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My weight loss journey on Slim Fast


Is a woman on a mission.
Hello :)

Today I start my fabulous Slim-Fast journey, Wednesday 10th December 2008. I have four stone and two pounds to lose altogether, however I am hoping to lose 2st and 9lbs in the next twelve weeks as I get married then. :eek: (That's 3lbs a week!)
I am currently 14st 2lbs and want to be 11st 7lbs by Wednesday 4th March, that will take me from a dress size 18/20 to a 14.
There is no want to be about it, I have to be...I have already bought a size 14 dress. :rolleyes:

Wish me luck...I need it lol.

Boo x x
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Is a woman on a mission.
Day One

Weighed in....14st 2 lbs 9 oz. Urghhhhh...Ah well at least it will be the last time I have to see such a high figure.

Today's plan:

Brekkie: Strawberry Shake
Lunch: Chocolate Shake
Tea: Brown rice, chicken, peas and savoy risotto (Kcals 500)
Snacks: Four small satsumas, small bag of carrot sticks, two apples.

I am having a light calorie day as I over stuffed on a chinese last night.
I am working until 9pm, however I still intend to fit a good 30 minutes exercise in, even if I have to go to bed late.

Last time I tried Slim-Fast I got bad constipation, so this time I am adding two psyllium husks to each shake and basing my meal on high fibre foods (e.g brown rice, vegetables, fruit, pulses & legumes). I am also going to drink 3 to 4 litres of water today.

I shall let you know how I get on later. :) x x


Needs a kick
good luck it sounds as though your head is in the right place, you shouldn't have any probs with your goal. Getting married in march is the best motivation.

Keep posting :0)


Is a woman on a mission.
Thank you for all your kind comments ladies, I really do appreciate the support. x x

Well day one went great. :)
I was still stuffed from last nights condemn woman's take away so I didn't have a shake for breakfast. I started with a strawberry one at miday and was surprising full afterwards, I don't know if it was adding the p.husks but I didn't think about food again until 5pm when I had my chicken risotto. At 8pm I had two satsumas and I am just having a chocolate shake for supper. All in all I haven't felt hungry today...but sometimes you do get the odd day like that. I have drank 3.5 litres of water and shall have another half after this shake before bed. To ensure I got my exercise in for the day I walked to work and made sure I went up and down the stairs at work more often just to keep the calories cooking lol.
Now I am pooped, but looking forward to Day two.

Boo x


Is a woman on a mission.
Day two

Hmmm I awoke this morning feeling a tad erm windy...but other than that so far so good. Todays plan is:
Brekkie: vanilla shake < (not keen but want to use the tin up)
Lunch: Choc shake
Tea: Baked potato, chicken breast, green beans, carrots and home made tomato salsa sauce.
Snacks: two satsumas, two apples and small banana

I am working a night shift tonight, don't know how I will get on as I normally pick at food most of the night when working. To tackle that problem I intend to save all my snacks for tonight and I will take a couple of magazines to keep me occupied during the quiet moments.

Keeping focused on day two!

Boo x x


Is a woman on a mission.
The day has gone as planned so far...two shakes and a meal. I have saved my fruit for work tonight but again I haven't felt hungry...and it's my time of the month. I am wondering if it's the P.Husks in my shakes or it's my determination not to be an obese bride that's quelling my appetite...course it's my determination. :rolleyes:
I have drank plenty of water too, fed up of peeing though...even had to stop off from my 30 min dance work out and have a pee. I have also walked the dogs for a good half an hour and I will be working for 11 hours over night so I am happy with that amount of exercise today.

As a treat, before I go to work I am going to have a pamper bath... which consists of a hot bubble bath, face pack, shave the fuzzy bits and an all over exfoliate to cheer up my dull winter skin.

Wish I wasn't going to work :wave_cry:it's soooooo dull...but if you want the money I suppose you have to do the job.
I don't like my job, at all. It's a hard job and it's notoriously under paid and under valued, but my weight gives me such a lack of confidence, it stops me from having the guts to change my career. I have been in a job I dislike for 12 years, I have been overweight for 11 years...I guess that says a lot about my lack of confidence due to being fat.
As soon as I am married and have shed my first goal of two stone and nine pounds, I am looking for a new job, one I love rather than one I just exist at. I wonder if there is a call for a 36 year old pop stars that can't sing or dance? :8855:
Hi Boo,
I lost 7 stone on slimfast and still have the odd shake to keep me on track, i find them quite sweet now and have brought Slimfast on Ebay from USA they have a range of no sugar Optium range the only thing is it cost a few more pounds for the posting but i found i did not have the highs and lows from the sugar levels.
I had a few headaches when i first started Slimfast but they went after the first 2 weeks so keep up the good work.



Is a woman on a mission.
Wow Jax well done on losing 7 stone, that's fabulous. :hug99:
I haven't heard of the Slim Fast Optium range, I shall have to look that up. So far I haven't had any blood sugar dips but I know it will happen as sugar really, really doesn't suit me (If I eat too much I get palpitations). So thanks for that. x x

If I get headaches I shall pop a couple of pain killers, I am determined not to break this weight loss plan come hell or high constipation lol.
I am taking one day at a time, eventually I will get there.

What kind of meals did you have and did you use all shakes or experiment with Slim-Fasts other food products?
And...did you exercise too?

Kind regards Boo x x
Hi there Boo,
I did have a secound take when i saw your name as my sister calls herself Boo as well and i thought whats she doing on here lol ....... i was a little naughty really i just had 3 shakes a day and still drank full fat Coke as my treat and that went on for months i just had to get the weight off and being single again for the 1st time in 25yrs i had a goal because the way of meeting people has changes so much the internet dating sites seemed to be the way forward and on there you have to submit photos of yourself and i know its shallow but i guess we live in a very visual society.
So how have you found it so far and are you getting support from your family and friends!. Oh i nearly forgot to say i did not do any exercise to start with i kind of just went day to day with the diet as i was going through divorce as well.

Jax xx


Is a woman on a mission.
Only three shakes a day! :eek: That's very disciplined...I look forward to my evening meal too much to skip it but I may do your method if my weight loss starts slowing down or I am not getting the losses I want. If you lost 7 stone on it, you must have been doing something right.
My partner is quite supportive, he doesn't say anything detrimental about this 603rd diet I am on but he still sits and eats all kinds of junk food in front of me...chocolate, crisps, chips, biscuits, typical thoughtless male.

My exercise consists of dancing and walking at the moment, that's all I really like doing...might try a few crunches to firm up this saggy tummy though.

I am finding the plan great so far, the shakes make me feel bloated and sickly so I don't really want anything to eat for three hours after having one so that's great for my diet. The constipation has started to kick in a bit but I refuse to give up this time...I don't care if I get piles :p I won't stop until I have lost all four stone two pounds.
I might have a sneaky peak at the scales tomorrow morning...just to see if things have started moving. I'll let you know. x x x x
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Is a woman on a mission.
Day Three

Very tired and quite low today, I worked last night and haven't been to bed yet as I had to go in to town and get the last of my Chrissy shopping, but at last...it's all done yay!

Todays plan:

Brekkie: Vanilla Shake
Lunch: Choccy Shake
Tea: Turkey, boiled spuds, carrots, sprouts, stuffing and gravy
Snacks: Three oat cakes, two satsumas, an apple and six almonds.

So far I have drank 4 pints of water (it's 4.40pm) another 2 and that's me done. I also walked home from work this morning (saving on petrol and burning cals) - it took me an hour and I was fr-fr-freezing but I won't have to bother exercising again today. :) < smug smile.

Tonight I will be too busy to think about having a rumbling tum, it's Christmas Prezzie wrapping night. I have about a hundred presents to wrap and a cracking log fire to sit by, I am feeling sleepy thinking about it already. Zzzzzzzzzzz.

Have a great weekend everybuddy. X x

P.S Got really hungry at 9pm and had an extra vanilla shake, so that takes my cals to 1500 for the day. I shall go for a "lighter" day tomorrow as 1400 cals is my maximum number.
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hi, jaxxy thats brilliant losing 7 stone, i have about that much to lose, i was gonna try just having 3 slimfast shakes a day as i find the vlcd expensive at the moment, how long did it take you to lose 7 stone. Boo i am loving your diary and the sex and city theme,lol. i to love samantha, i understand what you say over your wight holding you back in life, i to feel that way, and as jaxx said the world today judges you on how you look. all best, cat x


Is a woman on a mission.
Samantha Jones...

Thanks Big Boned, Samantha Jones is fab isn't she... Good luck with your seven stone loss, you can do it honey. :hug99:
P.s have you ever noticed how big boned Samantha Jones is compared to the other three girls in SATC? She is a lot broader than the others, but still looks fabulous. Nowt wrong with being big boned. ;)

Thanks boo. Samantha is one sexy lady, lol. she is very broad, i am very broad as well, i used to hate it, but kinda like it now. like you ive been trying to exercise every day, for some reason i put weight on my arms and its horrible as it just dont shift. Did you like sex and city movie, i loved it i cried when it started,lol. theres going to be a second movie in 2010, hopefully this time i will be going to see it in size 10 jeans, lol. keep strong, we can do it x x


Is a woman on a mission.
You're right BB, we can do it! x x Next movie 2010 eh? Can I wait that long? :eek: I am still watching the nightly repeats on the Paramount channel (even though I have them all on DVD) and they still make me laugh.

Day four & five

Apart from pooing rabbit stools everything is trucking along fine. I have been doing two shakes a day, 600 cal meals and three pieces of fruit. I'm not particularly hungry and happy with my progress so far.
I had a peep on the scales on Saturday morning (3lbs down) woo hoo, not bad for three days work. I shall refrain from scale hopping until my next "offical weigh in" which is normally Wednesday but this week it will be Tuesday morning as I am on the works do on Tuesday night & I don't want the alcohol affecting my first W.I.

I was at my sisters xmas soiree last night, I was as good as gold...only had two small egg & cress sandwhichs and one..yes ONE mini sausage roll and that was it. I drank one glass of mulled wine and the rest of the time I drank tea. I was very pleased with myself as there were plates upon plates of yummy puddings.
My "b1tchy" big sister didn't fail to have a pop at me (she has been doing it for 36 years)...when she wanted me to move out of the way she said, "move your big bum" and then she tried to force the puddings on me. Later on she brought out her photograph albums and showed my other half grotty pics of me...there wasn't any piccies where I looked nice, only the ones were I had my eyes half shut, or was pulling a drunken silly face or I had my head pulled down so it looked at though my two chins were in fact four.
My mum commented to me that she was acting all jealous and to ignore her. Why jealous though? She is four stone lighter than me and a very attractive female...she needs to get a grip before I get a grip of her throat...I have 36 years of frustration ready to erupt all over her lol. I am not being over sensitive either, about 10 years ago I overheard her telling a guy in a pub that I was her fat, ugly sister and that is just one incident of many.
To be honest I am seriously thinking about not being around her any more, she always manages to make me feel like poo! :mad:

Any way on to better things...and day six tomorrow.
Hope you all had a fabby weekend,

Love Boo x


Needs a kick
hey boo you wait until that weight has gone, that'll show her! Sisters are funny things aren't they...
She's worried your'll out shine her which you probably will, let her jealous nature make you more determined. You go girlfriend..... Love Reading your posts xx


Is a woman on a mission.
Thanks Ugg :), that made me feel a lot better...

"She's worried you'll out shine her which you probably will, let her jealous nature make you more determined."

...and you're so right, her nasty little remarks made me dig even deeper and more determined. Yesterday I even managed a 45 minute work out after a ten hour shift @ work, the motivation...her face when she see's me as a size 12 stunner rather than the shy, embarrassed size 20 mouse I am at the moment.
Success is indeed the best revenge.
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Go for it Boo. When I first started slimfast I was a size 16/18 - I am now a size 12/14 so it can be done. Go for it hon.


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