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My scales wont move!!!


Slimming for my children
Hi guys I know I know I know your not supposed to weigh mid week but I have always been a compulsive weigher as it normally spurs me on.
Now I wasn't too impressed with my first weeks loss of 3lbs so am desperate to loose that again or even 4 to get me half stone.
But the scales just aren't moving they are exactly the same as they were on Wednesday and I really am getting disheartened.
Surley there would have been at least half a pound loss by now?? X
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I'm in the same boat except the scales are moving in the opposite direction! I WI on a wednesday too and luckily there are a few days to go before that WI. Try not to be too disheartened, a midweek weigh in can be very unreliable. I'm desperate to lose 2lbs by wednesday to meet my 2nd mini goal and I've increased my exercise as a result but I'm putting on - not losing! Ah well, a while to go before the only WI that counts...

I would advise you to keep off the scales but I can't do that myself so would be a bit hypocritical. Good luck!
I know how u feel. If I weigh myself close to wi day and nothing has changed, or I've gained or whatever, I freak out. But for some reason, come wi there is a loss. Its like it all kind of happens at the end of the week. Hang tight! I dropped out of slimming world the first time because I had a couple of weeks where nothing happened or I gained. I'm older now, I was 22 then, and stronger in myself. Think about all those weeks before sw when u didn't gain any weight or actually put some on (without realizing)! U probably weren't that hard on yourself then! So don't panic lovie! Even if u stay the same, u aren't gaining. And that's a step in the right direction. Good luck at wi!
Keep us updated on how you do FNM!
Ok, think about it this way. You have to burn 3500 calories a week to lose 1lb of fat. So if you hop on the scales a couple of days after weighing at class, it's really unlikely that you're going to have burnt that many calories, in that short a time - so obviously the scales won't move much till the end of the week.
I've been stuck at 95kg ALL week & then, all of a sudden, this morning I get on the scales & they were at 94kg. I'd never have seen that coming & the fact that they'd been stuck at 95kg for a while was making me lose hope - it didn't help that I was weighing every day! Lol.

I'd say best to stay off the scales, but I know how hard that can be! I plan on weighing tomorrow just to make sure I haven't gained that 1kg back. I might scream if the number goes up again!!
OMG i know how you feel! I resisted weighing myself until yesterday morning before i did the JM 30 day shred dvd.

Then this morning i weighed myself and i'm a flipping 1lb more then yesterday so now i'm thinking of quitting the 30 day shred! :confused:

1st weigh in is tonight and it won't be a '1st thing in the morning' weight or a 'i'm stark naked, before shower' weight (thank god!) so i'm dreading it!!! :(
You'll be the first person I cry to tonight once i'm back from the meeting :(

The 30 day shreds great, it will tone you up as you use weights. Suppose it depends on how much weight you use too. But i'm thinking about leaving that until i get to my goal weight and just jogging 3 days a week instead for now. :eek:
Well, i joined my slimming world and it was worse then i expected...12st 9lbs!!! :eek:

So yesterday, my digital scale was telling me i was 12.4 (thats first thing in the morning, naked before getting into the shower weight). I'm just shocked that there could be a 5lb difference! :( I will try weighing myself on my digital scales again in the morning and see what they tell me! :sigh:

Mind you, it didnt help that i got changed into jeans after work and that i had on 3 tops (bloody cold down here)!!! :rolleyes:

The consultant looked at my diary, said i was eating plenty of free and superfree foods but not enough syns!

Will try again in lighter clothes next week and see what happens. :sigh:

I am not a happy bunny. :(
Don't worry. Jeans can weigh several pounds three tops will account for at least another and over the course of the day your weight will change because that's what it does. Try and stick to the same clothes for Weigh in each week, there or thereabouts. I have been known to turn up in jeans and leggings and take the jeans off because I never normally wear them, but it was too cold not to!!

And your scales are not calibrated the same as SW ones so they are likely to differ.
My home scales usually weigh 2lb more than the SW ones which means I always get a nice surprise come WI day, coz I weigh less than I think! NOT that you should be weighing between classes of course. Go only by what the SW scales tell you.

Went on my digi scale this morning and it showed a 4lb loss from 12.7 to 12.3. :confused::D So now i really want to believe my scales and not the one at SW class! :rolleyes:
FNM - NOTHING!!! As a matter of fact they said i was 2lbs heavier at 12st 9lbs! :cry::cry::cry:

My home scales are telling me i've lost 4lbs since last monday - so from 12st 7lbs to 12st 3lbs.

Think i'll try SW in my working clothes, which are a lot lighter, and one top only!!!:eek:

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