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My journey to fit back into my clothes!

Discussion in 'Slim and Save - Diaries' started by Tridi, 10 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. Tridi

    Tridi Full Member

    Hi there,

    I have done S&S back in 2012 and was very successful. I have lost 3st 13lbs within 3 Months. As I moved to Germany I had to stop the diet. I maintained the weight for a year, which was great but then had to go through a traumatic situation and piled the weight and even more back on over a course of nearly a year.

    Last week I had a look into the mirror and thought THIS IS IT! Plus my daughter said she is worried about my health, which really woke me up (she is 7!) and made me think and realise, that i have to pull a handbreak! I have also had some TV presence recently and got quiet some publicity and thought I looked AWWWFUL!!!Not like myself!

    So I went on the S&S site and they deliver to Germany now, which made me really happy. I love the programme and there are lots of new meals and bars! I knew instantly this is it, I'm jumpig back on the wagon, but this time for the last time! I will get through this until I have reached my goal and I will do the proper refeed etc.

    I am really determined and know this will work out. I have a fabulous man and a beautiful child backing me up and (I HOOOOPE) your support at times. :D

    Due to my weight I am starting with the Simplicity plus plan until I've reached the weight, where I can go down to 4 packs a day.

    Enough for now...have a great and sucessful week.

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  3. KBQueen

    KBQueen Yummy Mummy in the making

    Best of luck Tridi, there's plenty of us about for support and the odd kick up the bum when needed xx
  4. Clinquant

    Clinquant Gold Member

    Welcome and good luck. The support on here really makes a huge difference.
  5. shrinkydink

    shrinkydink Full Member

    good luck on your journey look forward to seeing you succeed :)

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  6. Tridi

    Tridi Full Member

    Thanks Girls! First day is behind me and I have to say it was quite good. I felt hungry at times but drank a lot of hot tea. I just cuddled up in bed with a cuppa and read all your amazing diaries. Some had me in stiches! Cliquant, I love reading your Diary!!!!
    Can't wait until I have passed a week. I used to weigh myself daily, when I was on the SS the last time and promised myself that I will not do it this time. It just took control of my mood every morning. which is ridiculous if you think about it.
    As I had my Food deliverd to the office yesterday morning, everyone asked me, what it is and so on. I just said some food supplements and then showed no interest in discussing it furhter. I made The spicy Spag and they all said uuuuu it smells lovely :D I amsoooo ready for my transformation!

    Girls, am wishing all a great Tuesday! xxx
  7. Tridi

    Tridi Full Member

    So I have managed a week so far and even tho it was superstressful in work and TOTM arrived on Friday to top the great mood I was already in , I have managed to lose 9 LBS this week.

    I am feeling great being back on this diet and just keep thinking about summer and where I want to be in June for my B'day.

    What are your experiences with losses while TOTM?

    Have a great start into the new week and all Monday WI - good luck :)
  8. Clinquant

    Clinquant Gold Member

    Well done that's brilliant. Really pleased you have found your way with this. TOTM can make a difference to some so usually less losses that week and hopefully a whoosh the week after. All evens out though.

    Hope you have another good week - you must be so motivated by your loss. I found weeks 2-3 a bit tricky with mind games. Feels like you have done it for ages but still have a long way to go and not getting the compliments. Don't forget to come on here if your brain starts talking to you!!
  9. Tridi

    Tridi Full Member

    Thanks Cliquant, that is good to know (that TOTM can affect the losses). I know exactly what you mean regards the mind games, I already think that I have such a long way before me to get where I want to be, as I am so impatient! Probably a test for me ;) But reading all the diaries and seeing the massive losses most of you have, I know it is possible. How much have you lsot with S&S in which timeframe?
  10. Clinquant

    Clinquant Gold Member

    6 stone since 1 September. I had about 10 days off for Christmas then a planned day off on Saturday but other than that pretty much 100%. I know other people have been really successful but taken a bit more of the scenic route and had more time off for social stuff - I think I'm just too plain scared - but as long as they have committed to getting back on it they have continued to do really well.
  11. Tridi

    Tridi Full Member

    woooow 6 stone in more less than 5 months is an amazing result! Well done Missus, you must be well proud of yourself! I need to lose around 8 Stone and thought it would take me around a year, but the way it looks I might be there earlier than I thought :D
  12. Mrsfeeneytobe

    Mrsfeeneytobe Silver Member

    Welcome aboard!

    There is a great support system here and i echo Clinquant around the mind games etc.....Clinquant and many others a re proof that it really does work....as you already know....trust the process...and the results will follow :)

  13. ClaireCat

    ClaireCat On a mission for boobs!

    Hello, I'm here to subscribe. :)
    Been rubbish at catching up with diaries lately. It's obviously the hectic party lifestyle I lead! LOL!

    Congratulations on the first weeks loss. TOTM is a constant thing for me on this diet, with the exception of the odd day off here and there, and I can confirm that I'm still averaging out at about a stone a month.
  14. lottiebird

    lottiebird Silver Member

    Hello, I'm here to subscribe. Well done on a great start :)
  15. pripri121

    pripri121 Gold Member

    Here to subscribe hun welcome to the forum n will. Followin hehe u sound well in the zone nw well done :) these diaries here r great for motivation, distraction as well as entertainment hehhe great support here i wudnt have come this far withou these guys :) z
  16. Tridi

    Tridi Full Member

    Hello Ladies,

    so this morning was my second week WI and I am -3Lbs down. Not that much but it's gone! I have expected a bit more as at the weekend I renovated my entre place, took out the wooden floors and painted which was hell of a lot work! I mean I carried so much, up and down that I thought I would lose more than 3 lbs, but I am happy that I went doen anyhow. I have also managed my first goal, which is to get under 19St.!

    I believe as I did S&S 2 years ago, plus Lipotrim 5 years ago, that it slowed down my metabolism drastically. Both times I haven't done the proper refeed etc. so I think I am paying for it now. But as long as it is going down, I am happy!
    Wishing you all a great WI this week.
  17. Mrsfeeneytobe

    Mrsfeeneytobe Silver Member

    Congratulations on your 12lbs loss in 2 weeks!!!

    You're doing great and it sounds like you know what you are doing.....celebrate the losses and the fact that you're on your way....be proud :) xx
  18. Clinquant

    Clinquant Gold Member

    That's still fantastic. There seems to be a second week lower loss but I just think everyone is different. I lost more in the early days when I did Lighter Life first time but over time it has averaged out at the same and I'm five years older. And I don't think I ever lost 3lbs on another diet where food was involved.

    You've got through those tricky first couple of weeks without any major drama and have a really positive attitude. I think you'll do really well. :)
  19. Tridi

    Tridi Full Member

    Well Hello ladies,

    I haven't been on this for a 1,5 weeks which feels like ages. My Company decided last minute to send me Paris for a business trip which was nice but when on S&S and basically no time to "refeed" i started to panic.

    Anyhow I stuck to salad and protein, and avoided carbs as much as possible, but as we were out several times on companies costs in these fancy french restaurants, it was really really and I mean torturing tempting.

    I gave into a mini dessert which was put infront of me and tasted oh soooo amazing, well saying everything over there was amazing.

    I was scared to go on the scales this morning as I didn't know what to expect. And it is a gain of "only" 4 lbs, which I can live with. I am out of ketosis, but I will get there again very shortly :)

    Happy Paddy's day all and a great start into the new week.

  20. Tridi

    Tridi Full Member

    Surprise Surprise, this morning I had the 4 LBS off and I am back to 18st 5 lbs! Must have only been water I gained. What a reflief and so close to get to my next target:BELOW 18 St! want to get there by mid next week...hopefully!
  21. Clinquant

    Clinquant Gold Member

    Well done. I have to say it sounded as if you had been pretty good considering the temptations so 4lbs seemed a bit mean!! Glad it was just water and you are heading into the land of fresh fat!

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