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My last re-start.. let's do Monday hour by hour..


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I've had a choc tetra and half a litre of water, must get glugging!!

How is everyone else doing today?


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Hi Moti :)

Thanks so much, great to see a familiar face..

Hi folks,

I'm back!!!

Have put on weight but am not dwelling on that today..

Feeling positive and am SS'ing all the way no breaks so guess I'll be at least 8 or 9 months.

Let's do it day by day :)
Amen to that! We can do this, of course we can!
Glug, glug!


Well Sats restart fell on its a**e, so today it is then.

One shake and a pint of water here.
Then gym appointment at 3:30 with a personal trainer, asking her to plot out a muscle program to tone up whilst I shed my remaining flubber.
Then to go pick up hubby, might go for a wee swim when I've picked him up.

We'll see.


One day at a time!
Hi and good luck! I've had my 1st litre of water and a strawberry shake for breakfast. Had a shaky day yesterday when I went off plan(a bit further off than intended:() It's a miserable rainy day where I am so no chance for a lovely walk or time in the garden - guess that means I have no excuse not to do the ironing!!

Hope CD goes well for you this time round.

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Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
Morning all. Have a great 100% day. Everyone is sounding really positive.

Dreaming maid...thanks hun for your post other day :) I'm watching you lol lol.

Lost 1.5lbs of the 4 I'd put on. Determined to get back to 9st1lb for dublin in 8 days.

Off to the gym now with other half and then loads to do but all from home which is nice.

See you all later, have a good one xxx


Serial Dieter!
All good here....

3 pints of water down already and a whole pot of tea :eek:

Menu for the day ..... 3 shakes cappuccino, choc mint and toffee/walnut!!

Day 7 today.... Official WI tomorrow, I can't wait now!!!


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Wow Lexie-dog you're busy, really want to start an excercise programme, have you SS'd and gone to the gym?

Hi Minxie, this diet suits me best so am just gonna stop faffing around and stick to it.. no excuses.. This rain is a bit depressing isn't it :(
Morning all, good luck on restarts!

heavy showers here. Not good for kids school holidays! Need to get out of jamas and get butt into gear. Need to feed troops (Just woke up I'm not starving them honestly gov!) and brave the supermarket! and possibly do some work, that is important!

Hope you all have a great 100% day.



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I know, the weather is foul here :( Kid's are climbing the walls..

I'm 2 litres down.. ketosis here I come ..lol
1.5 litres and half a pack down + some coffee.

Have so much to do...need to start packing our house into boxes ready to move in a couple of weeks. Don't know where to start though, there's so much stuff.
Only packed one box so far! And just found a furry green orange in the kids toybox...yuuueeack


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Afternoon all. Good luck to all of you that are on re-starts :)

I've had no internet all weekend as the power cable on my laptop broke! But a new one has just been delivered so I am sure you'll all be pleased to know normal service will be resumed hehe


Winning a losing battle!
Afternoon all!

Good luck to all the re-starters, I'm sure you'll be fine once the first couple of days are out of the way.

2 litres of water and one shake done so far today. Off to the gym shortly and I guess I should really be working too - I do hate Mondays!!


Serial Dieter!
Nah! Mondays are GREAT... A whole new week, ahead of you!

I see monday as a fresh start to my attitude particularly if the previous week hasn't worked out as I would have like it to...

Monday= opportunity!!!


Winning a losing battle!
Good way of looking at it!!

If I didn't have a particularly pants job I may see it that way too - on the plus side though, at least I have a job! See, it's rubbing off on me!!
Sometimes wish i still had a job:cry:. I'm a full time mummy to three preschoolers which keeps me busy but really miss the social side of having a job.
Wouldn't swap it though...most of the time i love it.

Anyway, 3 more boxes filled up with house contents, only about another hundred to do. 2.5 litres down and 2 shakes down.

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