My Reasons and Goals


Finally...Life begins
Been feeling a strong urge to eat today, so every time I did I decided to add a reason as to why I should stick to this plan. Thought I would share them with you, will probably add more later, but please add your own!

To be able to take a bath and really soak in it without the water disappearing behind me.

To be able to take a bath with my daughter and have room to play!

To be able to sit in one seat and have my daughter sat next to me and not on my stomach as there is no room either side. (our chairs are large too!)

Get my belly button pierced again! (And be able to show it off!)

Go swimming with my daughter alone and not feel ashamed.

Professional photo taken that I am proud of. In fact any photo taken that I feel proud of or don't crop parts of my body out!

Go to a theme park and not panic that I wont fit the rides.

Have another pregnancy and not be told at the ultrasounds that my tummy is too fat to see the baby :-(

Not Panic about fitting in an aeroplane seat and do up the belt and put the tray down all the way! Crossing my legs too would be a bonus!

To wear heels that wont snap under my weight.

For my hubby to feel proud of me! and it show!

Have my hubby be able to lift me up, not the other way round!

Buy clothes that fit from next!

To be a good role model for my daughter and any future children I may have.

To not look away when I see myself on video

To walk all day and not get sore feet from my weight only.

Have normal life insurance Premiums.

To not feel disgusted when I look at myself naked.

To have pretty underwear that matches, every day!

To relish in the compliments I will receive.

To be proud to be ME. And not wish I was or looked like someone else.
im sure there are many of those reasons we all identify with, i know i do, and its an excellent idea to do that when you get the urge to eat, :)
What a great idea.
I know I agree with most of them if not all.
I find myself crossing my legs all the time now with out even thinking about it in fact I am doing it now.
Wow. Great list Angela! Not sure about the belly button piercings;), but then I'm weird like that.

All the other things

You're going to have all these prizes too! They are yours for the taking before you know it :cool:
Excellent goals and reasons Angela! I'd share most of them ... except the belly-button piercing: if I had that done at goal, the belly ring would keep banging against my knees!! ;)

Oh - and I'll give the pregnancy a miss too!!

I know what you mean about hubby picking you up though: I've said to my DH that as soon as I weigh less than him (and I've NEVER weighed less than him), he WILL be giving me a piggy-back around the garden!! :p
I started off wanting to lose weight so I could set a good example to my daughter about what a healthy female body should look like. That was the motivation for wanting to lose weight for the last 4 years and it never worked.

Then I had a health scare and the doctor recommended LL to me because of the counselling and this soon changed to me just wanting to deal with my weaknesses and by doing so the weight was coming off anyway. :D

The biggest thing I have found is that I have regained my sense of adventure and daring which gradually went away as the weight went on, so gradually that I never noticed that I had changed as a person :(
Professional photo taken that I am proud of. In fact any photo taken that I feel proud of or don't crop parts of my body out!

Really relate to this one - have always avoided having photo's taken 'cos I didn't want permanent reminders of how bad I looked.
Photo's and swimming were the one's that hit home with me!

Also I want to look good in Jodphurs.. i wear them 2 or 3 times a week.. and hate my 'tyre' belly every time i wear them! even now i just look all belly in them! :rolleyes:

You are doing SO well i must say.. for having started in August that is a fantastic loss rate! I'm sure you'll be feeling very very different soon!

HUGE Hugs for your achievement and great way of staying on track! ;)
Brilliant list of reasons and all sensible ones!!!

You should keep that with you just in case things get hard for you.

My pretty much one and only reason for doing CD is my wedding day. I want to feel fabulous and the only weigh I can do so is to lose the weight I've put on since meeting my Fiance (I blame him for my gain.....he doesn't buy it though!!!!)

I can't wait to have lost 3 stone and walk down that aisle beeming at everyone!!!

It also means I'm at a great advantage when we go on honeymoon to New York - I can eat what I want and not worry about how much more I will weigh when I come home!!!!!!

I will of course go straight back onto CD once I am home!!!!

Good luck to everyone, I love this site everyone is sooooo nice and you make me happy!!!
Hopefully once I am married I'll put some photo's in the gallery and you can all see my ugly mug!!!!!

Gemx :D