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My weight tracking - might help people with slow loss weeks


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S: 17st2lb C: 11st10lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 5st6lb(31.67%)
I realise that over the last 2 months my average wieghtloss has gone down below the promised LL average - this will be - in part - to do with not doing my 10000 steps every day, but - well - losing 2.5lbs a week is still a far more dramatic loss than on every other diet especially at a healthy BMI! - and I'm sure you all know that LL has definitely worked for me and quickly too! But you will notice that there are tons of weeks where I have stayed the same or barely budged and to be honest - you just have to think about next week and the week after when it gets to that point - no point in stopping otherwise you'll never know what you would have lost the following week!

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Mrs Lard

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If you were in the room, I would give you a massive hug and kiss.

As you say,..."no point in stopping otherwise you'll never know what you would have lost the following week!"

THANK YOU for words of wisdom, which you will see I have put on the blog. I felt like jacking it all in today and this saved me.

Don't know how to express massive gratitude...virtually!!

Mrs L xxxx
Thanks so much for this Cerulean. I was thinking of asking people to do exactly this (perhaps with loss each week too for those of us who are too mathematically challenged to work out the loss from the cumulative!) so I can see what to expect from real life!


has started again!!

Thank you. Its a big help & I feel even more so for me today as WI later and not feeling overly confident. :(

I had thought to weigh, collect packs & run. However, maybe I will stay to group...... Its got to be better than running back to "comfort" food!!! LOL!

Thanks again!


likes posting.
thanks for posting your chart it really helps.A few weeks ago i had small loses & 1 week stayed the same. Like you i thought if i give up were will that get me, it does make itself right in the end & what other diet could you move weight so quick?


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S: 17st2lb C: 11st10lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 5st6lb(31.67%)
Updated with an extra column - who says I don't give you value for money?

Red is a 'bad week' (or less than 3lbs) and yellow is a 'good week' (or more than 4lbs) as you can see - there exactly the same number of good weeks as bad - and as I am now at day 200, I can categorically say that despite my slow weeks I have lost exactly 3 stone in the second 100 days so I'm still getting my money's worth out of LL ;). Which bodes well for those of you starting at BMI 30 which I was at the beginning of my second hundred!

Thanks, that's really helpful (being one of those mathematically challenged people:D). Your words of wisdom have struck a cord with me, especially after my last WI (I had a good moan about it on another thread!)
Thanks for encouragement to keep on the right track, I'm new to all this and feel very alone a lot of the time;)
Thanks again. I drew up one on my development scrapbook last night.

Sarah - you may have had some 'bad' weeks but you've never gained - so you have been truly focused. I've had a couple of gains in mine and I'm not on track for achieving what you have BUT I am certainly not giving up and I can celebrate what I've achieved overall.

I am struggling day to day and after a good day yesterday blew it last night when I was on my own at home. So, I was thinking about the chart and I thought I might make myself a star chart and award myself a star for each abstinent day. Then plan some small reward for having a week of abstinence. (It works for the children on supernanny!)

Anyway - thanks for being a shining example of determination and proving that it is possible if we put our minds to it!


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S: 17st2lb C: 11st10lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 5st6lb(31.67%)
One of the reasons I have never had a gain is that on weeks where I know it's a close call I wear nothing but a very thin short cotton dress (and this summer that's been torture sometimes!) and I don't drink any more than half a litre of water - if I had drank the 2 litres or so and had 2 food packs that I should have by meeting I would have shown a gain on several of these weeks. I think you always have to look at losses over 2 weeks - because I can fluctuate by 7lbs in a day so I could wipe out a whole month's losses this Sunday if I drank all my water and had all my foodpacks before the meeting. So what I'm saying is that the gains really don't matter.
I've had a gain without cheating & has some VERY odd losses (see sig!) and know its hormones & how much I drink prior to WI but also knew the week that I put on that I had lost inches...The lesson I learned was not to focus wholly on the actual weight but to keep a balance & know how my body feels!
Thank you so much for posting your table Cerulean, I have been very disappointed the last 2 weeks, and the counsellor looked a bit worried as well. Kept asking me if I had cheated, very quietly so no one else could hear. But I haven't. I have given up smoking though, which has probably had some effect on my metabolism. But I kept thinking as long as I stick to it, the weight has got to come off. I've thought about not drinking the water on the day I weigh in but thought I would probably end up with a headache. The stop smoking people also think drinking water is a good idea as you keep putting a glass to your mouth instead of a cigarette. Oh well!. I'm just really pleased I haven't put anything on, last time I stopped smoking I managed to put 4-1/2 stone on so I am determined that won'y happen again. It is very disheartening though when everyone else in class seems to have big losses every week, and I am just scratching along at 1 or 2 pounds all the time.

Thanks again, it helps to know other people don't lose vast amounts all the time

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