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my pregnancy damage limitation challenge ..


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didnt start that well and was all ready to throw in the towel after feeling so proud of myself sticking to food optimising then finding id put on 1/4lb in first week. but after googling pregnancy weight gain and finding that at around 20 weeks pg you're supposed to put on 1/2kilo (just over 1lb) a week, all is not lost - and so today is the start of another week ..
i have decided to try few red days, as i have mostly done green and no more than 1 flexi day a week (did 2 last week, but although pointed each at 50 sins were not that bad calorie wise) so today is a new start and i shall just have to be extra careful ..even at my hubbys 40th bday barbecue on sunday!
my overall challange is to get under 14st and try and maintain it until end of the pregnancy -
i wont give myself a weekly challange as i expect to lose a little, stay the same etc as baby grows but
ideally like to lose 7lb-10lbs overall, but hey i have to try and be realistic here!

week 1 : 14.05lbs (18 weeks pg)
week 2 : 14.3/4 + 1/4 lb (19 weeks pg)
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yes my first week of damage limitation went badly too! havent weighed in yet but after falling off the wagon at the weekend i expect to have a decent gain tomorrow:eek:

good luck for this week and at the bbq;)


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thank you

hi amy
thank you for your kind words and encouragement - hope you were pleasantly suprised at your weigh in
we're actually only days appart from due date - im 19+3 today, lol .. perhaps we could be belly buddies?
are you following sw? im trying to do sw from home as cant get to a meeting until i go on mat leave due to work shift patterns
so are you having your 20 week scan this week? mine is on thurs .. although have already had loads due to history, cant wait to see if having boy or girl
dominique x


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yay, bump buds :) im due 14th sept.
i have had quite a bit of history too, have had 5 scans so far :sigh: last one was at 18 weeks when i found out im having another girl :D my proper 20week scan isnt until next friday at 21+3 so looking forward to getting some more pictures!

im not following SW yet, im trying to keep my calories fairly low and healthy eating and see how it goes! i work shifts too and to be honest as ive recently become single i cant really afford even £5 to go to meetings:eek: - but wouldnt be able to stick to it if i didnt. just going to see what my gains are like in the next few weeks and might change my mind then!
Hi ladies,

can i join you please in the damage limitation? I am 21+3 (with my second little girl :))and have been weighed for the first time tonight, i have gained a stone! eek. now i was a bi overweight to start with so realllllly want to try and keep things under control. I am starting s/w tommorow again and i am determined. going to get weighed again next wed....

hope you are all doing ok.


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Hey guys, just wondering how you manage with your shifts?
I've recently started working evenings in a pub again... Been finding it a bit energy draining as havn't worked for nearly a year. But the crisps are always at hand lol.
Evenings aren't shifts, I know but just wondered if you had any tips?


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its hard isnt it:sigh:

best thing i could suggest is filling up before you start, perhaps with a nice big baked potato or something and take something to snack on instead of crisps? unsalted nuts or fruit? xx


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yes, of course you're welcome to join macmammy, the more the merrier .. how are you planning to manage your weight?
i have decided to try and do what amy is doing (healthy eating and calorie control) as finding im eating far too much on sw - and need to cut back on the pots, rice and pasta ive been filling up on as waiting to hear if i have gestational diabetes!
amy, how did you do the permament weigh in thing at the bottom of your page with smiley faces so that it automatically comes up whenever you post? also the link to your food diary? wont go there with a banner, that will prob be way too technical for me, lol
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the banner at the bottom is the signature

go to the top of your page and just under the minimins.com logo there is a blue horizontal banner with options.

click on 'user cp'
then from the list on the left hand side click on 'edit signature'

that brings up a box where you can put all the details you wanna have under each of your replies :cool:

i found this website which calculates how many cals you need to maintain if that helps?
Weight Maintenance Calculator - Women | The Calorie Control Council


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thanks amy ..
hopefully will have a new signature at the end of this post ..


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woo hoo .. i did it, will try and change colour though, looks a little boring!

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