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My success on the VIRTUAL gastric band!!!

Hi all :welcome:

The title of this dairy probably seems a bit strange seeing as I haven't even started yet but I plan to start as I mean to go on - believing that this will work and that I am capable of achieving the weight loss I need to become healthier and happier. Ok, folks here's the low down....

Long history of weight problems. I won't bore you but I've been on a diet since before my teens, many family members are over weight, took on a lot of unhealthy attitudes towards food, exercise, my body, self worth etc.

Diet's Tried.
Here goes :sigh:
Slimming World + Bodyoptimise - I was even a consultant and ran classes for them for four years :break_diet:
Weight Watchers
Rosemary Conley
Calorie Counting
Food Combining
Cabbage Soup (lovely side effects!)
Egg and tomato (see above!)
Bulimia (early teens)
Paul McKenna seminar
Beyond Chocolate
Slim Fast
Low fat

Hmm, think that's all :rolleyes:

New Plan
Over the last few years I have worked a lot on my self esteem and become much more aware of some of the reasons why I am overweight and the negative views that hold me back. I have come to realise that for me diets do not work!!! I need to stop looking to the external to lose weight and start looking inward. I hold certain beliefs about myself and my life that prevent me from achieving what I want to achieve.

For this reason I have decided to work with a hypnotherapist to lose weight. Part of the treatment will be a virtual gastric band procedure in which I will be hypnotised to believe that I have undergone surgery and can no longer overeat. CBT will also be used and the over all plan is to change my subconscious to desire a health relationship with food.

I am booked to have my first session with Russell Hemmings on Monday and will be using this diary to record how things go (for anyone that may be interested!). I have not entered into this lightly. In total it will cost about £1000 and that is not a small amount to me, even though I have spent thousands over the years on dieting.

All diary watchers and fellow weight losers are most welcome to join me on this journey.

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Hi Fi :)

I think lots of us here can definitely relate to your background of lots of different diets over the years! Wishing you lots & lots of luck with this, I for one will be watching with interest :)
hello and welcome :)

I too have tried umpteen diets over the years and chased the dream of being slim, seems like forever!

I too will be very interested in reading your progress with this, keep posting.

I look forward to chatting with you :)
Afternoon all,

Well tomorrow is my first session and I'm actually feeling really excited. I'm hoping that this will be the answer to my life long battle with weight/food otherwise I don't know what I will do. For me being slim is not the real goal. I am pretty comfortable with my appearance and, unlike a lot of women I know, I don't spend much time now fixated upon parts of my body that I least like. Over the next 18 months though I do have my brother and three friend's weddings and my 30th birthday so it would be nice to have good choice of clothing for those occasions.

What I really want though is a good relationship with food. I want to enjoy tasty, fulfilling and nutritious food/drink without overindulging and feeling guilty. I want to eat because I'm hungry and not bored, lonely, happy, sad etc. I want my kids to grow up without me passing on my food issues as my parents did to me. I want to be active and enjoy feeling healthy.

I don't want much, do I?!?!

Fi x

Sorry, I meant to post a few days ago but things got a bit crazy!! First session was really interesting. I discovered that the guy I'm seeing is specialises in both hypnotherapy and CBT. Much of the first session explored the relationship between food and thoughts. I had already identified that I eat when I am emotional and out of habit. I was hypnotised to have more control over my emotions but there was no mention at this stage about food.

I have to listen every day to a self-hypnosis CD. I can't tell you much about what this says as so far it has put me to sleep pretty quickly and then woken me at the end!!!

I did notice that when I went out for a meal last night i didn't clear my plate. This wasn't a conscious decision I just stopped because I realised that I wasn't really enjoying what I was eating and had had enough. I can't think of the last time I did this. Otherwise I can't say that much has changed, but then it has only been three days!

I'll keep you posted!
Fi x


This time for sure
Hello Fi and welcome. I read your post with great interest as I too can relate to umpteen diets and I have also gone down the hypnotherapy route. It has definitely changed the way I think about food. I am still not eating as little as I should having the gastric band done, but I am still losing weight. Best of luck and I will keep a keen eye on how you get on. What days will you be weighing yourself?
Margi :)

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