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My WI experiences - share yours :)


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Over the past few weeks I've come across quite a few posts where people aren't exactly thrilled with something or another in their group. I thought it might be an idea to start a new thread, where people can share their experiences and disappointments, and maybe we could do something with this collated information? A pros and cons list, of sorts, for everyone to add to :)

Every Thursday, 10am. I think I'm the youngest member there. Most of the other members have already reached target and come each week to maintain. There are 25-30 people, on a good week. Most bring fruit for breakfast, obviously to eat after weigh-in!

My consultant is called Amanda. She's lovely and friendly, gets along with everyone. If I've ever texted her to tell her I won't be attending that week, I haven't gotten any acknowledgement. I've called her once for the password, immediate answer!

However, there seem to be lots of little cliques that sit in specific places. I think that's what makes me not want to stay for Image Therapy. Well, that and the fact that I go with my mum and she doesn't really like staying for it :(

Also, it has taken me this long to realise that Amanda never once asked me what I wanted my target weight to be. Aslo just noticed today, as we had a stand-in consultant who was nice enough to check how to pronounce my name, that Amanda typed my name in on the system as Ralhia. Not even close.

The lady who usually weighs us all - I don't even know her name - is the nicest person ever, she's at target now and would tell us her plans for her trip to Las Vegas every week, but that got postponed due to ash cloud business. She asks me whenever I attend how uni and exams are going. She even asked me today to please tell her my results next week! Might suggest to her she apply to be a consultant herself ;) hehe, I'd be the first member there!

Anyone else want to share some thoughts? xxx
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Quite a few similiarities in my group. There is a group who have been with the consultant since the start of her group, who she is obviously particularly fond of, and I suppose they are a little cliquey, but I can understand why and it doesnt bother me at all. The woman who does the weigh ins is also extremely lovely and was very helpful to me when I first started, because she sat by me and explained any little back stories when members were talking about things that had happened to them.

I am certainly not the youngest, but nor am I the oldest, I would say the average age of the group is 40-55ish. We do have a couple of young members who are slimming for their prom dresses for high school.

I too have never set a target with my group consultant, I did however set myself one on the online site.

I sit next to my cousin at the group, I didnt realise she was going but she started the same day as me, so I kinda had no choice in the matter anyway. I do however make sure and say hi to others and chat to the person sat the other side of me.

I find Image Therapy the most useful part of the group to be honest, and cant really understand people who pay a fiver to get weighed and leave. You could do that in Boots for 20p. I can understand if its an occasional thing and they have to be somewhere else but I think its very important to take part in the group aspect. That said, in a group where things were a bit cliquey, I would feel a bit awkward about staying too.

I think the main thing really is to ignore the cliquey aspect. There will always be groups of friends who join together for moral support and that may come across as cliquey, but it probably isnt really. The main reason for being there is a purely selfish one, to get as much out of the plan as I can.


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I went to school with my consultant - infact we used to knock about together years ago, so we get along very well. When I first joined her class she made a big effort to 'include' me (she does that with everyone) and as a result everyone else did too. It doesn't matter who I sit next to at class, they are all lovely, friendly, chatty and welcoming. Mind having said that, this week (due to work) I had to change from the morning class to the evening one and the people there are soooooooo different :confused: Me no likey :( lol I'm sure I will get used to them though :D