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My Monday Declaration


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My Monday Declaration
Sorry - but wanted to make this public.
I did so well before xmas but since then I have faffed - have jsut had 4 days off with the excuse of a friend's birthday - how ridiculous is that. I've put on 9lbs! I know it will come off quickly but honestly - how dumb can you get.

  • by March 26th I will reduce from 19st 11 to 18 st 1 bringing me to my half way point of 6 stones lost.
  • I will do some form of exercise every day
  • I will not give in to glasses of wine
  • I will treat my body with the respect it deserves
  • I will get into that cute denim skirt and those lovely jeans and wear them on the flight home!
  • I will be upbeat and positive about the whole experience of getting the body I want.
  • when I get the urge to eat I will listen to my body and if I am not actually hungry then I won't eat. If I am hungry then I will drink water until it's time for my soup.

  • I am an intelligent person with will power and I can DO this
So I am changing my WI day for the time being from Thursdays to Mondays while I deal with this.
Onwards and downwards!
19st 11 and falling :)
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running strictly on fat!
Oh, best of luck sweetie - it happened to most of us. I know exactly how it feels but managed to get back on track.
Will be rooting for you all the way xxxxxxxx
Hello there.

I know what you went thourgh I stoped for Christmas and still ate until yesterday. I think the best thing is to take it one day at a time like the AA.

Good luck.
Hi Alex,I stopped for xmas and am still faffing-you are not alone! I was so near that 5st loss and now just staying at 4st 10 loss-have had a very social Jan/Feb...I am very weak willed at the moment,I am being good in the week,but enjoying weekends-got another weekend away this week!
I agree with one day at a time, otherwise if I make myself false promises and break them I end up beating myself up mentally,and although not perfect I am still a lot more in control than I was before cd .
Good luck x


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Thanks MrsT - nice to know I am not alone! I was stuck between a loss of 4 st 10 and 4 st 12 for ages and now I have put over half a stone back but I will get to that 5 stone mark and get past it!
Good luck to you MrsT - I hope you get to your 5 stone mark soon!
Good on you Alex, you've done so well to stop when you have as it would have been so easy to ignore the weight gain and just keep eating - wish you all the very best for your restart, you can do this!


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Thanks Katie

I am proud of myself. Day one of being perfect SS completed. I am about to head to bed and feeling very good. If I can get through today then I can get through tomorrow.


Slimming down the aisle
I love your positivity and determination! I think once you find that mindset, it gets a bit easier. I'm sure that you'll get there, you've done amazingly so far, it's just getting your head back on track which it seems you're doing. I think I need to do a bit of that myself! I'm starting to get to a point where I can kind of visualise a slimmer me. I can't exactly see myself as a size 12, but can imagine what this summer could be like if I keep on and hit my target and don't faff about. A summer of pretty clothes, skirts, dresses, sleeveless tops! Of not having to wear some kind of jacket even if I'm baking hot, just because I like being covered up so I don't feel so self conscious. Just like newlife4me said basically!
Thanks Barbara & Caroline - yes thoughts of the summer and being able to run around and be more helpful to my friend in looking after her kids by the pool etc. The thought of my legs maybe seeing the sun instead of being hidden in voluminous skirts, wearing pretty dresses in the heat rather than a tent! ... it all helps.
It's calcotada season here ( a sort of bbq they do with a member of the onion family) and I love them but I have decided to just stay away. I know I can't deal with going and being sociable at the moment so I am not going. I desperately need to hit this 5 stone mark. It is becoming such a barrier. I think that once I get over it I will be ok again but it's looming over me. However... I will win! grins - ohh and I am going to have such a happy bounce round when I do!
Update on Progress - I know I have changed WI to Monday for the moment but I usually WI on Thursdays and couldn't stop myself from getting on the scales this morning to see the progress.

Last Monday 19st 11 and now Thursday 19st 5 HURRAY. I can't wait to see what Monday will bring although as it is carnival here on Saturday I am having a few mussels with friends on Saturday night. I can't see them doing too much damage though.
Just 4lbs to go until that 5 stone mark now..... it's getting closer!


running strictly on fat!
Talkin about the results!! You go girl xxxx

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