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my weightloss diary


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hi all i thought i would start a diary of my weight loss my name is Kim and im 38 im married with three lads. my diet should have really started about 3 years ago July 06 when i had a heart attack i was told to change my lifestyle or i would die very young. as you may have guessed i didn't listen to advice and continued to suffer from angina. after having stents fitted 3 times i finally realized i needed to do something about my life so firstly i cut out the smoking the only problem with that was i ate more and put on more weight (big vicious circle) which then caused me more problems (i found out i was now a diabetic) type 2. Ive struggled with my weight for years but now i feel able to do something about it. for the past year and a half i have had uncontrolled diabetes which has caused problems in its own right. since starting weight watchers on the 25th of may my blood sugars have stabilized :D and i have lost 25 and a half pounds :D, i am hoping if i keep this diary it will keep me on the right track.
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hello you have done brilliantly so far well done keep up the good work! :) i look forward to reading your diary, it's always nice to get a bit inspiration lol
Hi Kim and welcome.

You have done so well already making changes to your lifestyle that will make a difference to you.

Are you going along to a class or trying to do WW on your own. Good luck. xxx


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Hey Kim! Well done on your brilliant loss to date. Keep up the good work. Good luck on your journey. I hope it will be really successful for you. x x x


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i do go to WW on a Sunday night need all the help i can get lol


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points for today 23

breakfast - an apple - 0.5pts

dinner - Melba toast with cheese - 2pts
bag baked walkers - 1.5pts

tea - giant Yorkshire pudding filled with chicken stew 8pts

weight watcher choc bar - 1.5pts
chubba chup lolly - 0.5pts
bag french fries - 1.5pts

milk for day - 2pts


Hiya Chucks!!
Hello and good luck with your weightloss journey..
You have done great so far so well done..onwards+downwards...

Its great here if you want to ask anything,rant or whatever it is....we are here...
Have a nice day x
thanks for that hope you are well today will check your diary out in a bit x x
Hiya hun, it's a bit late but welcome to WW. You've done an awesome job so far so keep it up! You remind me a lot of my mum-she has a heart attack around your age, she has angina and an underactive thyroid. You'd think the possibilty of me inheriting these conditions would have meant I'd try to never gain weight, alas that didn't happen!

Good luck with your journey hun, I look forward to reading your diary. xx
oh my god im not happy weigh in today put on 1lb but i cant work out why ,ive done nothing different to any other week its really knocked me for six any suggestions anybody feel so pi***d off.
Please don't be too disheartened! I know it's easy to say but you will have that off again in no time.

I could be any number of reasons why you gained, fluid retention being one of them. How's your fluid intake? Are you eating all your points?

I'll keep thinking but it's a teeny tiny blip. Did your leader say what it might be?

post up your food logs for the entire week and then we can have a scout through them? have you done more / less exercise than usual or anything like that? x


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Sorry about your gain my love! I'm sure you will have it back off in no time. Yeh if you post everything you eat we will have a little look. You could always come and join the pedometer challenge too for a little boost. I hope you have a good week and here's to next weigh in xx
milk 2pts
pkt special k biccies 1.5 pts
yogurt 1pt

snack crisps 1.5pts

sausage frittata 4pts
jackets spud 2.5pts
pinch grated cheese(stolen)1.5pts
crisps 1.5pts
total 15.5pts 7.5 carried over
milk 2pts
apple 0.5

ham and cheese sandwich 4pts
crisps 1.5

jacket spud 3pts
barbequed chicken 4pts
2xapples 1pt
crisps (again)1.5
total 17.5 carried over 5.5pts


Up for the challenge
Hey love are you planning on eating any more today? Looking at your intake it looks much too low if you aren't planning on eating any more. Maybe this is why your aren't see the results you hoped for. Your body is probably thinking it is starving itself and so hanging on to the things you do eat.

You should never save more than 4 points a day.

I found this really difficult to get my head round to begin with but it really does work. Your points are there to be eaten and so whenever possible you should eat them all up.

So help yourself to a chocolate bar or whatever you fancy :) xxx
milk 2pts

ham and cheese sandwich 4pts
crisps 1.5

fish 7.5pts
peas 2pts
bread 3pts
2 weightwatcher bars 3
bag crisps 1.5
total 25.5 - 1.5 out of carried overallowance


Lovin it !!! :)

Saski is right - WW do not promote eating less than 18pt per day and not saving more than 4 per day......

Maybe up the intake to the allowed level and see what happens ?

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