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My nightmare last four days

Well it all started on Thursday when I weighed myself. (my weigh in day) and I had put on 1 pound. When I finshed crying i went into stupid mode and ate CRAP for four days. It finished last night with a take away indian.
I feel so down in the dumps about what I have done but have started this morning very positivly on a red day (my first ever red day) I think that i was eating too much on extra easy. It is working very well for my mum but for me i found it so easy i did not feel like i was trying to reprogramme my mind to eat better. So I am going to mix things up. The days i have dinner with my mum I will do EE and the rest I will do a mix of red and green.

Sorry about the rant but needed to tell you all
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Go for it - put the last few days behind you and start a nice new day!. Best of luck and tet us know how your doing on the red/green days x

I'm having a green day today and I've just had the biggest pile of 'salad' ever! I mixed normal stuff (lettuce, cucumber tomatoes and onion) with blain boiled rice, boiled potatoes, peppers and cold peas all mixed with 3 tablespoons of hellmans extra light mayo... amazingly filling!
Sometimes we just need to get things off our chest :)

I think all you can do is draw a line under it all & start over, as you have done. You sound like you've got a plan in your mind so try your hardest to stick to it, hard work always pays off in the end :)
I totally agree with LisaC. You have to stick to your plan. Focus, so you'd get positive results. Don't let anything get in your way. Set a goal and aim to achieve it. Then work it out! :)
Hi there, I too have just had 3 days of totally eating rubbish :( My excuse was that its TOTM and im made up with cold, and just needed some comfort food. I have completely written off Thursday, Friday and Saturday and started a fresh on Sunday....and so far so good!! If I gain on Thursday, ill know why, but if I lose, ill give myself a massive pat on the back for turning it around. You have to just let the bad days go and focus on the present. Even if you gain, or STS, at least it will be loads better than it would if you had continued the full week....good luck hun xx

In case it helps, my consultant once told me this....and it always stuck in my mind....

"if you had 7 beautiful red roses, and 1 died, you wouldn't throw them all away, you'd just throw the dead one away, and continue to enjoy the 6 remaining beautiful ones. So if you have 1 bad day, just draw a line and move on, and make the remaining 6 days as beautiful as you can"

Hope that helps xx
I liked that TinnedTomato. Yes of course, I wouldn't throw all away but the dried one only. Good analogy!
Thank you so much guys that is very helpful - today has been a very good day - i like red days xxx

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