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My mission to be 9 stone has begun


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Hello, i have for many months loved Minimins and always find great recipes and tips to help me on my way. However, i have never reached that shiny target sticker and i hope that by starting my own weight loss diary/blog that i will reach that shiny goal and be able to stick with it.
I am 33 years old and have all my life been on a diet, i have tried everything but also come back to SW as i believe it is the healthiest and most sustainable plan to success.
Having said that i still have 1 stone 12lbs to lose to get to 9 stone and i would love any support or advise any of you fellow slimmers can offer.

If i could sum up what i want its the following:
  • to be 9 stone
  • to wear jeans that fit without a muffin hanging over
  • to feel healthy
  • to go on my summer hols next year and not spend a week holding my belly in or hiding from the camera
I love clothes and socialising but i want to feel great getting ready not frustrated and annoyed that nothing looks right. So my journey will begin.
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Hi hun you sound like me - im early 30s too and have been dieting for the last ten years (since i met my fella!). Id love to get to 9 stone although tbh i would be happy at 10 but we shall see. Good luck with your journey!!


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Thanks funky monkey, you are probably right i am going to set myself 4 mini targets. The first being 10st 7lbs.
I weighed in today instead of Saturday as yesterday my best friend got married and i was matron of honour.
I put on 3lbs so i now have 8lbs to lose ot hit my first mini target.
I am okay with this and i know i can do it, yesterday helped as although i thought i looked nice, i really wanted to be smaller and felt huge compared to the other bridesmaids who are all size 8 - 10.
It was a wonderful today however and it has given me the motivation to commence this journey.

Today i need to go food shopping but Thursday night i spent a whole evening planning main meals for the next 2 weeks, so i have my list at the ready and know exactly what i need to get, so i am feeling positive for the first time in ages.

I will try and attach a photo of me in my bridesmaid dress, which was beautiful however It was a little tight and i hope the next time i wear it i feel slimmer and more comfortable as it was a joy to take it off at the end of the day.

So we start the journey.
Food today will be a red day but not sure what yet, i will update later and i plan to commence the the 25k running challenge day one, i am really unsure how i will get on as i have not done any running since school and i was rubbish then. But i quite like the idea of putting on my headphones and pounding the pavement, i will see what the reality is however....
Hi Theresa, you sound very similar to me. I am around 11st and want to get down to 9st. I've not started yet but will be going to my first class on Wednesday morning. I am looking forward to losing my wobbly bits!

Best of luck xx


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Well food wise today has gone well, but i failed to start my running.
This was down to me not being able to buy the application as i have only just got my purse back from my friends.
This is not a bad thing however as i was pretty tired today after yesterdays partying and i want to start the running when i have the energy, after all this time i am trying to steadily get to the finish line not race there and then fall at the last hurdle.

So todays food also changed as i really wanted pasta, so it turned into extra easy instead of red, but i have stuck to all principles and really enjoyed being back on plan.

Breakfast - Oat so simple
Lunch - Pork in WW pasta sauce, with pasta - 3 syns, also 1/3 salad with fat free dressing
Snacks - 2 Satsumas, Grapes, Banana, Mini Twix - 5 syns
Tea - 2 wholewheat crispbreads, 2 slices of honey roast ham, also 1/3 salad with fat free dressing - 2 syns
Drinks - Diet Iron Brew, Tea x 3 - 3 syns

13 syns today.
Good day really, just need to add in the exercise tomorrow.
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Hi Thelasttime, thanks for dropping in, i hope we both make it to 9 stone and get rid of them wobbly bits once and for all.
All we need to do is stayed focused and help it each other.


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Well today day two of being on plan has gone great guns.
I did get up late and have felt tired all day as the dreaded star week showed its ugly mug last night just before bed, but i have stuck to plan and am pleased i have stayed away from the temptations we all seem to face every day on our SW journey.

So food day was as follows, I love EE its so EASY xx

Breakfast - Banana, i got up late so had to improvise.
Drinks - Milk - Hea
Snack - Mugshot, Satsuma
Dinner - Leftover pasta with pork and ww sauce - 3 syns and Salad so got my 1/3 in.
Snack - Satsuma, Mango
Tea - SW Fry Up, 1 Morrison Smart Eat Sausage - 0.5 syns, 3 Bacon Medallions, Large Grilled Tomato, Tinned Potatoes fried in frylight, Mushrooms, Dry Fryed Egg.

Syns today so far - 3.5, so still have enough to have a treat later on.

As my brother and father are also doing SW with me we are Come Dine with Me our teas, so i know what they like and what really is not very good when it comes to planning next week.

So tonights tea came out at 24.5 out of 30, so a good tea which will be repeated.


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Today been good and stuck to plan, but i have been craving something naughty, so i saved my syns and just kept snacking on free food so i can treat myself tonight.

Breakfast - Banana again, yes you guessed it got up late again.
Snacks - Strawberries, Satsuma
Lunch - Last night i made a brocolli, cheese pasta and potato bake planned to have with baked beans but forgot the beans so just had this and a some more strawberries for my 1/3 free. Mullerlight
Snack - Snack a jack jumbo cheese - 2 syns, Strawberries, Plum and Satsuma
Tea - Steak, Salad, Cajun Wedges
Snacks - Rich Tea Finger - 1 syn, Morning Coffee - 1 syn, Round Shortie biscuit - 2.5 syns
57g wholemeal toast, dairylea light triangle - 1.5 syns

8 syns for the day, 3rd day 100%
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Well been a mad couple of weeks at work so not been able to post and to tell the honest truth, not been on plan really either. Each day starts with good intentions but by the time i crawl the stairs to bed they have all flown out the window.

Having said that, i have for the last 2 days been 100% on plan and even started the couch to 25k running applications on Sunday. Today i plan to do Day two of week 1.

I have never ran in my life and it is quite daunting, but i really enjoyed Sunday and I am going to give it a really good shot.

So food yesterday was all really good, i did get peckish around 10pm last night but had some cold chicken and cold new potatoes. I know a strange combination late at night (well anytime really) but it hit the spot and stopped me reaching for the crisps.

Crisps really are my downfall on a bad day i can easily eat 3 packets for every meal rather than real food. But hopefully that all in the past.

I plan to update daily my ramblings, so if you want to comment or add anything please do, hopefully if i put it on here i will stop boring all my friends and work collegues about how and what i do.
As my brother and father are also doing SW with me we are Come Dine with Me our teas, so i know what they like and what really is not very good when it comes to planning next week.

So tonights tea came out at 24.5 out of 30, so a good tea which will be repeated.
What a good idea! Thanks for the tip :)
Thanks Susiegt it is a great way to plan for the future, i only did 5 nights though as then i slipped off the wagon.
But now i am firmly back on and i will recommence when i do the food shop Sunday.

100% again today which is great.
Didnt go running as i did not leave work till late, but i am hoping that i will be able to go before work tomorrow, i am not in till 1pm but i do have some chores. So just have to avoid a long lay in.

I love sleep and i am sure this contributes to the fact i never stick to any diet, as if i dont eat breakfast i never lose much and get demotivated. However, i have found a marvelous new alarm it is an android app that will not let you snooze until you have done mathematical sums.

You should see me in the morning, trying to prevent my phone from crescending into loud rave while trying to figure out what 39 + 63 is. I am sure it would make great telly but it is working and i have successfully got up on time 4 days on the trot.

So fingers crossed the running tomorrow will happen.
That sounds an excellent app - I don't have a problem getting up in the morning but I do have a problem not falling asleep in the evening - perhaps I should set an alarm that makes me do math then! (just picturing my phone flying across the room in temper!)

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