My journey. Onwards and upwards CD > SW


I will do this!
I actually started CD on Monday and have been posting on DH, but here seems to be the place to be, so here's my story so far..

Well here I am on a journey that I hope will finally get me to goal weight. Let me set you the scene...
My name is Gemma and I'm 26 years old. I live in Lincoln with my partner Dave and 2 cats, Giggs and Tetley (which may give you a clue to 2 of my passions in life, Manchester united and tea!). I work as a social worker for an independent fostering agency and I love my job. I brought a house last year with my partner and next year I hope we will be planning for a wedding and then children. Everything in my life has worked out pretty well so far and I'm a happy and well balanced person. However! I have this problem, I've had it since I was about 15 and that is my weight. Over the years I have tried most diets and lost a stone or 2 here and there only to put it back on and more.. (you know the usual story). I know find myself at my heaviest, close to 16 stone and so fed up. I don't think losing weight will solve any of my problems, as if the truth be known I don't have many. I just want it to solve my weight problem. I want to look in the mirror and not see lumps and bumps. When I'm pregnant I want people to be able to notice I'm pregnant and not just think I've put on more weight. I want to wear sexy underwear and feel confident in it. I want to be able to shop in any shop I chose.

Well I have decided to go on the Cambridge diet and today is the day I sit here waiting for my CDC to bring my packs. I have tried Cambridge once before and lasted 15. My experience on the diet wasn't bad, but I hated losing out on the social side of my life which involves lunches with friends weekly. This time around I am preparing myself and my friends that I am happy to spend the time with them, but I won't be eating. Before I just made excuses not to see them and then felt like I was missing out. I know I will need to be determined for this and stay focused, but I'm hoping I can finally put my weight under control and then start again learning how to keep my weight down.

I've now been on the diet for 7 days and tomorrow is my first weigh in. Wish me luck on my new journey.. I hope I can share it with some of you.
Gemma xx
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Hi Gemma!
Your a social worker for a fostering agency.. and i'm a foster carer for our LA ! :D have been for 2 and a half years now. Both my hubby and I foster full time. :) We do 0-18's and have 3 placements (which means we're full) but are adopting one of them.. in the early stages. :) We also do shared care for a girl with special needs and respite of course. :p

Ok.. enough shop!

Is your CDC weighing you when she visits with your packs? I do it the other way round.. i go to her, and get packs weighed and meausred (once a month). :)

If you struggle with the lunches.. could you do the 790? where you could have a bit of chicken and veg or salad?
I know my CDC said there are a lot of people that struggle and that 790 works well. :)
hehe I love my work! I'm soooo passionatie about foster care and supporting my carers, you see my parents are foster carers! They started when I was 8 so it's something I know alot about and I love helping people alond the journey of assessment and then the reality of fostering. Good on you for being one of those special families who have chosen to open their hearts to these needy children.. anyways enough of that.

My CDC visits me. Originally she wanted to come every 2 weeks but I'm the type of person that needs to see results so I've asked her to come weekly and she has agreed. She brings the packs to me.
I don't normally struggle with lunch, just when the company has training days and the like. But on Wednesday we had a full day of training, I left the house at 7am and returned at 7pm. I lovely spread was put on with fruist and salads and naughty things to and not a morsle passed my lips! I was so proud of myself. Have managed a week now and stuck to it 100%. Some days I have found the water hard and will need to work on this more. I constantly need to pee lol and every time I arrive for a visit at one of my carer's houses I am rushing for the loo!

I'm not telling the world I'm doing this yet, it will lead to too many questions. As I start lossing people will of course notice and then I will just say I'm on a diet.

Anyways hope everyones had a good week, fingers crossed for WI tomorrow!
Hi Gemma,

Firstly good luck with your WI tomorrow.

Your story sounds very similar to mine actually. I can honestly say I didn't feel my weight has held me back at all, but I did want to wear nicer clothes and feel fitter.

Like you I enjoy food and my social life very much revolved around food, meals in with friends, meals out with friends, etc.

My social life hasn't really suffered, I still go out for meals with my friends but I take a couple of chocolate mouses with and eat that (I haven't been to one restaurant that has objected) and I go to friends for meals and they come here.

There is plenty of time for social eating when I can control what goes into my mouth!

Good luck with your journey.
Hi Gemma, and Welcome!

Sounds like you pretty much know what you want and are determined to get it, I just wanted to welcome you to minimins and send you some good luck for your first weigh in. I find training days at work difficult because they tend to take you out to lunch, I managed to avoid most!!

Looking forward to seeing how you get one this week, and all the best!
Hiya Gemma and welcome, We are behind you all the way.

I have to log off now as Im on way out but looking forward to seeing your diary x x x
Hi Gemma, good for you getting this problem sorted once and for all. I have to say I wish I had done it at 26 not 47! But hey, you know what you wnat and you know how to get it. So go for it, we are all on your side!
Thank you all so very much for all your kind words of encoragement. Well here it is, 1 week and I made it, no slip ups, plenty of water and lots of toilet trips! My CDC is coming this morning to weigh me and I'm so excited! Really want this to work..... will fill you all in later. Have a great day all.
Morning Gemma.
You sound a positive kind of person who knows what she wants and goes for it,You are sure to do this.
I week down great and once you have had your weighin and see the resaults af week one week 2 will be so much easer,
Can not wait to see how you have done
Good luck
back later to see how you doing
wohoooooooooooo 10lbs lost :D :D :D Last time I did this diet for the 12 days I lasted I only lost 7lbs in total, now it's 10lbs in 1 week! I'm soooo happy. My CDC is so lovely too, I really like her and she inspires me. Can't beleive it 10lb.. I thought I was feelnig a difference in my clothes but thought it was just in my head, now I know it wasn't. Well so happy now nothing can defeat me!!!!
Thanks all for supporting me, it means a lot.

Well done on your loss and a big HELLO from me. :)

I'm Helen. 27 married with 3 kiddiwinkies. Have been on CD a while and lost the most i've ever lost on a diet!!
I love CD and know it is my ticket to clothes freedom. I want to be a trendy mum and a sexy wife ;)

Great to have you here and look forward to reading your diary. Minimins is such a fantastic place to be - without it I know alot of us wouldnt have lost half as much - if any weight at all!!!
Day 9 - it's weird, even with such a great loss yesterday I felt really down, don't know why :( I didn't eat though, managed to get through the day and here I am with my 2nd bottle of water, have a mate coming over for lunch and not worried one bit, I will make lunch for her and have my shake :D
I'm sure this journey will give me lots of ups and downs, I guess I was just hopnig yesterday would have been an up up day rather than how I felt.
Hi Gemma.

Come on girl pick yourself up!! You have had one hell of a fantastic weight loss.

Don't worry about your friend coming for lunch - just sip your shake and natter!!!!!

good luck

Sorry you're feeling a bit fed up. You are right about this journey being full of ups and downs. the good thing is you didnt let it ruin things by eating so give yourself a huge pat on the back!!
Chin up and remember that every day is different - hoping the next few days are good days for you. x
Hi Gemma
just replied to the message you left on my DH thread!!

I just wanted to say - we sound so much alike - started size 22, want to get to a 12's, and we both lost 10lb in the first week.

Gemma - stick with this, try not to think about it and just get on with other things to occupy your mind. It is so worth getting to the end - I have my weigh in on sat and hope to have lost another 7lb taking me to 4 1/2 stone in 15 weeks and just so you know it can be done - I GOT INTO 12's at the weekend (found out at 7.00am at the Next Sale!!!!!)

in the context of everything - this is just a short amount of time - YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!

Please keep us updated, and stay positive!! Think of the new slim you!!!!!!

Love Curly
feeling much better this evening. I work in a stressful environment and I think that may have had a lot to do with how I was feeling yesterday. But lunch today was fine I had my shake and actually she didn't eat as she is on a diet! hehe strange how things work out.
Off to the pub thursday and friday so that should be interesting.. but sure it will be ok.
Thanks for all the encoragement - you guys are great
Feeling much better today. I'm finding that certain shakes I don't particularly like but others I look forward to. I don't like the vanila or the tofffe and walnut. I really enjoy the chocolate mint hot and the tertas either semi frozen or as a hot chocolte. Everything else I just have really because I have to. I'm trying to keep haiving as much variety as I can, but this may have to change.

Anyways - hope everyone else is having a good day. Wishing you lots of loss! :D
Gemma x
Well day 12 is here and a new challenge passed. We go to the pub most Thursdays and have a meal with another couple and play a pub quiz. Now I had resolved on this diet to make sure we still have a social life so the couple we go with know we are on the diet. We all deicded to eat at home so problem one over. I drank water all night and throughly enjoyed myself. Our mates commented I can come again cos the rounds were so cheap hehe. Felt really proud of myelf. They also kept telling me how good I looked and how you could see it already especially in my face :D I'm feel so proud of myself and so confident for the future.

Have a great, food free day everyone! :D
Gemma x