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my scales wont move


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am into week 2 of ss+ had a scare at the beginning of the week and thought i had knocked myself out of ketosis, but am still in.
I've been sticking to the diet and doing exercise, but yet my weight hasn't dropped!:sigh:how is it i was able to loose 11 lbs in my first week and yet i cant seam to drop this week?:confused:
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How much do you exercise Saxman?

Did you measure your waist?

Are you measuring your food as well? I always think I can guesstimate how much 100g of this or that is, but when I actually take the time to weigh it, I'm always wrong :eek:
it will come hun at beginning of my 2nd week i didn't lose anything then it all came at once. think its just your body way of saying hold on a minute this is different.


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i always weigh my food b4 i cook it, am exercising 3-4 times per week + my job requires me to go up and down stairs allot (cinema worker), your probably right tink, will keep my fingers crossed and keep at it :D thanx for the advice. :D


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It will move Sax!

The body moves in mysterious ways.... when your fat cell is emptied it fills the void with water for a while before accepting the fact that it's empty and letting go of the water too!
Sometimes that's a uniform process and we see a steady sustained weight loss, other times the cells remain full of water for longer and this sees the scales stall.

Don't worry the cells all let go of the water sooner or later, it just means that we have to measure our successes in different ways. (sticking with the plan, measuring ourselves etc...)



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That's strange, but as other have said, it might be because you exercise too much? But as I say, there is no way you can't lose weight on so few kcal :) I know it must be disheartening not to see the scales move :( But it could be that next week you end up with a huge loss :)

Does your CDC takes your measurements every week? Because sometimes you don't lose much but the inches are melting away.


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Thanx again all. Yeah my CDC measures me, my first weigh in I had lost a inch of my waist, didn't know thy exercise in first 2 weeks was bad?! I know not seeing the scales move a little disheartening but will push through and come out on top! :D

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