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My lil' Alli diary

Seems very little point posting in the Alli section as it has few regular posters, so I'm hoping y'all don't mind me posting here.

I was very surprised when I got on Wii fit on Sunday to see my weight had stayed the same from my last go at dieting. Now hopefully with trying low fat and the threat of an Alli accident if I don't stick with it I've got my fingers crossed I may lose a few pounds.

I've got IBS and checked with my Dr first about trying Alli, he said it would be OK to give it a go but to stop if it made my IBS worse. I just bought a 42 pack of pills in case it's not going to be suitable for me.

Took my first pills yesterday -
Breakfast was porridge, 2.2g of fat (that's without the soy milk)
Lunch was chicken and mushroom soup, 11g of fat and 3 crackerwheat, 0.6g
Tea was a frozen chicken korma, 4.8g
I also had snacks of Go Ahead crispy slices, 3g and 2 jaffa cakes at 2g
I drank OJ, 1.5l of water, 2 cans of Pepsi Max and 2 cans of Skol with lime cordial. Bit disappointed with myself because I forgot to take my vitamin at bedtime.

Day off work today and we got up very late, my tummy has been a little runny but that is usual for me, swings between lots of numero duo or nothing at all.

I was hoping to go to an exercise class tonight but I'm still sore from Sundays Wii fit. Instead I'm going to do another half hour of Wii this evening when hubby is at work. I'm off work again tomorrow as well so maybe I can get another half hour done then.
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Hi Stellasmammy! Of course nobody minds you posting here :) I'll definitely be following your progress seeing as you're from my neck of the woods! I love the Wii Fit, it's my best friend lately lol. When will you be doing your weigh in? Looking forward to finding out how you get on with it :)
Hi Emma, thanks for posting :wavey: I'll get weighed on Sunday using the Wii, I know they aren't greatly accurate but it will do. Dr weighed me last time I was there so he has a record.

Breakfast yesterday was 2 oatibix, 3.8g not including the soy milk. I couldn't finish it so I probably just had 1 and a half, if that.
Cos' we got up so late I didn't bother with lunch but when I went out to get some exercise DVD, trainers and a little bit of shopping my tummy was rumbling like mad. I knew I wouldn't be eating til 7 or 8 so I got some sliced chicken to keep me going 'til then.
When I got home I did 20 min's of one of the DVD's, 10 minute solutions - Carb & Calorie burner. I couldn't keep up with the woman at some points and my back kicks were feeble. The other DVD is a step aerobic one and my step is somewhere in the loft with all of hubbies car parts, he'll have to get that down for me on his next day off.
After a quick walk around the block with Stella I made my tea, smoked river cobbler on a bed of spinach with a squirt of lemon juice cooked in the oven, I also cooked a large mushroom and tomato in the oven with a little bit of fry-lite. I had some frozen mash too, about half the portion I'd usually have.
Snacks yesterday were a bag of quavers, a slice of toast and one go ahead yogurt bar.
I remembered my vitamin pill but did give in and share a bottle of white wine with hubby when he got home.

Another day off today, didn't get up quite so late today. Got lots of ironing to do but will be able to fit in some more exercise DVD or Wii later.

My numero duo was quite runny yesterday and I'm very windy, good job I'm not at work ;)


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I weigh in on a Monday, but as I haven't officially started yet, I'm going to weigh myself in the morning (Thursday) and use that as my new starting weight, as I've been quite naughty this week due to late night revision sessions for my exam at the start of the week. I've finally been shopping now though so I'm going to start properly tomorrow. I'm quite excited! I can't use the Wii to weigh in as I have a carpet in the sitting room and the Wii weighs me about a stone lighter than my bathroom scales do, so I just use the bathroom ones. Your tea sounds yummy! :)

Another day off for me and hubby had a late start so a long lie in was the first order of the day. Got up at 11am so I'll call my porridge brunch. Wasn't hungry enough to have lunch but I did snack on some sliced chicken. I did an hour and a half of ironing then changed the bed linen and did some other bits and bobs of housework. Decided to do half hour of Wii and the evil machine told me I'd gained 0.02% BMI. It's not fair! I went to the bathroom that morning too so it can't be carried weight. My totm was missing in action at the time, so maybe that was why? (It arrived today when I got to work, only 20 odd days late :mad: )
Anyway after the Wii I did another 10 mins of exercise DVD and then took Stella for a walk around the block.
Tea was grilled beef, noodles with teriyaki sauce, steamed spinach and grilled tomato and mushroom.
I also had 2 cans of Skol with lime, a jaffa cake and 2 go ahead yoghurt bars.

Been at work all day today, that's why the lack of postings, lol. Got another day off tomorrow, need to plan our meals for the week and get some shopping in. Hopefully I will get some more Wii and/or Exercise DVD done.


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Well done on the exercise, and your tea sounds lush! I've got a day off from uni and work tomorrow so I'll be able to squeeze in some exercise on the Wii, I've just been so busy lately! Where abouts in Geordieland do you live?
Do you know the song 'Blaydon Races'?
Hi stellasmammy i have the same problem as you with the IBS, its been hell sometimes ruling when i can and cant go out and always having to make sure i'm near a toilet.. Luckily so far i have been fine while on xenical, well fine as in i havent been any worse. That was one of my mine worries that it would make it all worse... I am hoping to get on the wii fit again soon, just dreading what it will tell me lol

Hi everyone. Yesterday was a long day at work, 1 Oatibix with soya milk for breakfast, lentil soup and crackerwheat for lunch, a frozen low fat chicken korma for tea and snacks of 3 lil' go ahead crisps and a packet of ryvita minis. I also shared a bottle of wine with hubby when I got home. Didn't get any exercise done, and didn't do a numero duo :(

I've been off work today, had a mini lie in then went to pick up a parcel at the post office, we weren't home yesterday when they tried to deliver and they left a card, I didn't read the back of it thought, where it said to wait 72 hours before going to collect it :mad:
I went for 3 minutes on the stand'n'tan then came home to take Stella for a lil' walk down the field.
I was feeling really happy when I left for Tesco, all bouncy but then I plummeted. For no apparent reason I felt so sad :tear_drop: After slopeing around Tesco and checking the labels on absolutely everything to check the fat I got stuck in traffic on the way home. I'd not eaten anything all day so I grabbed a packet of french fries from the shopping and munched on them.
After I got home and unpacked the shopping I had an orange and tried out the new scales I'd bought, they say I'm 11 stone 10.2 lb, I have a fat % of 42.3 and my water % was 42.8. Wii fit said I was 11 stone 11 and that I've lost 2lb since the 16th of Jan. I did half an hour of wii then tried out a belly dancing thing I sky plus'd last night.
Tea tonight was beef stir fry and noodles, I had LOADS of veg :D Now I'm going to have a bath and get hubby to help me dye my hair.

Hope you all had a good day xxx


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Hiya, of course I know the Blaydon Races song! I used to to work at the B&Q on Scotswood Road but I live on the other side of the river in South Tyneside.

Do you know what it was that made you feel sad? That sucks :( Hope you're feeling better! Well done on checking all the labels in Tesco though, I do that and it takes forever to finish my shopping but I secretly enjoy it lol. French Fries crisps aren't the worst type of crisps to have, so it could have been worse! Well done on the 2lb loss too :D
Do you know what it was that made you feel sad? That sucks :( Hope you're feeling better!
I've suffered from depression for a long time now, sometimes I just sink very low, no apparent reason. I've had a few types of antidepressants but nothing has helped a great deal. I know how to cope with it now but in the past it's been a big problem. Now I understand it's just something I have to deal with, it's a problem and I get over it (sometimes with a piece of cake :D)

Busy day today at work, I should have had a 20 minute break but it didn't happen. I did manage to munch on some Ryvita mini's between loo breaks. I had porridge for breakfast and a quick walk around the block with Stella before I went to work 9 til 3. after that I went to the Stand'n'tan again, when I feel low I love the warmth and bright light. When I got home I had a lil' lie down before I started on the mountain of dishes and making tea. Tonight we had chicken breast covered in a dry shake of flour, chilli, paprika, boulion, celery salt, thyme and coriander. I served it with mini jacket potato's, carrot, broccoli and mini corn.
No exercise today :(
I've had some wine and brandy and diet coke tonight, I've got lots of exercise to do tomorrow.

Got the munchies last night, had 4 jaffa cakes, a bag of french fries and a few rye finn crisps.

Had a long lie in today with hubby, done 2 loads of washing and vacuumed upstairs and downstairs. I've still got some ironing to do and need a bath. :0bathtime:

For brunch today I had scrambled eggs made with one whole egg and 2 egg whites. I had two slices of bread spread thinly with low fat cream cheese.

Everything is prepared for tea tonight, a Nigel Slater recipe for mustard and garlic lamb. I'm serving it with boiled potato, carrots, white turnip, cabbage and broccoli.

Time for some Wii fit now then I want to get the ironing done and have my bath before the new series of Top Gear starts at 8pm :character00182:
Your tea sounds lovely apart from the turnip, cabbage and broccoli, as you can tell i'm not a veg person!!

I've also suffered with depression so i know what your going through with that, its not easy, i am still being treated for it.. Not been the best nearly 8 years of my life because of that but have my children to be thankful for!! If you ever need a chat, !!

It wasnt a bad munch you had last night, could of been alot worse!!
Thanks Rach, I love veg but I'm not so keen on salads.

Got some bad news when I went on the Wii, it said I was the same weight as last Sunday :( I'm going to get weighed on the scales tomorrow morning and hope I get a better result.

Tea was nice, I had the tiniest dot of butter on my turnip and cabbage, I hope it's not going to make me poorly. After tea hubby asked for jam roly poly :mad: I cut off a portion from a frozen one and microwaved it with custard for him. I had half a tin of custard and 2 jaffa cakes.
I've just snacked on 3 finn crisps with tomato salsa and low fat cream cheese.

Bed time now, another long day tomorrow, 830 am to 935 pm :cry:
I'm more of a salad girl, although if i had the choice it would be neither lol!! I'm sure the butter wont do you any harm especially if you only had a small bit, i have sometimes had a scraping low fat spread and been fine!

Well done for resisting the jam pudding, i love that especially the custard, is the custard ok to have?

Where do you work to do all them hours? Well hope tomorrow is a good day for you!!
I was surprised but the custard was under the 5% rule.

Got weighed this morning on the new scales and I was 11 stone 9.8 lb.


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Is that the same as last time? I was the same this morning as I was when I started the Xenical 4 days ago, but I'm not surprised at all after having a lot of booze on Saturday night and a pizza on Sunday to cure my hangover lol. Back on the wagon today though :)
@ Rach - I forgot to say, I work in a betting shop, we are open from 9am to 9.30pm so silly men can waste money and time they should be spending with their families.

@ Emma - I got weighed Sunday on Wii at tea time and it said I was 11-12 but this morning on my new scales I was 11-10 so I'm going to join the Monday weigh-ins with my new scale from now on.

Urgh, what a day, I'm shattered, up again tomorrow at 7am :(
Porridge for breakfast, cream of asparagus soup for lunch, except I don't like asparagus. I thought it was celery soup so I was disapointed, I also forgot to take my alli pill. I picked out the bits and ate some of it with crackerwheats. Tea was a frozen low cal chicken and noodle thing. Treats were 3 lil' go ahead bars. I've just had 3 finn crisps with low fat cream cheese and my vitamin pill and I'm off to bed, well after I've changed my weight.
My SIL worked for one here called celtic, who have just gone into receivership, but the hours she used to do were crazy sometimes!! So true what you say about the men wasting there money and not spending time with their families.. I would go mad if my hubby did that!!

Well done on the loss, and sounds like you have had a great day!! x
Hi everyone, I had a bad day yesterday, all stressed out so I didn't get to update my diary. Usual porridge for breakfast, lentil soup and crackerwheat for lunch and two go ahead slices but I forgot to take my pill. Tea was fish, spinach, carrot, broc and mash with cream cheese. I snacked on cottage cheese and a pack of French fries. I caved in and had a bottle of wine. I'd been so good, two days without a drop of alcohol but the kid next door pushed me over the edge. He was making such a noise, shouting, swearing, throwing stuff against the Walls. I really hate him and his family, they have no manners. We've complained loads, even phoned the police at time but nothing gets done. Also there were kids hanging around outside grandads old house. The police came eventually and moved them on but it had me all het up and angry. I refused to leave the house until the police came.
I'd like to live in a house in a field with a huge high fence around it.

Today so far I've had porridge and a tin of oxtail soup, crackerwheats and a go ahead slice.

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