My weekend promise to myself


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Okay I know it's only Thursday but i'm going to Blackpool on a girly weekend tomorrow and will be back home on Monday.

So, my promise to myself is :

1) Only eat LL packs and small amounts of fruit during the day.

2) Drink plenty of water with the wine to keep the calories down and also to prevent extreme drunkness.

3) Have one healthy meal a day (at night) before or after night out (not both!).

4) Be nice to everyone on the trip (i'm not good with being with people for such a huge amount of time and tend to get a bit impatient and stroppy after a while!)

5) Have fabulous fun!

Hmmmm #4 is going to be the most difficult one methinks! What am i like?! Thing is i live on my own in a big house and i love my own space (altho do get lonely sometimes). I'll be sharing a flat with 6 other girls, gulp! I don't know them that well either. Must practice counting to 10 hahah!

Wish me luck! :eek:
LOL at counting to 10 - you might need to go a little higher if you're anything like me!! I like my own space ;)

We can be strong this weekend. I'm off to Edinburgh with DH and am sticking to ss 100% - well thats the plan!!!

Good luck and have a lovely time!!!!
Hi Helen

Oh it's easy to stick to honey, there are really no excuses!! My normal routine is 3 pax plus a healthy meal and i always drink at weekends so i'm not gonna be doing anything different.

You can do it!!!! It'll be sooooo worth it! I find i'm stronger when i'm with other people than when i'm on my own cos i like their admiration at my willpower!!

Maybe counting to 100 would be a better tactic hey? lol

have a fab time!