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my wife is going on monday for the first time

hi their, she will be just fine!!!! i only been doin sw since june and lost 3st so im not sure how different slimming world was years ago, however she will still be able to do red and green days, however some of the free foods have changed! she will get lots of supposrt from group, ideas, recipe tips etc- all my luck to ya both
ps-well done on yr 6lbs so far-me and my hubby do it together and it makes things so much easier


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I am sure your wife will do great again.
There is still the red and green but they have introduced Extra Easy, which I have done since rejoining (the 6th time!) and, for me, it's the best as it's the best of both worlds. I won't ever do red or green again when I can do EE. Your wife's consultant will explain all to her.
Good luck to your wife. Do let us know how she gets on.
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Well done on losing 6lb and it's great that your wife will be doing it too.
You will still be able to do red and green days if you want to. Extra Easy is brilliant and there's also mix 2 max or success express.
All the plans are based around red and green foods and healthy extras so it won't be confusing if you already know the basics.
Good luck to you both, don't forget to let us know how you get on.
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It's a great plan, i lost 3 pound the first wk, and 4 the second, half a stone in two weeks, good luck both of you x


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There are new food plans to follow as others have discussed - but I am sure the Consultant and your wife will discuss these and figure out the best approach for her.

Well done to you both for starting SW (again or as new) - it's a great plan and works -as everyone will tell you.

Keep us posted xxx


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best to talk to the consultant but alot of things aren free anymore that used to be such as corned beef which was free on a red day and stock is now free which wasn't before lots of little varients before you even start wit extra easy but as long as she follows the book she will be fine.
i started on 146 kg now down to 142.4 kg in two weeks.

i will carry on going off my old book, then when she is upto speed use her new set of books, still want to do red day green day though i think.

i weigh myself every saturday and make a note on the spreadsheet at home.
i wasnt showing no loss on the friday then on the saturday morning, i had lost some
so im quite chuffed.
well she went and come back, ive not asked her what she weighed simply because she hasnt told me.
im surprised there is not that many leaflets, but i will have a read of them in the next day or two and switch myself over from my 2005 book to the new version,


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Well done to your wife, that's an excellent loss.

I think most would agree that we lose weight a bit quicker doing only red days, but we don't all have the same metabolism and some prefer to do all green or EE, it's all a matter of preference really, either way it is a brilliant diet whichever plan you choose to follow.

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Well done on your Wife's loss as well as your own! You will notice that the more involved you become with SW, your eating habits will change to match your wife.
Its all depending on what sort of options your wife wants as to what sort of day you follow. When I first started out, I was Red all the way, then add the occasional Green Day in for variety....now Im on the EE plan and even my Daughter (3) is eating my meals!
It will get easier as time goes on, but it sounds as if things are going really well anyway!

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