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My SW Baking Day !

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Hi, I was just wondering how many people have a baking day where they do loads of baking / cooking of SW dishes for the freezer. I usually have 1 at the start of the month after pay day.

Here is my list of dishes for my baking day at the weekend:

1) Tea fruit cake
2) Sweet potato chips / wedges
3) SW chips / wedges
4) Thai quorn curry
5) Beef & vegetable meatballs
6) Beef curry
7) Vegetable cottage pies
8) Turkey burgers
9) Vegetable canneloni
10) Lasagne
11) Tomato & vegetable pasta bake
12) Lamb meatballs
13) Lemon meringue pies
14) Chicken pie

This is so far, still have a few more days to add things to it.

Just makes my menu planning alot easier no matter what plan day I am on and there is never any problems with the family getting bored !:eatdrink051:
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There is a SW recpie for chicken pie?! I need this!
That list looks lovely, I might have a baking bank holiday weekend now, you have inspired me! :D
S: 17st6lb C: 17st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 40.8 Loss: 0st6lb(2.46%)
Hi, here is the recipe for chicken cake, which is what I meant by chicken pie (was trying to type and feed my 4 month old daughter her bottle of milk at the same time). I got the recipe off BritMumInCanada,not sure if that is where it originated.:thankyou:

Here it is :

4 skinless chicken breasts
8 morrisons eat smart pork sausages
3 babybel lights
6 rashes of bacon

1- spray some fry light in a square/rectangular oven proofdish
2-slice 2 chicken breasts in small slithers and layer the bottom of the dish.
3- remove the skin from the sausages (i just slid my knife along and skin came off easily)
4-break the sausagemeat up into little blobs and layer it over the chicken.
5-slice the babybel up small and lay randomly on top of the sausagemeat.
6-using a potatoe masher push the cheese into the sausagemeat.
7-slice the remaining 2 chicken breasts in slithers and place over the cheese/sausagemeat.
8-top with the bacon
9-cover with tin foil and cook at 200 for 2 hours or until chicken is cooked through.
10-half hour b4 cooked remove the tin foil. You will have water from the chicken pour this away and cook uncovered for 30 mins.

I used pork mince instead of sausages, as they don't do english style sausages here . When it was cooked I then sliced it, put it a casserole dish and added the syn free barbecue sauce recipe to it and then put it back in the oven for a bit. I served it with SW chips and a salad and it was yummy.
S: 17st6lb C: 17st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 40.8 Loss: 0st6lb(2.46%)
I say day but I think it may take me a weekend to get through all the list, even with me being a catering manager before 2 of my 3 kids came along.


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That list looks fab! I used to do this quite a lot before SW and really should get back to it as it really helps when I am working all day and know I have something for the family that I can just add fresh veg/pasta/rice etc.

I used to make big batches of bolognaise sauce and chili con carne, really bulking them out with grated carrots and tomatoes etc. I find most saucy things freeze well as do soups.

Must do this again! :D


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You lot are way too organised... puts me to shame..

In my house, OH will say what day are you on, and then we plan something from there... not organised in the slightest...

I must do something about it....

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wow what a brilliant idea!! and some things on the list look delish!!!!! what time is dinner??? :D


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Sounds wonderful - any chance you could post the Thai Quorn Curry recipe, I would really like to try that, thank you, and good luck with your baking weekend. X
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Donnie46, I will post the Thai quorn curry recipe as soon as I get chance as I have to go and get my body magic in as my consultant as got me helping to deliver SW leaflets for the latest promotion !

Just call me super woman :superwoman: LOL


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I am so making chicken pie. Mmmmm pie!
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Well my mammmouth baking / cooking weekend (or should it be day) is over after 9 hours of solid cooking I have completed all of my freezer foods for the next moonth or atleast until we have eaten some of it as the 2 freezers are now choc a block !

I have made : Turkey & veg burgers, Turkey meatballs in tomato sauce, moroccan beef, beef madras, chicken tikka masala, piri piri chicken, potato,garlic and curly kale cakes, beef & veg cannelloni,cottage pies, vegetable cottage pies, tomato & veg pasta bakes, SW chips, sweet potato SW chips & Sw potato wedges.

And I am utterly and totally chuffed with myself.

Sorry Donnie46 I was unable to find a really nice tahi quorn curry recipe.


Nojo on the YoYo
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oh wow you are a megawoman!! :D

I made Dr Pepper chicken, a quiche and two pots of syn free ice cream today and I was all chuffed with myself, til I saw your list! WOW!

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