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My Lipotrim Diary - NEW


I am new to this whole thread/diary thing and also brand new to Lipotrim!

Today is day one on what feels will be a long journey!

I am 20 years old and would like to lose a considerable amount and just feel that I lack self motivation.

This morning I started Lipotrim and could not have picked a worse day! Troubles at work made me crave a nice bar of chocolate more than ever!!!!

For breakfast at 8.30 I had a strawberry milkshake in my official lipotrim shaker and apart from the powdery taste at first I found it relatively easy to drink!

I decided to try and wait longer than usual for lunch to train myself to be a bit hungry and at around 14.30 .... I tried a peanut flapjack and afterwards really wished I hadn't! I thought by chewing on something it wouldn't be quite so "cold turkey" but I only managed around half of the flapjack, as even though I was warned that it would be dry and I would need water. Nothing prepared me for just how dry the flapjack was! I was coughing for hours afterwards and vowed to never eat one again if I had a choice!

And my third meal was at 19.30 and I opted for the Chicken soup! To be honest it wasn't that bad so think I will be having Chicken soup as often as possible.

I have drank plenty and plenty of water, which isn't a problem for me as this is all I drink anyway.

I do keep having moments where I forget that I shouldn't be eating and think about grabbing a packet of crisps or a biscuit but then quickly remember!

I am just looking forward to day 3 as I have read many reviews where people advise that once you pass this milestone you will not feel hunger and you will feel brilliant!

To be honest I was worrying about feeling tired and ill but I think it is too early to tell and so far I am feeling fine with no headaches!

The reason why I have joined this site is to hopefully meet people who have or are going through the same and can help support me because as mentioned I am bad at motivating myself!

Comments would be muchly appreciated!

lilaclaura x

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awww, sorry you're not feeling motivated!! I am on day 2 but have done lipotrim b4 and it def gets easier after 3-4 days then easier still after around day 10! Stick with it and keep imagining the end result and how good you will feel.

Maybe it would help you to set yourself a mini-goal then treat yourself to a haircut or a few glossy mags when you reach it!!

Keep going and i'm sure you'll do fab!

Thank you for replying! To be honest I do not know what my goal is I just want to look and feel better! It is horrible when you do not even want to go out with friends because of how you look!

I will definately keep posting about how it goes and hopefully I can help other brand new people!

Did you find that you put the weight straight back on after???

lilaclaura xx
I also am new to this posting\lipotrim and am on day 5, weigh in on thursday and am hoping I will be rewarded for a week of following this diet very strictly. I am finding a hard to drink so much water especially when at work and get busy, also everyone brings in cakes and biscuits and struggle to not nibble.
Itoo was worried about being tired and getting headaches but so far have not been to bad.
Hope your first week goes well

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Lots of luck ladies on your lipotrim journey. Things will get easier for you once you get the first week or two over. Keep busy and above all keep up your water intake. Aim to drink at least three litres a day as this will help with the hunger pangs and with the plain boredom of not eating.
Set yourself some mini goals. For example, hunt through your wardrobe for an outfit that is a bit too small just now and try it on every week to see how it starts to look better.
Maybe put a couple of quid away for every pound you lose and then reward yourself with a treat every so often.
Don't look too far ahead, take it a day at a time and then the journey won't seem so long.
Wow Irish Molly. You are a real inspiration. Have been on Lipotrim for 30 days now and losing well although even this far in i still have difficult moments.

At the end of this journey in another few months I just have the most awful fear that it will all pile straight back on. I am determined to go back to WW and maintain that way as the LP maintainance does not strike me as a lifestyle that can be maintained long term. I have to prove i can keep this weight off for my family. The thought of my baby girl becoming overweight and having to go through all the misery I have is more than I can bear.

So again. I just wanted to thank you for your post and just say you really are an amazing inspiration and shows there is light at the end of the tunnel and healthy weight is a lonng term possibility post-lipotrim.
Hi again, I did put some of the weight back on but I didnt refeed! I stopped the LT & went straight back to my old eating habits (which caused me to put weight on in the 1st place so was always going to make me gain). This time round when I reach my goal I am going to refeed properly and try to change my diet for life! I know a lot of people who have been on LT 4 a while just cant eat the way they used 2 when they come off it because the foods they used 2 eat are 2 rich 4 them now! I have a pair of shorts that I bought last summer and never managed 2 get into, they are my 1st goal (they r a size 16 and i'm currently in a 20) going to try them on after 2 weeks then every week after that, i'm determined 2 wear shorts this summer lol!!

Hope you are feeling a bit better 2day and that it starts to get easier for you soon xxx
Thank you for all of your comments!

Day 2 was yesterday and for breakfast I had Strawberry again which was fine! I would rather some toast with butter on but hey ho I want to be thin more than I want food!

For Lunch I tried the chocolate milkshake and to be honest next week I think I will only get a few of these!

I have a friend at work who is trying it with me and she hated the chocolate but we both agreed that it is do-able!

For tea I had the chicken soup which again is lovely!

I nearly caved in and had a small kinder maxi bar but for like the first time in my life self control worked! I couldnt believe it and my boyfriend was very proud!

To be honest I havent been feeling tired and lathargic! And I only felt a slight headache which I knew meant I had to drink more water!

I am really loving this diet so far and I definately feel like "cleaner" or something as I am not filling my body full of rubbish!

I cannot wait to see the results!

I am now on day 3 and I have lost almost a stone! Which I know will mostly be water but just to see that on your scales is an amazing boost and encourages me even more to behave and that I am doing the right thing!

Hope you are all welll!

lilaclaura x
Hey :) congratulations on starting the Lipotrim diet. The first few days are the worst by far, you will soon get to ketosis and you wont even feel hungry. I had a coconut flapjack for breakfast on tuesday and at 8pm i realised that i hadnt even had my lunchtime shake and believe me thats a miracle is i usually eat because its dinner time and not because im hungry. I started to struggle at tea time when i first started when the family sat down to eat their tea, so all i did was to remove myself from that environment, i went to the shop and got a couple of magazines ran a nice bubble bath and did not get out until every scrap of food had gone just incase lol. Just make sure that you keep up with the water as this really does stop the hunger pangs in the first few days. Im on week 3 now and im really motivated as i can already feel mu shape changing, and my jaw bone has reappeared lol. The thing with these diets are that you must change your eating habits once you start back on 'normal' food. Im going to go back to slimming world in a month or so and lose the reast by eating healthly because lets face it, the reason we are all here is because we either over eat or eat the wrong things and dont use up the calories. Good luck with your weight loss journey and im sure you will feel more motivated when you start to see the weight fall off week by week. Keep us posted how you do x x

Well had my weigh in and feel a little disappointed as only lost 4lbs, will the second week be better? I have not cheated a one little bit and wonder am I depriving myself for nothing? Help!
new member mary

I am also new to this thread thing and on my 4th day of total lipotrim diet. I am also looking for a bit of support I need to lose 5 stone to get my bmi down to 25. I do not like flapjacks but I am sticking to the chocolate strawberry and vanila shakes so far. I see you started in 2006 maybe you can let me know how it all went .My birthday is the 9th May and I plan to stick it out untill then please reply with advice thank you mary :confused::):sigh:
my lipotrim diary

great to read all the comments from the people who are on this forum. I am on day 4 of the lipotrim diet my name is mary and my birthday is on the 9th may I want to feel I can be seen out in public by then without feeling embarrassed thanks
Hiya, my names Jodi, and this is day two of lipotrim for me :) im feeling good today, woke up in a good mood and had my chocolate shake and a big glass of water for breakfast, i love the chocolate shakes, best flavour out of them all :)

i wiegh in at 13 stone 9 atm and want to get to down to 9 stone, i was 15 stone 10 but lost 2 stone on phentermine diet pills.

i have 2 goals ...
my first goal is to get into my new dress that my husband has bought for me for my 20th birthday witch is on may 12th, im a very tight size 14 atm and the dress is a size 12 so fingers crossed!
my next goal is to get down to size 10 by june the 5th as me, my husband and our daughter have a week in cornwall booked on june the 8th so it still gives me a few days to go clothes shopping! :)
fingers crossed, and good luck! :) :)


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I am on the third day of THE second week of total lipotrim diet. I was on diet pills and when I came of them I went up to 15stone 2lbs my start weight fot this diet. Jodie I would like to wish you well. The pharmacist has said I should stay on this diet until I lose 5 stone and then go on maintance. I am not finding it easy. I am sticking to it because like you I want to look nice. My husband is taking me to Turkey for my birthday on May the 9th. I wont wear a swim suit if I am not a size 16 at least.
y hun - i have just done my 1st week my weigh in today was 11.5lb gone, then next few weeks wont be as good anything form 3-6lb. I drink sparkling water at night and weekend, akes it feel more special. I blitz my shakes with ICE with a hand blender, I have my 1st shake around 11am then 3.30ish then anything form 7-8pm, the later the day the less hungry i am, i save my shake until everyone else has eaten. i drink loads of water.
The first 3 days were horendouse for me, i got the flu like symptoms, dehydration, couldnt sleep, weak, furry tongue etc but hang in there.
i do my vanila shake with coffee and ice like a fraoacino, i do my choc hot at night and strawberry loads of ice.
Have a hot tea or coffee black in the day with tablet sweetner or peppermint tea to brake the shake times up, and keep busy :) keep me posted xx


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Well done ghemz 2001 and thanks very much for all the advice and support. Positive thinking is the answer. I need to remember why I am doing this. I have 5 stone to lose from start weight of 15stone 2lbs. I need to push through these sad moments which usually appear at night when I cant sleep. Lately I was drinking one shake at luchtime and by the time 6 o clock came I drank my shake so fast I did not take time to enjoy it . I was taking my last shake at 11pm all because I was afraid I would be awake all night and the next day weak and hungry. I have stoped that now again. I just took my mid morning strawberry shake slowly and enjoyed the taste. Dreaming about how I am going to look and feel when my body weighs 10 stone .Keep up the good work .love Maryxx


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I agree I got this fat by not eating when I was only hungry and eating at meal times or when I felt low eating chocolates. I will have to seriously look at my eating habits and how I use food to celebrate or feel low. After years of a bad eating habits I now must change. love MARYXX
Day 2!

Hi guys, i'm on day two right now and have just started getting the hunger pangs- horrible! Would kill for some cheese and crackers right now lol. How much do you think i can expect to lose in the first week?
Hope you're all doing well!


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Hi guys, i'm on day two right now and have just started getting the hunger pangs- horrible! Would kill for some cheese and crackers right now lol. How much do you think i can expect to lose in the first week?
Hope you're all doing well!
Hang in there. Weight loss depends on how much you have to lose and how your metabolism works. The first time I did Lipotrim I lost 5lb in the first week and this time I lost 9lb. Good luck :D

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