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My tips...

Now Im no expert but over the last few weeks on SW i have noticed a few things that seem to help my weight loss some weeks. First one that stands out is ..melon! The weeks that I eat alot of Melon have been my best ones.
Also water, weeks that I consciously drink more water, my weight loss is greater.
And eliminating diet drinks. That helps me too.
So my top 3 tips are more melon, more water and less diet coke!
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i love melon, must remember to order a couple when i do my online shop later. such a shame theres no shop near me :(


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I really wish I liked melon


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i only really like water melon and that one doesnt count does it?
Your pic is VERY distracting... think I love Jensen Ackles too :bolt:


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Im going to try eating lots of melon too i love it ive been so bad last couple of weeks so need a boost hope it works :) xx
I normally love melon, but I'm starting to find it a bit merh... I normally have honeydew but it seems to get more tasteless every time I have it.

What other melons do people recommend? Xx


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I was thinking of this post this afternoon, got two large honeydew melons in my shopping this afternoon, shall have one tomorrow - have got in balled and all packed up to take in to work, and bloody hell but I didn't half make a mess in the process!

Thanks for posting!

I have stopped drinking diet coke this week and upping water. Have half a melon to take to work tonight. I love melon.
Bobsledwheels Galia/Cantaloupe melon lovely.


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Charentais melons are gorgeous they're the little round ones, sort of yellow with a bit of a green tinge with the beige like 'webbing' over the outside. The flesh is orange. They might be called something else here, but are charentais is France. Not sure of their 'season' but if you can find them it's well worth a try. Try them with a small amount of fruit juice or smoothie in the cavity made by the seeds, it's supposed to be alcohol you put in but for a syn or two, the juice really lifts it!



There is only now
Got to agree with the melon thing...Will resolve to eat more.

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