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adores posting

Breakfast=syn free pancakes made with 2 eggs and sliced banana and fat free fromage frais.

Lunch=pasta and tomatoes with salad

Dinner=smash pizza with tomatoes and tinned sliced pineapple (delmonte in own juice) 1 syn 28g cheese HEa1 with salad.

Evening supper=x28g mini weetabix HEb1 with 250ml milk HEa2

snacks= fruit and x2 alpen lights HEb2

syns=half glass of cider so not even 250ml but i'll say 6 syns to be sure, Tomato sauce 1x tbsp=1 syn,x1 tbsp tom puree=0.5 syns
so thats 8.5 syns in total.
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adores posting
Hi there day two here we go again:GREEN DAY

Breakfast: sw pancakes,with banana and fat free fromage frais.

Lunch: sw quiche + salad plus xl cheese triangle HEAx1, 1 tbsp sauce.1 syn

Dinner:Risotto with loads of veg.

Snacks= yoghurts layered fromage frais 1 syn, fruit, mini smash pizza's x3

HEA=cheese xl triangle only 1.
HeB=porridge oats 45g so syned 15g =3 syns as i believe a he is 6 syns
HEB=alpen lights x2
be back to update on syns.

Total=5 syns may have an alpen light bar later for 3 syns.
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adores posting
Hi there i ve just been thinking i would really like to be able to write down how i am feeling and weight losses how do i get this thread moved to the weight loss diary section. please x


adores posting
Hi there back again trying to motivate myself today i bore very easily with dieting and tend to keep swopping plans but really want to stick with sw as long as i can as i know this is for life not just a diet.

Menu- Going EE.

Breakfast= Fried egg in frylite,beans,sw quiche + bacon with no fat.

Dinner=roast chicken no skin,Roast pots in frylite, peas,spinach,swede.

Lunch=x4 crab and pasta with quark= lots of salad.

HEB=cereal bars.
Snacks=fruit, sw rice pudding,yoghurt ww layered=1 syn
flying saucers 14=3.5 syns
Ripple=9.5 syns
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adores posting
Hi, my menu for today is= EE

Breakfast= left over pasta peas and quark with xl triangle.

Lunch=chicken no skin grabbed from the shop as went down the coast.

Dinner=gammon steak fat rind removed, egg, beans and sw chips.

HEA=milk/cheese triangles ex light.
HEB=x2 alpen lights or 28g cereal. will decide later.

sugar free jelly, layered fromage frais ww yoghurts=1 syn, fruit.
vodka and diet coke=2.5syns
mikados x2=1syn
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Think that it's the moderator who has to move it for you, but not sure who that is on here?

Just wanted to say that your food diairy is looking good :)


adores posting
Hi there tuesday it is and i'm doing a green day=


Lunch=creamy mugshot 1.5 syns
and ww layered yoghurt 1 syn

Dinner=sw wedges, runner beans, cabbage and quorn sausages red sauce 1 syn will eat after weight in tonight.


adores posting
well weighed in yesturday and lost a pound then went to the pub with hubbie as daughter is away at granny's not good as drunk so much i fell asleep in the garden till 2.00 this morning and ate to many peanuts she obviously keeps me busy and in check when shes here anyway didnt feel to great this morning so ate this afternoon had 2 slices toast with golden syrup and had a wispa duo so not sw friendly at all but will start a fresh tomorrow plus little daughters home tomorrow afternoon yippee missed her so much this week she hasnt been away since she was 18mths and she is now 6 so cant wait.


adores posting
well things not going to plan at all after drinking to much tuesday night i just cant seem to get my appetite back. so will really try to eat more tomorrow.