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My wee tip

It sounds totally childish, but it really works for me.. and makes the big picture look a lot smaller. I went on to word and made a table of squares 8 x 8 to make 64.. and use each square to represent one pound. I've 64lbs to loose, so when i lost 9lb this week i coloured in 9 squares.. it makes it look really within reach. When i colour them all in.. i'll be thin!
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I LOVE this idea!!!!
Yoink! That's robbed :)
Love it, i printed off a table with the headings week, weight loss,total weight loss, size, lbs to go and i have filled in on weigh in days and i have it stuck up on my wall beside my scales and full length mirror!!!
Very good idea.
I actually thought this post was going to be about 'wee' as in toilet! LMAO!!!!!!
me too lol, but it does seem like a very good idea if i do say so my self, will encourage me to get new ink for the printer too, so killing 2 birds with the one stone :D
I can feel a Blue Peter moment coming on!
LOL @ SandraB

This is a fab idea hun. I am definately going to do this. I might even put a €5 value on each square and every time I colour in a square I put €5 away to spend on new clothes.

This is just the motivation I need..... THANK YOU!!!!!

Niamh xxx
Ooooh, I like this idea - and I like the money per pound even more!

Off shopping with two of my friends tomorrow, and for the first time ever, we'll all be looking at clothes in the same 'normal' shops! Can't wait!
lol sorry, i think using wee might be an irish thing.. :) mine has pride of place on the fridge. i'm gonna do a pound for a lb too!
Good idea, if your naughty like me and weigh everyday you could colour in a pound every day or two! x
Oh good, I'm not the only one then! I'm afraid that I can't resist at the moment and the scales are giving me the incentive to get through the next day......

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