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My weightloss diary

Hi everyone,

My little baby is not so little any longer and I have decided that enough is enough: I better do something about this babyweight before it becomes a permanent part of me.

I am not normally a fan of strickt diets which determine what you can or cannot eat (e.g. WW and Slimming World) as I like to eat with the family, but breakfast and lunch is easier to manipulate so I have decided to give Slimfast a go, at least as a kickstart. I will have the shakes for breakfast and lunch, and the healthy snacks and then eat with the family in the evening. We normally eat quite healthily so it should be ok like this, I will just eat more salad and less of the calorific stuff to keep to the 600 calorie limit.

I will also make a concerted effort to exercise more, even in short bouts of 20-30 minutes if that is all I can fit in with my busy days.

I will do an official weigh in tomorrow morning, but I recon I have 33 pounds to lose.

PLEASE drop by and support me, it really helps me to keep focussed and I will really appreciate your advice and cheering me along the way!

Emma x :)
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Day 1
Weighed in at 83.3kg this morning, which is 183.5lbs, so I have half a pound more to lose than I thought. Oh well, it's going!
I did the school run by foot even though we were running late and my middle child is full of cold, and not as fast on his legs as he normally is. Normally I would probably have jumped in the car under the circumstances, so thats 1 hour of fast walking and pushing two kids in pushchair as bonus exercise.
I had my shake for BF and now having my snack (two ryvita with sunflower seeds and a black coffee). I have already made up the next shake, it is in the fridge. I hope it works ok to do it in advance??
Our weekly shop is being delivered tomorrow. I had already finished it online, but yesterday I went in and amended it. Out went the ice cream, wine and brie and in with a couple of tins of Slimfast! I don't want too many temptations in the house!


loving being a loser
good luck :) you seem in the right frame of mind you totally can do it!! and slim fast shakes arent that bad... when i start getting bored i just add in a little cinnamon or nutmeg which keeps me entertained Good Luck!! :) xx
Thanks Sweetas, that is a good tip about spicing it up, especially as cinnamon is supposed to help aid weightloss. I do quite like the shakes too, do they still do the smoothie ones? I loved the mango one, but that was two years ago that I had some. Back then I did not really follow the diet though, just had the shakes for lunch a couple of times a week.

I managed to fit in a 30 minute run, with the pram, before I had to pick up DC2. Now having my shake whilst he has left over sausages with mash, onion gravy and veg. Note to self: do not prepare nice smelling lunch for him whilst on Slim Fast. Cheese/ham sandwiches from now on!

Going to take DD to gymnastics later, and I volunteer there to help set up the equipment so that's another exercise opportunity. Those mats are heavy!
Can I just say: I HAVE JUST TURNED DOWN A BIG BAR OF LINDT CHOCOLATE! DH just gave me one with a cup of tea and I made him take it and go somewhere else to eat it before I caved it. The kids have been whingeing all day (they are ill/full of cold) and I have a really sore throat too, so it really would have made me feel better but not today!

Willpower 1 - Caving in 0
Well done Emma I'm staring at a bag of hoola hoops as we speak lol not giving in though
Don't! Put them out of sight and grab something else to stop that craving. I am having peppermint tea!
Morning Emma. Well done on your first day, and fitting in exercise. Im thinking of starting Slim Fast today am going to pick up some shakes once I have had a blood test this morning. I have a lot to loose so will be on here for a very long time!! Hope today goes well for you. x
Hi Emma, let me know how you get on with SF. I have tried SW before, when I was pregnant (as it is one of the few diets you can do whilst pg) but I find that I end up eating too much and that it is a bit restrictive on family meals.... I hate that feeling of having a bit of this or that is going to completely undo my hard work for the rest of the day. With SF it is all about the calories, so not worrying about red/green days etc. I am not going to do SF all along though, right now am taking it a week at the time, just as a kick start. I may try to do it for another week after this one, but we'll see how it goes. Once I have had my kick start I may alternate days with SF and just keeping an eye on what I am eating, as eventually I will need those good eating habits that will keep the weight off.

Today I have had my BF shake and a latte (Tueday is my coffee morning day). Just having a black coffee now, but then I will have another shake at 1.30ish and a snack at 4.30.

I weighed myself this morning and I had lost 2 lbs already. I know that is not all fat, but still! I like to weigh myself quite often when I diet as it reminds me to stay on track for another day, but I have an 'official' weigh in once a week (Mondays). I am hoping to lose 2lbs a week on average, although I know it is usually more in the first week due to loss of water etc. so maybe 3-4 lbs this week?? I am going to do my best to stay on track all week and see what happens!


Onwards and downwards!
Hi Emma. Just been reading your diary and wanted to say good luck, and it looks like you are doing really well so far :)

I'm following my own healthy eating/exercise diet and weigh in on a Monday. Just had my first weigh in yesterday and I lost 2lbs :D Was doing Slimming World before, but like you said I think I was eating too much and I just didn't seem to be losing any weight.

Keep up the great work, and I look forward to seeing how you get on at your first weigh in :)
Hi Emily,
thank you for the good luck wishes! I noticed your profile on another thread, we are the same height, and want to lose similar amounts of weight, although you are about 10 lbs less than me and your goal is also 10 lbs less. I have not been less than 150 lbs for as long as I can remember, so I think that is enough for me to aim at! Will be interesting to see how you get along!

Had chicken, bacon (fat trimmed off) and leek risotto for dinner with lots of spinach salad. I did not work out the calories precisely, just ate a normal size portion. If the diet does not work i may have to be a bit more diligent with working out the calories in the future, but it is quie hard with meals prepared in a big pot like this. It is easier with individual portions of meat/fish/potatoes etc as I can weigh it before I cook it.

I have a bad late night snack habit, so I am sitting here with a big mug of peppermint tea to keep cravings at bay. I might have to go to bed early - I usually don't go to sleep until 1/2am, which makes for a long night of craving stuff!

I was going to go to the gym tonight, but my husband is going out for a meeting, so I have to stay at home to look after the kids and received the weekly shop. I ordered some Ultraslim (Tesco) bars, which I look forward to trying out tomorrow!
hi emma, You seems to be doing so well iam like you when the kids are in bed and iam just waching tv with the OH iam thinking what can i eat I got some suger free ice lollys and these seem to do the trike for a bit all so low cal hot choc (if i have cals over from tea which i normaly do)
Day 3 :) I am feeling lighter already, I know it is only a couple of pounds but my smaller jeans don't feel as thight as they were!?

Had my breakfast shake and black coffee. Going to have a snack in a minute then get in some activity by sorting the house out! I have lots of hardcore tidying to do as I have to empty a room (incl books and furniture and also paiting several rooms.

I often get this "oh a little of this or that won't hurt" attitude when dieting, so I just worked out that if I aim to lose 2lbs per week, then that is 32 ounces per week, or 4.6 ounces per day. If we divide that over 3 meals, then it is 1.5 ounces per meal. So for each meal that I stay on track, I lose another 1.5 ounces (or 42.5 gr). That may not sound like much, but take some butter out of the fridge, measure up 42.5gr and you'll see it is quite a lot. Imagine it gone from your hips, inner thighs, bingo wings or anywhere else you'd like a bit shaved off. The next mealtime is only a few hours away, and then another little bit will be gone. I may just measure up 42.5 gr of butter and put it on a plate in the fridge, as a visual reminder! Could even do a day's worth, i.e. 130gr - that's a lot of butter!!

One day at the time, slow and steady wins the race!
I just posted this as a reply on another thread, but decided to copy it over here as it explains a bit more about me and my motivation :)

Finding it quite easy atm. I run and I find it easier to motivate myself if I change my mindset from "OMG I have only done 2km and still have 3km to go and it is killing me, I am never going to do it" to "it is ok, I can still run a little bit more. I can stop whenever I want, but I am ok to keep going to that next corner". Thinking like that I get to the next corner, then the next and the next. It is that get-out clause, knowing I can stop when I want to, that keeps me going. Since I have had success with that in running, I will adapt it to weightloss too and rather than think I will have to be on SF for the next 4 months, just think that it is ok for now, and I can keep on for one more day (and then probably one more, and one more...)

I have had three babies over the last 6 years (and breastfed each for year), so I have almost lost touch with what a natural weight is for me! My wardrobe is full of clothes of every size and body shape I can imagine for my body!


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Hey Emma

It's great that you are finding things easy atm. Let's hope they continue. I love walking with the pushchair and find it doesn't help loads with the weight loss but makes me feel much better.

Will be stalking your diary to see how things are getting on :)
Easy may be a bit of an overstatement, but it is ok!

It is good to have a stalker though, the pressure is on now to not disappoint you! :)
Day 4 :)

Had my hair done today, which is a once in a blue moon experience (figured I may as well do what I can to feel a bit better about myself unmtil that weight comes off!). It involved no end of childcare arrangements though, so my day was a bit erratic. Had my BF shake and coffee, then I had half a meal bar as a snack (as a whole one is 220 calories or thereabouts) on the way to drop DC3 off. I then had another bar on the way back from the hairdressers, and went to collect the kids.

Came home and decided to make a hot meal for the kids early as DC2 has not been eating well at dinnertime as he snacks all afternoon (he has been ill and subsisting on yogurts). Well, he didn't eat much but I did! Pasta with smoked salmon, peas, sweetcorn, courgette and....cream! Oh dear! I then had a rocket ice lolly and a pear.

I still had two snacks and the evening meal to go though, so a total of 800 calories, so I recon if I don't have too many for the rest of the day I will be ok. If I get hungry later I will have some peppermint tea and a carrot or two, and look forward to breakfast tomorrow!

What I MUST NOT DO is think 'sod it, I had that pasta so I may as well have everything else I fancy today' :D

3 days until weigh in!! I am excited about it, hopefully I will have to update my tracker!
I went to the gym to redeem myself for the creamy pasta sauce and the ice lolly! Ran for just over half an hour, then did a little bit of the cross trainer and the side stepper, totalling 400 calories. Hopefully that will have made up for it (I did still have my evening meal and snacks to use as well).

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