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my weight loss diary-Loosing well! Even through pregnancy! Finally had baby number 2!


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Hi, i think keeping a diary will really help me so here goes, well i have been big all my life, well insce i can remember, i was 10lb born so i guess it has been all my life lol i have been through it all being a fat child bullying, starving myself, depression, self harm, counselling etc etc. When i was 15 and around 14 stone, i got together with my partner, we had known each other since we were 11, my confidence soared, i didn’t think anyone would want me being like that. When i was 18 i was around 15 stone, i decided i wanted to lose weight, in a month a lost a stone, and then i got a big shock, i was pregnant, i was elated, young yes but we were both sooo happy, my pregnancy went fine, and the birth went fine, painful but the most amazing experience i have every had. After all of the hype of a newborn died down a bit, i looked at some photos and noticed a difference, i faced the scales and to my shock i saw 18 stone, i kind of forgot about it and being so busy with the baby i ate whatever i could get my hands on whenever i had time. 2 years later i faced the scales again 20st 10lbs, how could i have got to that, this was last November, i joined this site and started to lose weight with healthy eating and excercise. In 2 months i went down to 18st 13lbs. Then xmas and my 21st birthday came and started binging again and eating crap. At this moment i am 19st 13lbs and i am back to it again. I now have 2 incentives, my partner proposed on valentines day and we hope to get married in 2012, i don’t want to be a fat bride. We have been trying for another baby for a year and i think my weight is holding me back.
Anyway i will be logging my food and my feelings and also when it goes wrong as sometimes it does.
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thought i would put up a photo taken before i started last november, at 20st 10lbs. at least i can look at them when i feel like binging and they will be here everytime i write here, so no escaping them lol


Hi Assj,

Just wanted to wish you good luck! You sound very determined and I'm sure will succeed.
I can so relate to the baby weight and after baby weight. ;) With both of my pregnancies I put considerable weight on and more after births! All the hype about losing weight while breastfeeding and caring for your baby/toddler just wasn't true for me. I remember being so tired all the time that any food any time of the day would do just to keep the sanity.

Anyway keep at it and keep us posted.



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hey, thanks for your replies. i am soo glad i am doing this. its hard work, but i need it. i am atm looking for a job as a care assistant so i think that will help me too, i am lucky enough that my partner earns enough and we have some small property that we rent out so i have been a sahm, but my daughter starts nursery in september so i am ready to get myself back into work. its quite exciting.
i am doing really well havent posted for a couple of days as my internet had been cut off due to some problems, but i am back today and will be posting my food diary later, i am going to be weighing in on friday and will post my loss too. it is my oh's birthday tomorrow so we will be going out for a meal eeeekk lol i have just about every restaurants nutrition page in my favorites though so should be okay lol.


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did you? can i ask what company it was please?
not sure where we are going yet, maybe carvery, tis up the the other half really though. ooo i will enjoy it though, i love going out for dinner lol probably half my problem lol
yesterday i had

B: go ahead yoghurt breaks.
L: crumpets with low cal/fat butter
D: Beef casserole.
Snacks: Muller light yog


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my food today:

B: 3 Jammy dodgers, pack of walkers baked crisps. (oooppps)
L: Chicken Breast, cucumber
D: Marinated barberque sauce chicken breast, brown rice and salad

Snacks: Walkers baked crisps, options hot choc, satsuma, muller light yog.

Bit heavy on the snacks today, i am feeling soooo hungry, not giving in though too much, need to think about getting back to the gym, but i just feel so self concious in there lol need to not overthink it too much.


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i am half wondering whether to give myself one day every couple of weeks to have what i want and loosen up, atm i am getting low cal crisps and choc and stuff and eating it most days, now i am thinking if i am stricter every day and dont have any stuff like that, then one day every 2 weeks i can have that stuff and maybe a takeaway for dinner and a drink, etc. i think it will help keep me sane and the strict days will hopefully give me a better loss on m weigh in days.


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yesterday's menu was.

B: Go head yogurt breaks (just one biscuit)
L: crumpets with low fat butter
Mid aft: 1 piece wholemeal toast with low fat butter
D: extra lean Minced beef and spinach in wholemeal pittas.
Snacks: Small yazoo choc milkshake, Muller light yogurt.

Weighed in today, and lost 1.2lb in just a couple of days, so really glad.

Tonight is going to be a true test as my other half will be at work so thats when i get bored and usually eat loads of crap, hopefuly tonight i wont.
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Hi Assj

Welcome to the board and have just caught up on your diary :) I love a good weeding me hehehehe i can help! :) im a newlywed six months

The thing about eating bad on one day, you need to try make sure it doesnt go to two to three, im one of the people who have been doing this type of diet for the last few weeks and sticking to weekend eating only and cambridge on weekend and i was pretyt strict, but i went on holidays and have prob put on a few pounds.....will know at WI tomorrow hehehe

Either way , i say do it how you feel it will suit you best, only you know yourself your motivation and how you can yeild to temptation, there is no right or wrong way per se, you just need to find 'the way' for you and stick to it.

Keep up the good work and well done on the 1.5 loss! :)



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havent been on for a long time, hey najh nah i havent found anything as yet, applied for a few places, and still looking around.
We have booked our holiday for september, we are off to tunisia and i cant bloody wait, i need a good break lol so its my mission to lose a few stone for it, i want to sit in the plane seat more confortably than last time, I am aiming for 2lbs a week with regular excercise, so i will be having 1900 cals a day for a while till i hit a go slow then reduce it.


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hey thanks for your message, yeah i sent an application to prestwood but not heard anything as of yet.
My eating plan seems to have gone haywire again! ggrrr its sooo annoying, last year when i started in september, i stuck to it religiously and benefited and saw the results, but since xmas (dreaded time for dieters gr) i keep starting but cant stick to anything. doing my head in now. I think i am stressed aswell which could be why its so hard so i have started taking kalms today hopefully its going to mellow me out and let me think a bit more about what i chose to put in my mouth. As some days are just such a blur i dont really know what i am eating. So i took the first 2 tabs this morning and going to take some more now. They worked for my driving lessons and test so hope they will help with this.


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well i started xenical this week, and it is going really well, i am using food focus to track my cals still, and am eating low fat as well as taking the tabs and trying to do some excercise. my first weigh in is tomorrow so will post the results.


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well i had to knock the xenical on the head, as it was making me throw up, i felt so ill on it, have been off it only 2 days and i feel like a brand new person lol i am on slimfast atm, i love the choc shakes so am having 2 of those a day with a meal in the evening, and a couple of snacks if i feel like it, snack-a-jacks, or fruit.


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food for today:

B: slim fast choc shake
S: snack-a-jacks
L: slim fast choc shake
D: Jersy royal pots (3) sausage (2) Cauliflower, cabage, gravy, mint sauce.
S: Peach slices, strawberries, evaporated light milk.


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i'm back lol to where i started aswell ggggrrrrr!!!!!!!! never mind onwards and downwards aye. just under 2 months for my holiday and i will fasten that seatbelt on the plane!!!!!!

anyway i will be doing a food diary!

ham omelette (3 slices lean ham, 3 eggwhites), 2 potato waffles
Corned beef sandwich


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ahem i am back and with a slimfast vengance lol
doing very well so far have been on plan for a week and had my first weigh in this morning with a 8.6lb loss EEK! i am ecstatic about it, it is only working though because i am being totally strict and trying to change my mind set as well as my eating habbits and i think the 3 litres of water a day i consume has some part in it aswell. this week i am going to introduce excersize aswell so hoping the losses flow and i can be a bit more comfy on the plane to tunisia on 26th sept lol i will try my best to keep a food diary too to help me keep on track and hopfully help others.

B: slimfast choc shake
L: weight watchers hearty vegetable soup
D: 4x mini chicken breast fillets, 3 boiled jersey royal potatoes.

that'll be all from me :)
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just about to treat myself to 2 bbq snack-a-jacks, i think i may make it a regular occurance, to have two of these on weigh in day i love them they are sooo low in cals (maybe too high in carbs for me, but should be ok once a week) mmmmmm


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Heya, well done on that loss, that's awesome.
YOu should deffo treat yourself to some snack-a-jacks man, those things are sexy, lol.
Well done for sticking to the slim-fast thing, I totally couldn't do that, lol.
Hope everything continues to go well :)


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grrr timed out before i posted, have to write it alll again now :mad:

thanks pink! good luck on your journey too, keep up the good work! :D

i did some excersize yesterday :character00116: sit ups, push ups, squats, all with the help of my gym ball, and running on the spot! then i had a bath (a very hot bath) sooo hot that whilst in i was sweating buckets, and when i got out i fainted :brainfart: oops lol

B: choc shake
L: choc shake
D: mini chicken breast fillets in 1 small tortilla wrap, salad (lettuce, cucumber, peppers, grated carrot)

hmm i hope i am not having too many carbs :hmm:


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gggrrrr 7.30pm and i have had no dinner yet, i need to start eating earlier !! if only my oh would finish work at a decent bloody time, we like to eat together its nice to have a chat rather than focus on the lack of food on my plate ha ha xxx

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