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My Travels

Discussion in 'Holidays' started by Bananas, 31 August 2008 Social URL.

  1. Bananas

    Bananas Well-Known Member

    Theres so much to see!!! But its so exciting! I think I'm going to aim to leave sometime between June-August next year and just see where I end up.

    Anyone have any travel/holiday stories or plans???
    Last edited: 20 November 2012
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  3. margaretmc

    margaretmc Well-Known Member

    Hi I don't know if youve heard of couch-surfing its a web site you join and you can go all over the world . You stay in peoples homes and you return the favour . The only thing you pay is your air fair it might help you . Good luck and take care . Have a great time on your travels .
    Last edited: 3 April 2009
  4. thunderthighs

    thunderthighs Well-Known Member

    My DH is working in Curacao at the moment and I'm flying out to join him on Monday....all planned yesterday! Looks like a lovely island, will post about it when I get back :D
  5. PurpleButterfly

    PurpleButterfly 16lb to go!

    Ooh sounds exciting! And I totally know what you mean about getting the travel bug. I went travelling round africa in 2005 for 6 months. I SO want to go again for a good stint.
    Mind you I'm going to new zealand for a month, next month! that's cool I think...

    You planning to go alone?
  6. thunderthighs

    thunderthighs Well-Known Member

    Got back from Curacao last Tuesday and can highly recommend it....not cheap though :eek: Weather was great, plenty of sunshine with big fluffy clouds that break up the sizzling heat. Had a private beach at the hotel but we went for a drive round one day and found a beautiful beach with not many people on. Just a shame it's not closer!
  7. Bananas

    Bananas Well-Known Member

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