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My Weightloss Diary

HI everyone

My names David and I’ve finally decided to tackle my weight problem; my goal is to get my BMI under the elusive 25 mark and stay there!

I’m starting my diet on Mar 7th, so I’m not looking forward to the next two weeks, but I’m trying to focus on my goal.

So here goes, wish me luck...

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Determind to do it!!!!!!!
Good luck from me!

You will be fine. Just remeber to come on here if you need to ask anything or just to write how you are feeling.

It is hard to begin with, but the fact that you are going to give it a go, is the first step.

Take care.
Good luck David :)


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Good luck on starting LT in a few days... take these days to monitor what you eat and mentally prepare yourself for the task ahead!!

Once you get through the first few days you will be sailing through!!

I hit jackpot when i found this forum on day 2 or 3 as when im feeling hungry or craving i simply come on here and before i know it 2/3 hours have passed :)

Good luck on your journey :)
Day 001: First of all thanks for the messages, it's nice to know you are not the only person doing this.

Just went for my weigh in and I was heavier than I though, which was disappointing but simply means I've more to lose. It also I've got a few more mini goals.


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Good luck!!!!
Day 002: Things are going well; I've tried the chocolate and strawberry meals so far and they are better than I was expecting. I wonder if I will still be saying that in a couple of weeks. At the moment I don’t feel hungry, just a little “odd” because I didn’t have a meal last night.
I'm on day two as well! Well done for getting through yesterday... I was in a right old state last night lol. Stuck at it though. I'm on my iPhone so can't see ur stats... How much do u have to lose?? I have around 5 stone to fight off... And it seems like such a long road doesn't it?!

Keep at it hun, we can do this!!! X
squeeze86's ... I’m looking to lose around 5-6 stone; my main objective is to get my BMI around 25. It came as a bit of shock when I found out mine was over 40!

I’m trying not to be too rigid about the final goals, I’m setting myself a series on mini goal, “Get BMI under 40”, “Lose 10 lbs”, “Lose 10%”. Once I get close to a BMI of 25 I’ll see what make sense. I’ve been over-weight most of my life, so I don’t know what my ideal size/weight is.
It seems we are both in very similar boats! My bmi is 39 which shocked the **** out of me cuz for sone reason I don't see myself as being as big as I really am! Crazy. I too have never been slim so I don't know what my actual target is. I guess just feeling comfortable and healthy is the goal... And fitting into a size 12 would be nice! We started on the same day so I will definately stay in touch and find out how your doing! It seems like such a long road ahead, but the thought of perhaps reaching our target by July is an incredible prospect! Are you going to be exercising too? I'm going to try but right now I feel so weak!! X
Day 003: Yesterday went better than I had hoped, there was a lot of talk in work about pancakes, but I wasn’t tempted so overall a good result. I tried Chicken soup last night and it ok, more like a poor Cup-a-Soup than anything, but it was nice to have something warm for a change. Felt a bit tried yesterday afternoon, but I still managed a 2.5 mile walk last night. I still have the nibble cravings and the fascination with food, but I’m hoping they will eventually subside.
Well done for getting to day 3! I have woken today (my day 3 too) without even the thought or desire for food. BREAKTHROUGH! keep at it and have a good day! X
Day 004: Tough day yesterday, felt very tired from “lunch time” (LOL) onwards, very lethargic and sluggish. My head was also a bit muzzy, not a headache, but not quite right. Feel a bit better this morning, but still a bit sluggish. I was also very cold last night and this morning, but given the current weather conditions I know sure its just me or everyone’s cold! I’m hoping this is the start of Ketosis, which is after all the whole objective, fingers crossed.

On the positive side I sure I’ve lost weight
Well done getting to day 4! We rock! :) I love that there's someone on the same day as me.. I expect we are feeling the same stuff. Although I hit full ketosis within 24 hours (seems impossible but stick was purple lunchtime day 2!) so I may be a little ahead with symptoms. I reckon the hardest is over for us now.. We are well and truly on our way! :) xx
Am too on day 4 on the cold front my is in the daytime and luckerly I have a heater under my desk so keep having burst of heat. Too be honest dont know if this is to do with the diet as I have always suffered with cold hands and feet :eek:( . Last night was my hardest so far the craving for food was unbearable, so kept drinking water, had a nice bath straightened my hair and went to bed. I had to make my hubby go out to a take out last night and eat whatever he bought in his car

I just keep thinking need to get this week out of the way and I will be fine ! am actually finding the shakes OK am hoping this will be the case all the way through my journey

good luck to you both WE can do this x
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Thanks for the encouragement, I’m really glad I found other LTer’s who started on the same day as me. I think I’ve taken a little longer to get into Ketosis because I had a “big weekend” away, but hopefully I’m there now.

I was still a little cold this morning and at time I’m finding it hard to concentrate. However I just checked out by “Before” picture and reminded myself why I’m doing this.

How is everyone else doing with caffeine? I’m a tea drinker and to make it worse milky tea. I tried Earl Grey this morning, which was quiet simple vile! I’m now alternating between my normal brew and Sainsbury Peppermint.
I never had caffeine because I have IBS and caffeine made it worse! But I miss a morning cup of tea sooo much. I can't bear it black.

Do you have ketostix to measure ur ketosis?? I test everyday... Helps me to kick my ass into gear to drink more water too cuz if it's too dark I know I need to be drinking more! The water intake is tough... Especially as my tap water tastes like knitting needles (all plasticy and horrid)

Keep it up Hun we are doing so well and will be totally different people by the summer.. Full of confidence and strutting our stuff in skinny clothes :D XX
Day 005: Felt very cold all day yesterday and very, very tired, on positive side I still went out for a nice walk (3.5 miles) last night which hopefully burned a few calories. I’m trying to go out walking a couple of times a week, the objective being the Belfast Marathon walk (9 miles) in May.

Feeling quite good this morning, I’m also looking forward to my weigh in tomorrow, although it’s only been 5 days I’m still hoping to have a few pounds off. Scratch that I know I’ve a few pounds off my clothes feel looser, which is a good sign.

Tonight could be hard, I’m heading out with my wife and a few friends to a wedding reception, obviously my wife knows I’m on LT but I haven’t told anyone else. I’m driving so, it’s a good excuse not to drink, but I need to avoid the food and the nibbles.
Well this is day 5 for me and last night i actually could sit and watch my hubby eat without wanting to have a nibble of it, I have been a 100% and for the first time last night It really didnt bother me. Am too getting weighed but tomorrow as I can only make Saturdays to pick up my supplies and started LT on Monday so fingers crossed I will be happy with the results. The best thing to do is take 1 day at at a time that is my goal at the moment and its working !

If you feel hungry tonight keep sipping on your water if you can do tonight you are one step closer to getting where you want to be

I had about 4 hours sleep last night as my head was killing me and my brain would no switch off. Am hoping am going to survive the weekend as that is normally my downfall but am determained. As for drinks I drank black coffee and water before so its not different for me just having to up my water so toilet trips are alot more frequent lol:D

Good luck for tonight you can do it x
I’m trying to keep things a normal as possible at home; I cook the evening meal Monday to Wednesday and I want to keep doing this. But I have to admit it was hard on Wednesday, it just smelt soooooo good. I would have nibbled while a cooked, which I’m not doing, but I keep getting the sudden urges. But these are the things I can’t do anymore; I want to change my habits. I want to be able to eat well when I come off the diet, good food, no more chocolate, crisps, biscuits, etc.

Apart from the need to pee in the middle of the night, I’m sleeping ok so far and I hope it stays that way. I think this would be the hardest thing, stay with it I think it gets easier as your body adjusts. If your tempted over the weekend, remember the sleep your loosing and the effort you’ve but in so far. Yes, it would be great to have that snack, but is it really worth while after all that effort?

I’m a little worried about tonight and the weekend, if I’m in the house and bored I normally find myself standing in front of the fridge, wonder how did I get here? I’m putting my before picture up on the fridge to remind me, like a big Stop sign.

I was going to say, “Good luck” with the WI, but I’m going to say "Enjoy" the WI, what them pounds fall off J

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