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My journey to a 32" waist and a girlfriend...

Well, i joined this site yesterday, having joined Slimming World on 4th January 2010. My targets are there on the left, I am wanting to lose 88 pounds, and end the year attached!!! My kids have kept me busy, but as they grow up (I am 38 now), i find there is more time for me and i want to make better use of it!!

So far, 3 weeks in, i have got off to a very good start, having lost 17.5 pounds, so i now have 70.5 pounds left to go. I have "prepaid" 12 weeks at SW, to motivate me to go all the time, and i have joined a gym (and prepaid for 12 months) to help me along a bit.

Will endeavour to keep this updated as i go along, with tales of food, drinks, and maybe even dates.....
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Just arrived in office, gym on the way in this morning, so i can barely type!! Good day food wise yesterday - and slept really well (might be that the exercise is wearing me out as well.) Just want to shift this weight as quickly as i can - i get like this sometimes, perhaps a little too focussed for my own good.

Gym every day this week so far, its now Friday morning, and i am going to try to go at lunchtime - at least i am in less pain in the morning!!!

I am finding the food part easier, just eating a fairly balanced set of meals. Cereal and coffee in the morning, fruit or a sushi box at lunchtime, and then a bog standard meal at night - beef casserole and a baked spud, brocolli and carrots last night for example.

It has helped me to cut a few things out entirely, just because i am not sure i could manage to "only" have a bit... These are crisps, bread and cheese.

All good so far though x
Hi SingleDad

Excellent results so far - keep up the good work.

The gym every morning is hard, but after a while im sure it will become an energy rush you need or you just wont feel right for the day... lunchtime too works !!

Well done again...

hey, seems someone else has the same method as me, prepay the gym then you have to go (but i haven't been since wed as i'm down with a chest infection and can barely talk let alone jog cycle or my fave, swim)

i also stock up on my meal replacement packs as motivation to keep going!

good luck on your journey!!!
I think Pre-paying is the best motivation for me - i have shelled out £350 or thereabouts, so i have to get the use out of it now. It doesnt come out of a family budget or anything, it is me and the kids, so i have to account for it properly. Hard to explain what i mean, errrr it isnt money that should be buying the wife flowers - cos there isnt a wife anyway.

oh anyway... i know what i mean!!!

Went again at lunchtime, actually managed to run (as opposed to run and walk) a mile. Puffed afterwards though..
as you fitness increases you will find your puff less for longer!!!!....... i just do interval training find it works best for me until i can build it up
Sam, our weights are one pound apart.

Race ya!!!

lol, i've a chest infection do u a deal 100m sprint the you can race the paramedics pushing my strecher!!!!

and if i die you can have the remaining of my shakes

no shakes for me, proper food only - just none of the really lovely stuff... like cheese..butter....bread...crisps...


you are now 4 pounds ahead of me...


i get to eat cheese, only 30g a day thou. but no carbs. not fazing me to be honest as i cheated too much on weigh wachers. and the weight flew back on when i gave up.

plus living in a house with other pointing every meal is hell, i'd set out my week planner get to wed and not want shepards pie for dinner lol
Off to weigh in shortly - 4 weeks in now. Fairly sure i have lost again, reckon perhaps 2-3 pounds. Will see soon.

I seem to be ensconced in the routine of it now - but the drudgery of 6-12 months of this is pretty daunting.

Yippee - 3 pounds

hey thats great well done!!!!! but just think this time next year your gonna look back see how far you've came and it'll all be worth it

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