My stop faffing around diary!

tryin again

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Well, as my diary says, i've been faffing around, for 3 months now! I lost 3 stone with Dukan in the summer and felt amazing. I came off it when i went on my hols for 2 weeks but did keep a bit of control and was really pleased with just a 3 pound gain. However, i just haven't been able to get back to Dukan for more than 2 days and so in the last 3 months have gained 2 stone :eek::eek::eek:
I'm so annoyed with myself as i am unhappy, insecure, lethargic and irritable again, all the things that describe me when i'm over weight. I'm also in the obesse bracket again which is awful after looking so damn good in the summer :sigh:
I started AGAIN!! on Mon, slipped up by the eve, Tue had a perfect day, Wed again brilliant untill the evening and today has been a total binge of all things carbohidrate :break_diet:

The silly thing is i know how i'll feel if i eat all the crap, i know the consiquences and i also know how good i'll feel if i get back to it. Whe can't i get my motivation back?

In the summer i stuck to the plan 100% from day 1 and didn't contemplate straying. I want that mind set back!!! So this is it, i have to stick it out. Tomorrow will be the first day again, for the last time :D
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I'm the same. Once my head is in the right place I'm fine, but boy do I struggle getting it there. You can do it. You be done it before and think how fab you will look this summer!!


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I'm in the same boat - back again :)

I've put on a couple of stones since this time last year (probably about 30lbs - tomorrow is first weigh in:()...
complicated year, but we just gotta pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and plan plan plan....

a daily (or more frequent) dose of minimins and try and keep focussed :)

keep posting hun and best of luck to you x