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My Lighter Life Lite Diary


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S: 9st7lb C: 10st4lb G: 9st4lb Loss: -0st11lb(-8.27%)
Hi everyone,
I joined LLL on 7 March weighing 133lb, BMI being 26.1. My target is to lose 21lb. My first weigh in was a 3lb loss, and I was really pleased as I'd only been able to stick with it for 6 days out of the 7 but had discussed this with my counsellor before starting.

I work long hours, with a busy commute so every other diet has failed and I worried about my long term health as my weight crept up. I also suffer from PCOS, and found as the weight increased, my symptoms were worsening. So my main motivations to lose weight are: to be healthier, to reduce the risk of diabetes (my family all have it), and for body confidence!

The first week was fine. I found the first few days a struggle as I was also moving house (nothing like adding on the pressure!) but generally, I was fine apart from a bit of lethargy and a bubbly tummy. It's all completely calmed since, I feel fantastic and have no cravings or hunger pangs. I have lots of energy and love this diet!

Yesterday I bought some ketose sticks from Boots, and it tells me I'm well into ketosis. I think this might explain why I'm feeling so good. I'm only 1.5 weeks into the plan, so I hope this motivation and positivity continues. I have already found though, that I'm avoiding social situations so that I don't get tempted by wine... Which I think is a bit sad really.

Ok so in terms of the diet, I've been sticking to 3 foodpacks and one meal per day. No snacks. Lots of water. As I don't get home until late, I'm finding I need to have my meal at lunchtime, otherwise I do get a bit dizzy towards the afternoon.

As I'm just starting this diary, I'll note yesterdays food diary as well as todays.

B: LLL Porridge, coffee
Mid-morning: Half bar
Lunch: 150g ham, lots of salad with some dressing
Mid-afternoon: rest of the bar
Dinner: LLL Banana shake

B: LLL Porridge, coffee
L: Tuna salad or veggie omelette and salad, balsamic dressing
D: LLL Cranberry bar
S: LLL Chilli con Carne

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S: 9st7lb C: 10st4lb G: 9st4lb Loss: -0st11lb(-8.27%)
Thanks for the encouragement!

Today is a bit of a struggle to be honest. My usual routine is:
6.45am - LL Porridge
1pm - meal
4.30pm - LL bar
8.30pm - LL shake

Staggering it this way has really worked for me so far, with no hunger pangs or cravings. But today - I've had my porridge as normal, but came into work and scoffed my bar at 10.30am. Leaving me feeling a bit panicky and unsettled. My tummy is rumbling, and I know it's completely psychological but I feel really deprived. But I know at lunchtime I can't have a foodpack, otherwise it'll leave me with a very long time before I get to have anything again.

I think I know the reason why I'm feeling worried. Last night, bf and I decided we'd try to have a meal together tonight (as I'm always having my meal at lunch at work). I think it's thrown me - the idea of waiting for any real food to eat until 8.30-9pm has left me feeling like I've lost control and brought back that fear of being hungry (which is why I gained weight in the first place).

So bizarrely, it's thrown my mind/control off kilter.

Gosh writing it out has really helped! I think what I'll do is: a) have a food pack at 3pm and a meal with my bf as planned at 9pm. Fill up on coffee, water in between.

Or... I ask my bf if we can eat together tomorrow night, and have my meal as I usually do at lunchtime.

What would you guys suggest?

G: 10st7lb
hello again

I think you should do what makes you feel in control and I am sure your bf will understand. Have your meal tomorrow night if that suits you best. Could you maybe meet for lunch tomorrow, or one day next week, so you are still eating together?

Its definately mind over matter isn't it? yes, writing everything down does help, its made a huge difference to me too :eek:

Good luck, you are in control don't worry!


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Thanks Rose!

Yep think I'll have a meal with him tomorrow. I'm struggling to concentrate at work and feel a bit dizzy today, so should probably have a meal now anyway.

Unfortunately, my bf works 66 miles away from me so lunch isn't possible! I think we can live without joint mealtimes for the time being. He's being incredibly supportive about my weight loss journey. He just wants me back to my confident self when I used to parade around in my undies while I got ready, instead of shoo-ing him out of the room as I do now!!!

How's your day going Rose?

G: 10st7lb
Good thanks :)

just going to walk off another few ounces for my weigh in on Monday :eek:

I too am looking forward to being more confident one day, just to get changed in front of my hubby would be good, rather than hiding from him!!!!!! lol

have a great and succcessful day :)


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S: 9st7lb C: 10st4lb G: 9st4lb Loss: -0st11lb(-8.27%)
Just an update to my food diary today - warning for those following abstinence - Food talk here.

Brekkie: LL Porridge
Mid-morning: LL Bar
Lunch: Hot smoked salmon flakes, 3 bean salad, salad, mint vinaigrette
Dinner: LL Shake

Still feel heady and dizzy. Not my favourite day! x


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S: 9st7lb C: 10st4lb G: 9st4lb Loss: -0st11lb(-8.27%)
Hi everyone, hope you all had successful weekends.
Warning read no further if you want to avoid food talk!

My weekend was really successful. I don’t know how I did it really...
Saturday I went to the hairdressers, had my haircut, coloured and blow dried and it made me feel really fresh. I was running late so just grabbed my LL bar and had that with coffee there. Then I did some housework and met up with my boyfriend to do a huge food shop as we were hosting a mega Sunday Roast the next day for friends and family. I was hungry when we went around the supermarket, and I have to say, being around all this fresh fruit and yummy delights gave me a headache. My boyfriend bought lots of nice food for himself for the week, and I did ask him to hide it all from my eyes in his own cupboard.
We dropped in at his parents and had a coffee, so I didn’t get home until about 7pm and he had to go to work. So I attempted to make banana muffins from my LL shake and it went horribly wrong, so I was forced to eat warm frothy half-cooked shake.
I forgot about my third LL foodpack, as I was so busy cleaning etc, so ended up missing one and just enjoyed my allowed meal of a lovely salmon salad with homemade coleslaw when my boyfriend came home. I couldn’t manage my whole portion of salmon, which makes me think my stomach has shrunk.
Sunday was brilliant. We hosted a Sunday Roast for 12 people, including the whole works... canapés, roast beef and gammon, potatoes, roasted veg and suede and carrot mash, wholegrain mustard gravy, massive Yorkshires. Dessert – apple crumble or homemade gooey brownies with icecream. Then a gorgeously prepared cheeseboard with crackers, fresh tiger bread, celery, grapes, sundried tomatoes, pickled onions, home made coleslaw and sandwich pickle. Copious amounts of wine. Having prepared all this, you’d think I’d cheat. But... as everyone happily tucked into all this over the course of a long day, I stuck to my gammon and beef, veggies and my own gravy. For dessert I had a LL bar. And I didn’t drink a sip of wine despite everyone encouraging me to have ‘just one’. Sparkling water with my LL flavouring all the way. I can honestly say I didn’t feel hungry once, crave a thing nor feel awkward. Everyone was generally being hugely supportive and didn’t make a big deal out of it, which I massively appreciated. And it was satisfying doing my ketone test and seeing the dark pink, so I know it’s paying off.

With the left over veggies, I quickly made them into a curry late last night mixed with chickpeas – so tonight’s dinner is nicely sorted.

So all in all, feeling hugely positive and cannot quite believe how I’ve managed to stick to LLL so well despite the ‘temptations’. Weigh in is tonight but I can’t make my meeting as I have to work late. Just trying to rearrange it so I can go to a meeting local to work at lunchtime, hope they’ll be able to do this for me – otherwise I’ll have no foodpacks left for tomorrow which is panicking me a little.

G: 10st7lb
Well done for resisting all that temptation, that showed massive willpower :)

You are doing well :D

Ooooh fingers crossed you can get weighed locally at lunchtime, I'll pop back later to see your result! ;)

Good luck, have a great day!


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S: 9st7lb C: 10st4lb G: 9st4lb Loss: -0st11lb(-8.27%)
Thank you! I lost 2lb. It's less than I hoped but safely safely, slowly slowly - and I keep telling myself 5lb in two weeks is terrific. I started a new group near work who seem far more in tune with the needs of counselling than my previous group so I'm feeling very optimistic! xxx
G: 10st7lb
just want to congratulate you on your own thread as well as on mine :)

5lbs in 2 weeks is a great loss. Pleased you have found a group that suits you!

have a good evening :)


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S: 9st7lb C: 10st4lb G: 9st4lb Loss: -0st11lb(-8.27%)
Thanks Lift and Rose! Feel super happy :O) Hope you guys have a good evening too x


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S: 9st7lb C: 10st4lb G: 9st4lb Loss: -0st11lb(-8.27%)
Yesterday was a good day! Stuck to the plan to the letter...
B: LL Porridge
Mid morning: LL bar
L: LL Banana shake
D: Tuna with home-made coleslaw, left over veggie and chickpea curry.

Gosh the dinner doesn't sound very appetising but I didn't eat them together! I needed to up my protein so had the tuna first... It's weird as I'm not thinking of what 'my body needs' as opposed to 'what I fancy eating'.

So today's plan is:
B: LL bar
L: LL porridge
Mid-afternoon: LL shake
Dinner: Ham, home-made coleslaw, lots of salad

I've decided I need to hide my scales as I'm weighing myself every morning and every night. I don't want to be obsessive and it definitely affects my mood even though I know it's natural for weight to fluctuate.

And I'm still in ketosis but I just don't feel like I'm losing weight this week. I feel heavy and not 'lighter' like I did the past two weeks. I didn't drink enough water yesterday so maybe that's the reason I'm feeling a bit ming. Not quite as happy today, can't put my finger on it.

G: 10st7lb
hello newme2009...step away from those scales!!!!!! ;)

I know how tempting it is to weigh in at every opportunity, and in the past, I got hubby to hide the scales from me :eek: reading your weight every day does affect your mood, you are right!

Try to stick to once a week, you'll be glad you waited. I can relate to not feeling 100% and not 'feeling' lighter, I had a bit of that last night, despite losing and still losing, I don't feel lighter this week, I was even thinking last night my tummy looked more bloated than last week :confused: It made me feel a tiny bit down last night, for no good sensible reason....just the joys of dieting I suppose?

Hope you feel a bit better now, you are losing weight, despite that confusing feeling, and you are going to feel great at the end of all this hard work and determination :)...maybe I should listen to my own voice too :D

Good luck, have a good day :)


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S: 9st7lb C: 10st4lb G: 9st4lb Loss: -0st11lb(-8.27%)
Thanks Rose. Been really obsessing about food today. I don't know what's got into me! So I ended up going to the supermarket at lunchtime, forgoing my food packs and getting lots of ham, salad, cucumber, gherkins and low fat dressing - and had my meal at lunchtime to get my mind off it! It seems to have worked.
I think I'm a creature of habit and need more fuel during the day to concentrate - whereas I'm happy with shakes in the evening and don't miss my meal. Oh well, whatever works, is fine by me! xxx
G: 10st7lb
That is so sensible :)

Just have your meal when it suits you and your body is craving it. I too am (was) a creature of habit, it felt so strange to sit at night without snacking on anything savoury I could get my hands on, but I am getting used to it now, and somehow?????:confused: have banished any kind of snacking in my new lifestyle, I've GOT to be strict, I've failed too many times :sigh:

So if the new routine suits you and it works...keep on that path, it is the road to success :)

Have a good evening :D


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S: 9st7lb C: 10st4lb G: 9st4lb Loss: -0st11lb(-8.27%)
I guess it's all about re-training the mind and keeping boredom at bay! Good luck tonight (keep away from those snacks!) xxx
G: 10st7lb
Definately :)
I've re-trained my mind, to react when my eyes say...oooh yes, that my mind screams loudly NO NO NO :)

It's diner time for me now, yum yum :D


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S: 9st7lb C: 10st4lb G: 9st4lb Loss: -0st11lb(-8.27%)
Thanks hon! Read your other thread - sounds like you're having a good positive day which is lovely to hear. I also feel like I've turned a corner as yesterday was a blue day... but today - no thoughts about food or obsessing about 'what i can't eat'. Yay.

B: LL porridge
L: Ham salad, cucumber, gherkins, low fat dressing
LL bar
D: LL shake

I'm trying to drink more water... it's such a struggle but I need to keep remembering to drink the pint of water I keep at my desk and keep topping up!


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