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My refeed/maintanance

I though while im in the zone - id start up a refeeding diary and when im finished this week ill continue doing a maintanence one. Ill try everyday to put down what I had to eat and if I was hungry and all that stuff.

Okay here it goes.


Breakfast: Maintanance bar - I started nibbling at this because I didnt want to finish it to quickly but I soon realised I was quickly becoming very full so I ate it a bit faster then.

Lunch - 3oz chicken (bbq) chopped up mixed in with a small bowl of salad dressed with a bit of balsalmic vinegar. This was heaven - it really was. I could see me having a salad every day. Also quite filling

Dinner - Maintanence bar.

Water - 1 pint before breakfast, 1 pint during and 1 pint after. I also drank a 2 litre bottle throughout the bbq.

Today was great. Really looking forward to tommorrow.
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Thanks Carolyn Ill try my best to update every day if not every second day.


Lipotrim maintanence bar - I still cant get over how nice these are!!

Lunch - small bowl of mixed salad dressed with balsalmic vinegar (this stuff is amazing) and a tin of tuna. I was so stuffed after this. Its was just gorgeous. I didnt have my dinner till nearly 7 cuz I was so full

Dinner. Fillet of cod - I had a total disaster with the cod - bright spark here thought she would cook it in the george foreman - only for it to break up. Then when i was scooping the bits out I thought it didnt look enough but thought nothing more of it - until i went to clean the foreman and half of the bloody fish was stuck to the top of it. And I had to pieces of brocolli

The water was pretty much the same as yesterday.
Breakfast - Lt 'caramel' bar

Lunch - 3oz Tuna with mixed salad and balsalmic vinegar

Dinner 6oz chicken mixed salad and boiled potatoe with nothing added.
Lipotrim maintanence bar

2 slices wholegrain bread, 3oz of chicken mixed salad - apple

Snack pear


Spag bol - drained lean mince, low fat sauce, mushrooms, onions, 4oz spagetti

Snack Apple
Breakfast LT Bar

Lunch - breast of chicken with mixed salad on wholegrain granery bread, mandarin

Snack - apple

Dinner - 6 small baby potatoes, 2 servings of veg (broccolli, carrots, green beans) turkey - yogurt

Snack - pear.


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Hi Ally,
I think your thread is great. Keep posting. I can't wait for your weigh in-fingers crossed!
Let us know how you're doing emotionally too, is it hard, are you afraid of food? Do you have cravings? Are you happier than when you had the weight on!
My refeed is weeks away, but I think it's way more important than TFR.
I've decided on a low GI/GL lifestyle. Is that what you chose?
Last day of refeed but went for my weigh in today and was down 2lb - I am thrilled.

Emotionally im much better than when i was on TFR. Im absolutly thriving on refeed - granted im weighing myself every morning and every night - but i need to make sure my weight doesnt creep up.

I wasnt afraid to eat the potatoes - but at times I was feeling that I was eating too much or that i was doing something wrong. The refeed leaflet became my bible.

Yes I am afraid of foods but thats not a bad thing - chocolate scares the living daylights out of me. But ive discovered that fruit really hits the sugar spot that sweets and chocolate used to fill. Im planning to have my first glass of wine tommorrow night - but im terrified. So afraid that I probably wont drink it..

Today I had:

Breakfast - lipotrim bar

Lunch - rye bread with a slice of turkey and salad and an apple

Snack - I got stuck out today and was really panicking as I was getting hungry - I bought an apple that was nearly gone off - horrible

Dinner - Super lean mince mixed with egg, garlic, chilli, lemon juice and made into burgers. Baby potatoes and salad mixed with honey and mustard dressing

Snack - peach

I have chosen to follow the low GI/GL plan too. Im also incorporating low cal into that too. I bought a fantastic pocket book that has every food in it - with the GI and GL along with the calories and all other nutritional information.

Im gonna post this for as long as I can for 2 reasons

1 - To look back on if I ever get a bad week

2- For other people to look at if they are anxious about refeeding. Its really a great week - you just need to let go of the fear that your eating too much


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just read ur thread and its brill. I started the refeed today and im all over the place. Have a lot of occassions coming up so im gonna do a month of maintanance. Hoping to loose about 8lb.
Ur doing really well and ur meals sound so fresh and tasty. My stomac is sore. Feel like ive ate a bag of stones.

Week 1 -12 15st 4lb
Week 2 - 6 14st 12lb
Week 3 - 7 14st 4lb
Week 4 - 7 13st 12lb
Week 5 - 4 13st 8lb
Week 6 - 6 13st 2lb
Week 7 -5 12st 12lb
Week 8 -4 12st 7lbs
Week 9
Posting early today so i have to put in what im gonna have for my lunch and dinner.

Breakfast Lipotrim Bar

Snack - 6 small strawberries

Lunch - 2 slices of rye bread, turkey slice, lettuce, cucumber, sweetcorn, spring onion dressed with a little honey and mustard dressing. Pear.

Snack - Peach

Dinner - Turkey breast cut into strips - I have them marinating in the fridge now in soy sauce, water and a teaspoon of honey. Gonna stir fry it in 2 tablespoons of hoisin sauce and 120mils of chicken stock. I have baby sweetcorn, onion and mushrooms to throw in with it. And Im gonna have 4oz of rice with toasted sesame seeds thrown in.
And a yogurt for after

Evening treat - small glass of wine (I think , so scared about that one - afraid ill wake up tommorrow 7lb heavier!)


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Well done oxally
You are doing great. Please post your maintenance diary too, it will be great help to everyone. I found refeed week great, couldnt manage to eat all the food on the list though. Maintenance while trying to lose weight is harder I have found as you are not allowed snack its just the 2 maint prods and low fat meal. Good luck, let us know how you get on, you have done brill and look fab too. Have a great weekend.
Again posting a bit early today

Breakfast - lt bar

Snack - apple

Mini Lunch - 2 oatcakes with a tiny bit of no sugar peanut butter

Snack - peach

Dinner - Mixed Salad, Green Beans, Broccoli, carrots and 2 tablespoons of pasta in sweet pepper sauce.

Snack - Strawberries.


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Hey Ally,
You can see the Low GI in your Maintenance. What brand of oatcakes are you eating, and where do you get them?

I got a really great recipe for 110 cal muffins that are really low GL/GI today, as there's no flour, and a quarter cup honey in 12, and u can use splenda or xylitol if you want. Just made them for the BF and he really liked them. I made cranberry but u can use anything. If you'd like it I can post it. He's also finding the flavoured ryvita fantastic.

Hey hun - I got the Nairn brand oatcakes, I got them plain and ginger I havent tried the ginger ones but the plain ones are yummy especially with a small bit of crunchy peanut butter. They are quite savoury anyways - I cant imagine them with jam or anything on them. I live in Ireland and I got them in Dunnes stores.

Post the recipe - the more ideas I have for food the better. Although in saying that im still afraid to eat anything too nice if you get what i mean. Im loving fruit - which i never did before - im loving so much ive actually had to limit how much I eat.

Also ive found now that im a week back on food, some of my old habits are trying to creep back on me. Like eating when im bored. Apart from my main meals everytime I eat I have to re assess whether or not im hungry or not.

When I was on the shakes I had my soup at 8 o clock - I find that even though im not hungry at that time that i feel peckish. So thats just something for other people to watch out for.


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Hi oxally,
Are you planning on doing maintenance now using the maintenance products? Also can you post the name of the low gi book you are using, Im following low gi a little bit when choosing fruit/veg, so would like to learn more. Thanks a million

xx Cathy xx

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Hiya Bindi I'm going to be following low GI too. I've just finished day 3 of refeed week and i'll be doing GI long term. I used Rick Gallop's GI diet book and read it cover to cover. Its really useful and has a few recipe ideas in etc. I also got his GI shopping/eating out guide and recipe book. Def reccommend em x
Will get the name of the pocket book when I go home hun

Breakfast - LT Bar

Snack Apple.

Lunch - 2 slices of wholegrain brownbread, 1 boiled egg, mixed salad. 5 strawberries, 10grapes.

Snack Madarin

Dinner - chicken seasoned with Chilli, baby potatoes, mixed veg
Low fat yogurt.


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Hi oxally
Are you doing refeed for 2 weeks, just counted back your diary and you have 8 days done? Tried the orange creme maint shake this morning, its not to my taste at all so gonna stick with the bars and the soup. I have my weigh in tomorrow but feel like Ive put on weight, stomach is bloated.
No im on maintanence now but i just havent had the courage to start incorporating breakfast just yet. The bars are really tasty so im happy to continue eating them.

I think my weight might be creeping up by a pound or 2 but I think TOTM is coming up so im really hoping thats the cause!!


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Cool, I was looking in Dunne's yesterday, because I'm feeding my bf what I want to eat when I come off LT. I saw Nairns Oat Biscuits, but they had added sugar in them. I will look again for the oatcakes.

The muffins really aren't that bad for you, same calories as a cereal bar, but with WAY less sugar, and way way way more fibre.

2.25 cups oat bran (Flanahans)
1 tbsp baking powder ( I only used a tsp, and they came out grand)
0.25 cup brown sugar, honey, or equivalent Splenda
1.25 cups skimmed milk
2 egg whites
2 tablespoons vegetable oil (I only used 1)

Fruit n Nut mix (no candied peel, or glace cherries)
Fresh cranberries (what I used this time)
Frozen raspberries
Apple, cinnamon n rasin
Pear and vanilla extract
Grated carrot, ginger n sultanas
Dried apricot
Pineapple and coconut
Garlic and herb
Tomato puree and chilli paste

All of the above work out at ~110cal per muffin-makes 12

Slightly more decadent is :
Raspberry and grated dark chocolate
Lemon and grated white chocolate
Cheese, garlic and herb

Preheat oven to 220C/Gas mark 7
Combine oatbran, flavouring of choice, and baking powder in bowl
Mix milk, egg whites, and oil together and blend with oat bran mix.
Spoon into 12 muffin cases
Bake for 17 mins (in an accurate oven-watch carefully the first time)
Test with toothpick, should come out moist, with one or two crumbs adhering to it, but not wet.

Store in plastic bags in refridgerator or freeze for longer storage.

My BF had a bagel today, a disaster on a Low GI diet, but they're his favourite, so now and again he has one, and he had his muffin after it, he said it kept his cravings away, and kept him fuller twice as long as a bagel would, and it's only a small muffin, so I reckon it's cos it's so Low GI/GL.

Hope you make them! Keep posting!


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