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My mum is SO unhelpful!

My mum has never done anything to foster my self-esteem. She didn't once tell me I was cute/pretty/attractive when I was growing up, preferring to spend her time complaining about my weight/eating habits. Nothing's changed. She knows that I've been doing CD and doesn't approve of the rapid weight loss. Everytime anyone mentions to her how well I'm looking, she simply replies, "Yes, but how long will she be able to keep the weight off?" I mentioned to her when I started CD that if would be helpful if she could be supportive, but the best she can manage when I tell her my weekly losses is "Whoops!", as though I've just mislaid a few pounds by accident. What's really got my goat is that she announced the other day that she was going to try the "British Heart Foundation Diet" my aunt had sent her. (She wants to lose about a stone in total.) As soon as she explained what it was, it was immediately obvious to me that it couldn't possibly be endorsed by the BHF and was a load of bunkum. It promises a weight loss of 10lbs in 3 days. Although it says you should then eat normally, it also claims that a whopping 40lbs can be lost in a month. How on earth can the same woman who's giving me a tough time about my "unhealthy crash diet" be stupid enough to fall for this nonsense? We've just had a huge row about it. And of course I'm the one completely in the wrong :sigh:. No point to this, really. I just needed to vent.

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awww hunny dont worry about the argument. just remember what your doing and dont think about her. leave her to what she wants to do. you just make sure u start thinking positive about urself.

you do need positive support, and im sure everyone on this site is happy to be as supportive as we all can.


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i'm sorry your having a pants time with your mum. i have a uncle thats the same. he has never had a nice word to say about me my whole life. i avoid all family parties coz he is known to reduce me to tears. My mum say's its just his way, he doesn't have any girls but it f**King hurts when an old bloke who is just as over weight tells you your crap and if you were thin your life wouldn't be as S**t. ignore her, explain to her that you wish her luck and you'll be there for her if she needs it. Sit back and watch her fail with a smug feeling deep inside. xoxox
Don't worry- Mum's eh?! Mine is sooooo over the to that it makes me feel evil and like I wanna stuff my face as she goes on and on and on about it!!! The diet you mention- does it contain randon things like beetroot and ice cream?! If so, I did it and didn't loose an ounce!! x
Hi, look how well you have done, you should be soooo proud of yourself. Im not sure if you still live at home, but whether you do or not, how about not bothering to tell your Mum what your weight loss is? You know it's good, post it on here, we know it's good, why put yourself in the line of negativity? Let her get on with her diet, it might give her some insight into how damn hard you have worked to sort yourself out. I suspect your Mum is scared of losing the 'fat' you and gaining a daughter she might see as competition or a threat to her own way of life and habits. Don't you dare get bogged down with this. Whether you live at home or not, make sure you have your own space and start living your new, positive, slim life. You deserve tons of praise. :gen126:


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Helena, Your doing blooming amazing, don't mind your mother, just think of all the lies shes told you through the years(every negative comment), some women aren't meant to be parents, they just don't get it.. Make the best of your life without her approval, going by your ticker, you've already got this covered.

I'm hoping you don't have to live with this woman (you haven't said), so just ignore her stupidity :p
Hi Helena

This is all about you, you need to live your life for yourself and be happy being you, if others embrace and love you for just being yourself then great, if they choose to mock, attack or try and be negative against you then that is their problem and not yours.

To thyself be true and you know you are on the right path so don't let anyone or anything touch you.

You're a success already and good times are ahead and don't forget it :)



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Ach, my mum was the same when she was alive. Either I got 'don't eat that you'll put on all the weight you've lost' or I got 'you're not eating enough.'

Not that she had any leg to stand on, she was always very overweight and I think it was more than a touch of jealousy.

You're doing brilliantly. Just keep it going, and do what you're told when it comes to maintenance! :D Then you won't put it all back on again.

Parents! :rolleyes:
Ye gods HH, you've lost 101lbs. That's amazing, fantastic, wonderful!! Don't let your Mum or anyone else derail you now. You're going for gold (still in Olympics mode, ;) sorry !). You are a star no matter what your Mum says!
Dont you dare let her win and get to you :0( - You have lost an amazing 101lbs fantastic, think a previous post could be right, she is frightened what the new you will be like !!!!
dont get yourself all worked up about someone else, i had a "friend" who turned around and called me fat!, this friend is no more but you can not get rid of family that easily, just let all comments go over your head blank it out, i have done for many years, i feel like im becoming a butterfly from a crysalis, (corny i know but i feel im finding myself again) I lost a load of weight (10 stone) about 10 years ago and grad put a far whack on, people never seemed to care they loved me all the same, what ever size i was until this one person crushed me now im here doing CD and enjoying myself x


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101lb is fab, just keep telling yourself that.
you should be extreamly proud!! x

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