My new pics, plus a fancy one!


Finally...Life begins
Sorry Not been around much lately, but back here now, with time to post! So have attached a couple of progress pics and a fancy one.. but had to crop the body :p lol
Hope you are all well, and will catch up over the next few days!


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You ARE the incredible shrinking woman!! Love the pics ... I'd LOVE one of those gorgeous black and white piccies done - maybe with hubby on our tenth wedding anniversary (Feb 2007)

Keep up the fab work Ajax!
Fantastic angela, love the fancy one, you look stunning x
You look amazing Angela,

Keep going girl you're doing real good.
Oh my GOD what has happened to you. You are looking great compared to the OTHER photo. :eek:

Keep it up i look forward to the next photograph.

I am proud of you so far.

Nick :)
Lovely photos angela. You are really shrinking in front of our eyes!!!
I love the fancy one too. You are gorgeous!!!!