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my mum is such a.....

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by SLACK ALICE, 8 December 2008 Social URL.


    SLACK ALICE Silver Member

    grrrrr, god my mum winds me up
    just been to her house and she was going on about how close a car had parked next to her car and how she struggled to get out - she looked at me and said ''you would never have got out !!'' :mad::mad:
    HUH! I think she forgets she weighs 15 stone -lard bum
    I dont know why i bother with her at times ,she never has any time for me, its all for my waste of space brothers.
    So I had a snickers...........16 blooming syns for gawds sake - it takes just one comment to send me over the edge
    I have finally written a letter of complaint to asda, even when i told my mum about wot happen she looked at me as if to say - well it's true !!
    if someone had said that to one of my brothers she would have gone up the wall

    Am i the only one with a cow for a mother?
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  3. Mrs V

    Mrs V Loves Life!

    Awwww what a rough time you are having of it lately Hun!!
    Just think, you are doing something to loose the weight, s let comments like this brush over you....you have made the decision to change things for the best, not your Mum.
    I have a MIL that adds thoughtful comments like that to me, but I just ignore her now, not worth the bother of getting myself wound up for!
    Just think you are the one making the effort from the sounds of things...that makes you a much better individual!

    Take care and cheer up Huni

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  4. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    Unfortunately some Mums don't see their own daughters in the same way the view their sons...

    Looks like by her comments she sees herself in competition with you.

    She obviously is aware how sensitive you are about your weight and probably is worried you will lose weight and show her up.

    Try and ignore her comments in the future and when she sees they are having no effect she will stop doing it.

    This worked for me:)

    Love Mini xxx
  5. JenT

    JenT New Member

    LOL, cow or not, but just last week my dear husband said to my mum: "Hasn't J done well losing 5 kilos?", to which she replied: "Oh, don't you worry, I've seen that before, they'll be back on in no time":D
    Good job that I've finally learnt to live with remarks like that - i.e. not react and just smile beautifically:)
  6. Gemma1986

    Gemma1986 Im just me!

    Bloody Mums!!!
    i agree with mini,some mums do favour there son's more then there daughters,but then dad's can be with same with there daughters!

    Hugs hun xx
  7. rainbow

    rainbow Gold Member

    hugs hun, no more snickers ey! why, what happened in asda? xxx
  8. SpaceAngel

    SpaceAngel I ate my willpower!

    Next time someone makes a comment like that, don't eat a snickers because then you will be giving into their image of you. Dig your heels in and make yourself even more determined to lose the weight.

    Think of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman when those women in the posh shop wouldn't serve her! I know it will take a little longer than an afternoon of shopping but the end goal is the same!
  9. mod-karen79

    mod-karen79 rainbows holiday buddy :)

    my dad's the cow - he loves making snide comments and he's about 17 stone himself. whatever makes you feel better dad!!
  10. mommyB

    mommyB love it

    I know just how you feel.
    Went out for a family christmas meal yest and I was really good.
    But my meal didnt come with stuffing so knowing that I like it my daughter offered me a taste of hers. One mouthful and I heard my mom say to my dad what a dustbin I am.....
    For god sake

    SLACK ALICE Silver Member

    aww how cruel
  12. Laurie

    Laurie MM addict

    hun, what happened in ASDA?

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