days and i look forward to seeing u at goal :) x
Hey Sarah Louise - hope you had a great Christmas and are ready to get started. I've stayed on SS over christmas so if you need some moral support over the first few days just give me a shout. I'm sure you will do fine - you are so well organised. Good Luck, stick with it. Drink plenty of water and keep busy busy busy! before you know it you will be in ketosis and its downwards all the way from there!
hi just wanted to pop on on say im back to 100% ssing after 2 days off so will be going through the same as you x

wel done setas for sticking to it over xmas you must be so proud xx
yay, glad u came back :) its good to have some buddies going through the same stage, it can get tough at times but so far so good :) hope its going well for u too x
Ive spoken to my cdc and cant get started untill the t5h so im a bit bummed but thats only next week so im sure i can wait a few extra days! But i was telling my sister about it and she has decided to do the diet aswell so that will be nice to have her going through the same thing at the same time, she is also about the same weight and height as me so it will be a bit of healthy competition :)

Good luck for when you start, i remember how hard the first few days are from when i dont lipotrim....hoping these shakes are a bit nicer!!


this time - the last time
Hello! I can't get to see my CDC until the 5th either. So we can start together!
What's your goal? Do you have a timescale? How much do you want to lose?
Hi, well at the moment im 14stone 4lbs and want to be about 11stone to be about a 12 (which i was before my babys) its my birthday 3rd April so if i can do it before then that would be FAB!!! What about you how much are you looking to loose? Its nice to have someone thats starting the same day!
Ive seen a beautiful dress that i would love to wear for my birthday but its expensive so im hoping that it will help me stick to it! I wouldnt wanna waste that money!
the 5th will soon be here ladies :) i was trying to pursuade my sister to join me on CD last night but she made so many excuses, i gave up in the end. she has done CD b4 but she didnt follow it properly at all and i dont think her councellor is that supportive either :-( i had a meeting with her CDC last year and she put me right off the diet to be honest, didnt even measure me or really ask about health or anything. glad i looked up a new CDC, my one is fab and so supportive and helpful :) good luck for the 5th, i look forward to seeing how u get on.

im on day 2 and its going well, got slight headache still and fluffy tongue lol but i am drinking plenty of water, i guess im approaching ketosis :) il check it tmrw i think and see


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