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my son.......

so anyone know the answer?......


Well I'd give him a mark!
there are times in life when an anser like this, said with confidence & a straight face can get you out of a tight spot.
What age is he?


well I made what I thought was a great start

y - 3x = 5

but I am pretty sure I'm supposed to take it somewhere else and that completely eludes my poor brain LOL


Try putting no's in for x & see what you get.
x=0 so y = 0+5 = 5
x=1 so y = 3+5 =8.
x=2 so y =6+5=11 etc
Its a line running from top R of the page to bttom R.
It crosses the y axis at 5 & the L axis at about -1.7.
My daughter had her SATS today too .... I shall ask her if she knows the answer and get back to you. Obviously I haven't got a clue!!!
Yep the gradient is 3, and the y intercept is 5. The number before the x changes the steepness of the graph, the gradient.

3 is the gradient
5 is the intercept

I'm none the wiser ;).
ha ha me neither, did he know this just by looking at it or did he "solve" it, please tell ....


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thanks for the replies! So many brainy people out there! Wish I knew the answer too!
He should know the answer by just looking at, I teach secondary maths, the question would only be worth 1 mark so no solving required.


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LOL I just showed that to my son and he got a laugh out of it. He did his maths SATs yesterday as well, said that he didn't get that question, but something similar. He didn't get it either


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Yes he does possibly!! Daughter inherited OH 's fab maths abilities, son had mine......


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My son took his sats maths today. One of the questions was what is the gradient of the line if y=3x+5? MMMMmmmmmm?
So he didn't know where to start, so he wrote as his answer......Not very steep!
Love it:D

LOL cool...he should become a politician.
I agree:)

bless his cotton socks. He has reminded me why I work with kids.

Funny that. It reminds me of why I don't!
I was not expecting this to be your reply BB and I nearly wet myself.


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