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My new life begins!

So I'm on day 2 of exante TS, which in itself is a mini achievement for me as I've stopped and started this diet at least 4-5 times and not completed one day. Unfortunately because of this I've now ran out of bars (I'd have them for breakfast/lunch and then not complete the day) Yesterday I felt okay, felt surprisingly full from the shakes and bar, but did feel the hunger creeping up on me just before bed time. I was very tempted to have some marmite on toast but told myself over and over that it so wasn't worth it and slept it off! Woke up late today so decided to try the tomato and basil soup. Wasn't too bad at first but then I couldn't stomach the whole thing, and had just under 3/4. Hopefully I will get better at it, because I don't want to waste any packs but I'm not looking forward to the vegetable soup at all! Think I'm going to buy the one month pack of shakes in a few days, and then buy the bars in asda that I've seen recommended!

Unfortunately I won't be weighing myself.....yet. It may be weird but seeing how much I weigh would just make me feel completely worthless and make me want to over-eat, silly I know, but I have to lose about 4 stone I'd say, going on holiday in 14 weeks so hoping to have the bulk of it off by then. So sick of staying in the house and feeling too fat, not buying clothes and rotating the same three outfits over and over (black dresses and leggings lol)

Unfortunately though, my whole body is covered in stretch marks from rapid weight gain (I put about 2 stone on in about 10 months due to Implanon) so will never quite look good in a bikini, been hard to accept that as I am only 19, but such is life, they will be my battle scars.

Good luck everyone!
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Go you! The thing about stretch marks is the do fade over time. Don't give up on the bikini just yet :)
Go you! The thing about stretch marks is the do fade over time. Don't give up on the bikini just yet :)
I hope they do, they've already faded a lot already so hopefully they'll be almost invisible at some point. they are so severe though, not extremely big or deep, but there is awful lot of them covering my WHOLE abdomen etc etc.

Anyway day three today, found yesterday very hard and nearly cheated, was so close and I did give in to real food but I had a jar of cockles which had no carbs in, and a small amount of cheese that had trace amount carbs in. Because of this I only had 2 meal replacements so hopefully this will not effect weight loss and won't stop me from going into ketosis!

Feeling optimistic today, had a banana shake which was a lot tastier than the chocolate shake, bleurgh! and I'm ordering some ASDA bars later today and some more cockles (might have them a couple times a week)

Will probably have 'lunch' time shake around 4pm, and tea time shake about 9pm, as I am a late eater and this is when I get most of my cravings.


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Hi, well done for getting to day 3 - keep it going! the first few days are the hardest so just keep in mind that you are almost over the worst of it!!
Just be very careful about missing the packs - you are supposed to have 3 as combined the three packs give you 100% of the vitamins and nutrients required daily - so if you do feel the urge to sample real food, don't skip out on a pack as it isn't good for you to do that!!!
S: 16st6lb C: 15st0lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 1st6lb(8.7%)
Cockles hey. I haven't had one for years. We had cockle sheds near where I lived. I agree the chocolate one is yucky. I've tried it hot, with and without coffee and cold and still can't stomach it. Had a vanilla one for lunch with plenty of ice and it tasted a bit like melted ice-cream :) You're doing really well, it does start to get a bit easier.
I do hope it gets easier, taking it day by day now! I've tried so many diets before but this forum helps a lot and I know that giving in is stupid, I'm in the mindset of what's the point? I am still going to be unhappy and it'll put me back to the start. I am going on holiday sometime in July and I want to have lost three stone (I'd love to lose 4 stone by then but I am being cautiously optimistic because I only have three and a half months)

My weight has held me back so much, I won't go out on nights out when I used to always go out, I refuse to see friends because I don't want them to see me, and if I get rejected for a job or whatever I just think it's because they think I'm too fat. I also constantly feel conscious of myself and my feet SWELL if I am on them for too long.

Enough is enough!

Today I had a mushroom soup with garlic salt and lots of pepper, i couldn't stomach it though because I put it in the blender and it was just like a bowl of froth. I got a bit down because I wasn't enjoying any of the shakes or soups, and then I had my vanilla shake before and added a bit of coffee and it was just like a latte, delicious! no more powdery taste!
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I agree with not liking the frothy soups! Ive had to force all of mine down! and I know how you feel about your weight gain I put on 3 stone in 6 months because of that poxy implant! Well done your doing great :)


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Well done on getting started :) When I first put on lots of weight I was about 12 and got loads of stretch marks everywhere, they have faded a lot, but I've been big ever since, so haven't yet tried the bikini! But you never know, maybe this summer will be the year!

Anyway, good luck getting started, I think the first few days are difficult as you get into it - keep focused on your goal, looking fabulous on that holiday, and you know this diet can help you achieve that.

Good luck :)
Thank you all for the encouraging comments! Completed day 4 and 5 now, although I have been doing TS, i've been eating small amounts of tuna, ham and cheese, because I am usually up very late and that's when I get the munchies. I was also silly today and had a biscuit, but spat it out before i could swallow it because i realised i was being stupid!

I don't think I'm in ketosis yet, but my stomach feels flatter, i don't know much i've lost because I have a phobia of scales. Apparently there are american scales called quantam that register your weight and dont tell you, but tell you how much you've lost every time you've stepped on them, wish i had some! But will weigh myself on day 30! OH said he'd pay for me to get my hair cut and colored if i am 100% for 30 days :)

Just ordered months supply of shakes, here's to an amazing 4 weeks, I'm really hoping i see the difference then, still feel like a fat blob at the moment, but of course that is to be expected.


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Hi Amy,
You are doing really well. I like you put on loads and i didnt realise just how big i was till i saw a pic. I lost a stone a month on LT and they werent alway big numbers. The first week was only 4lb but it was totm but it was consistant. I kept telling myself that it was only 12 weeks to loose the bulk of it as it sounds less than 3 months and it did go in really quick.
Keep on writing and you will stay on track. Good luck
Oh some of the pictures taken of me are awful, and remain forever on some mean friend's facebooks. The worst is I see pictures of myself on how I used to look (and I've never been under a size 12-14) and i remember how fat and uncomfortable and horrible i felt! and i feel like shaking old self because i looked pretty good then, being 5ft 9 and a half- I'd love to be a size 10 but I'm not sure if I'd look ill.

Today was very hard, and I didn't realise i only had two/three shakes till my bumper pack arrives and some soups, which i hate(bumper pack will prob be here tuesday) so had one shake (banana) and spent the day sipping water, however about an hour ago i got so hungry, but REFUSED to cheat - i just wont do it, i'm not saying i never will but I've got this far so I can't. and I had weight watchers tomato soup (4gs of carbs, hope thats ok because i wasn't able to have all my packs.) Some bacon and a small amount of cheese. I cut the bacon up and added it to my soup, was scrummy and I enjoyed being able to chew something. Tommorow I'll just have to eat low/no carb foods with the shakes, and try and match the same calories as my lost shake would've been because I really don't want it to badly effect weight loss.

Oh well, tommorow I have been doing this diet for a week! I'll have to have a pampering session, facepacks, bath, candles - the lot, as a 'reward'. Never thought I'd get this far, and neither did any of my family, 'cause I usually quit these things.

One last thing - I'm not weighing myself for a month, but I put a pair of knickers on today that usually dig in a bit and they just felt normal! Success! I must be losing something even if I can't see yet.