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My Lipotrim Diary - NEW

I'm on the lipotrim diet 1 week today my weigh in is in a half an hour my start weight was 15st 2lbs I've been so good it's been tempting I assure u especially wen I went out on sat night and everyone was drinking and eating!!but my willpower prevailed and I got thru the night..I'm so excited to see how much I've lost already feel better in myself no fatty foods weighing me down..the first few days are the worst I am still having hunger pangs but I drink water or do something to take my mind off it...keep u posted..
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big hello to everyone.. i have tryed and tryed liprotrim diet a few times and never been able to stick it out but i have lost in the pst on it up 2 stone... today i start again and this time i am giveing all my will power to try my best to stick it out.. i am 14stone 6lbs and 25 years old in nov... i want to get down to 11 stone :) i only like the strawberry and chocolate shake i will let you all know how i get on and good luck to you all.. xxx


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Hi I started lipotrim today and I did try it before and always failed to stick to it for more than a week :( but am very determined this time! Good luck :)
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i never thought of ice in the shakes , thank you for the idea to make them a bit more tasty :D x
Hi I am new to this site!! I am on day 4 in the morning and got to say I did feel very weak this afternoon but soon passed as I drank more water, got to say chicken soup BIG no no!! All the shakes I am fine with but that was one thing I couldn't finish!! I feel I have got the complete will power to complete this!! I am a mother of 2 beautiful boys but also the result of my extra rolls.... Or maybe I over ate when they say 'your eating for two!' ooopps! :) but my weight when from 12 stone to 14 stone while I was pregnant (just 22 weeks ago) but now my weight is 12.4!! And because I am only short I look like a umpa lumpa just not orange or green hair! I would just like to ask how did u feel on your 4th day?? And well done everyone for how far u have come reading all your posts have just kept me more positive to carry on! Hope to hear bk?? Xxx


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Hi Con, well done on getting to day 4! I have just started week 6 and have lost just over 2 stone .It gets easier every day.1st week was Def.hardest so you are through that nearly.looking in my diary day 4 was ok I was in ketosis but still felt hungry on and off.the way I look at it is its only for a few months out of a life time so it is in perspective then. I have had all chocolate shakes the whole time and would not change that.good luck ,love to hear how you doing.x
Hi everyone! I am on day 1, second shake and I am so hungry I'm even craving a salad!! Lol
Going on holiday soon and I need to get my BMI to healthy so I won't give in!! Xx
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Morning everyone.

My first week of Lipotrim is now complete and I have lost 10lbs! Really chuffed and it's given me motivation to continue. It's been hard, especially since all I can smell are barbecues, but it's going to be worth it. I've given myself 9 weeks to see how much weight I can lose as I go on holiday at the end of September. My mum has also bought me a size 16 dress (I'm currently a size 24) to take on my holiday with me - no pressure then! lol.

Let me know how're you all getting on and feeling.

Kind regards.

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Congrats JLC1971 on the 10 pounds loss :).. My first weigh in is tomorrow and feeling kinda nervous even though I was 100% and drinking 4 litres of water everyday!! Like yourself I also have a time frame to lose as much weight as I can (Middle of December going on holidays). This website is really helping me stay motivated :) Best of Luck eveybody


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Good luck for your first weigh in tomorrow Crazii_Makeup.I had my first weigh boast Tuesday and was really nervous. I didn't lose a massive amount of weight but was happy and determined to tackle the second week as soon as I'd been weighed. Good luck and let us know how you get on tomorrow.:p
S: 22st8lb C: 14st8lb G: 9st13lb BMI: 31 Loss: 8st0lb(35.44%)
Will do becky81 :)
Hi All my name is conie, and i am very new to the Liprotrim diet, today is my third day, I feel Magnificent, I am 18 stones and 5ft 2 i really need to get this weight off, i think what motivated me was when i has my mis carriage 2 months ago with my 19 weeks old baby, i vowed i had to loose the weight before i had another baby.

I would love some stories about the weight loss programme from the wonderful determined people on here, and i work in a company all they do is eat an talk about food how do i work around that.

I am new to this whole thread/diary thing and also brand new to Lipotrim!

Today is day one on what feels will be a long journey!

I am 20 years old and would like to lose a considerable amount and just feel that I lack self motivation.

This morning I started Lipotrim and could not have picked a worse day! Troubles at work made me crave a nice bar of chocolate more than ever!!!!

For breakfast at 8.30 I had a strawberry milkshake in my official lipotrim shaker and apart from the powdery taste at first I found it relatively easy to drink!

I decided to try and wait longer than usual for lunch to train myself to be a bit hungry and at around 14.30 .... I tried a peanut flapjack and afterwards really wished I hadn't! I thought by chewing on something it wouldn't be quite so "cold turkey" but I only managed around half of the flapjack, as even though I was warned that it would be dry and I would need water. Nothing prepared me for just how dry the flapjack was! I was coughing for hours afterwards and vowed to never eat one again if I had a choice!

And my third meal was at 19.30 and I opted for the Chicken soup! To be honest it wasn't that bad so think I will be having Chicken soup as often as possible.

I have drank plenty and plenty of water, which isn't a problem for me as this is all I drink anyway.

I do keep having moments where I forget that I shouldn't be eating and think about grabbing a packet of crisps or a biscuit but then quickly remember!

I am just looking forward to day 3 as I have read many reviews where people advise that once you pass this milestone you will not feel hunger and you will feel brilliant!

To be honest I was worrying about feeling tired and ill but I think it is too early to tell and so far I am feeling fine with no headaches!

The reason why I have joined this site is to hopefully meet people who have or are going through the same and can help support me because as mentioned I am bad at motivating myself!

Comments would be muchly appreciated!

lilaclaura x

Hello! I am also new to the lipotrim diet as I started on Friday.....and yes to day is my fourth day and I am feeling a little better, the first 3 days I felt very tired with headaches and no energy, today though I am feeling much brighter.
I think this diet is going to be very hard, however the results should be good long term as My Doctor recommended this diet as I have quite a few pounds /stones to lose....approx 4 stones.
I didn't like the chicken soup, but, like the milkshake flavours, I tried the peanut bar which is nice split into two during the day/evening when I need something to chew.
I fine small nibbles with a cup of tea helps to make it taste better for me anyway.
Haven't tried the coconut bar as yet?
Just wish they had a few more savoury bite/soups...to drink?

O.K. hope all goes well for you, keep up the shakes over Easter......that will be a hard test for me to get through!!!!


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Just dropping by to say it's my 1st day on Lp today and although not really hungry really really want to eat something :-/

Having just made hubby and daughter tea I'm feeling a little better because I resisted nibbling!! Which is what I'd have normally done.

Good luck to everyone on your journeys and hope we can all help each other xx
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Hi. I'm on day 10. Getting weighed tomorrow as changed chemists to one open Saturdays. Lost 9lb so far. Lost 4 stone in 3 months on LT a few years ago, kept it off by following SW red plan. Then had my boys and it crept back on.
Hi, I started last wed. Lost 8lbs this week but since have messed up. Am restating tomorrow. Will weigh in tomorrow Morning to see the damage done.

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