my poor baby :(


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Well, he had a sudden temperature on Saturday and came down with a nasty cold. Several nights of waking every 15mins, I'm exhausted and coming down witht he bug too :(

We called the doc today... (after NHS direct at 4am said nothing wrong with him, took them 7hrs to come back with that one!!!) ...and were told to go right in, litterally walked in and got seen first. Turns out he has a nasty chest infection on both lungs, and we were told we did good asking for an appointment A.S.A.P as it could have gotten a lot worse if we hadn't!! An hour and a half after his first dose of meds and he already perked up. Feel bad for him. He must have been in pain and so tired not sleeping for more than 15mins at ago (total sleep for him of only 5hrs during lastnight!!!).

I really hope he sleeps tonight... for his sake and mine, no idea how I'll do another night of constant waking and screaming while OH is at work, its worse than a newborn!!

Needless to say diet has gone to pot. I'll sort that one out when we're better. Xx
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Huge hugs to you both xxx

Poor little mite and you must feel so exhausted. I hope you both get some rest tonight. xxx

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aw poor thing - i never trust docs on the phone as unless they have seen them they never know the full extent. I hope you get some peace and sleep tonight as that can be awful.

my son had difficulty breathing in that it just really took it out of him, calle dout of hours GP, they said give him calpol. An hour later i had had enough called GP surgery at 8 and they gave emergency appointment, he was rushed to rapid response unit in hospital with an asthma attack

so you did well bringing him - always go with your instincts

hope you get some sleep


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Thanks. Pudgy Panda that must have been terrifying for you! :eek:

I'm off to bed, who knows when he'll wake up! So far so good, though the worst has been midnight-5ish most nights. OH has Fri/sat/sun night off, which is great timing really. I might actually get to sleep! Xx


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Glad you got him sorted,as someone said always go by your instincts whatever anyone else says !!
The great thing with kids is that they bounce back pretty quickly !
Hope you both manage some sleep


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(((Hugs)))) hope he (and you) feel better soon and that you get some sleep.


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Thanks guys. He went to bed at 7pm and woke for the first time at 5am! 10hours without a sound is fine by me! First time I've slept properly in a week *yawn* xx


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Oh sweetie I do hope your little one is getting better, and I hope you are getting some sleep too, take care my love. X


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Awwwww you poor things!!! Hope you and your little one are feeling better! Its horrible when you know you cant wave a wand and make them better. Glad to hear you got some sleep though! You must have been exhausted!!


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Hope he feels better soon the poor wee baby, my wee man is sick too the yucky teething..he never slept from 3am the other night was knackered at work.