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Natalie's WW Diary - OFFICIAL & FINAL Diet Re-Start

Hey All!! :)

Ok made a couple of posts on here in the past but this is the first time I've done a diary...I'm mainly doing the diary as I'm doing WW on my own. I've got the books and I've got the WW scales so I'll do my W.I's myself.

Did Lighter Life last summer (End May - End Aug) and lost approx 3.5 stone on it :D...BUT I've put on about 19lbs since I came off :cry:...messing about on WW and over xmas/new year etc :banghead:

SO...I can't afford for it to get any higher! Am already kicking myself over the 19lbs and I'd be mortified if my weight crept back up to what it was pre Lighter Life!

So..the official re-start is TODAY!

I want to lose about 50lbs more to start with :sigh:...possibly more later but I can remember being 11.5 stone and being happy with my figure..I'm 5'7 and I know 11.5 is still probs a bit over but I'll see when I'm there how I feel.

My first mini goal is to get to 13stone 2lbs...that brings my BMI to under 29 which means I couldn't do Lighter Life again even if I wanted to!

I was wondering..I'm a nightmare for going out at the weekend with my mates and drinking and usually ending up in the kebab shop or somewhere similar...would it be wise to drop my points a bit more than they advise if I know I'll use more at weekend?

Or even to kickstart my weight loss this week if I dropped to 14pts if I can as that's what they say the minimum should be...do you think I'd get a good loss?? :confused: I'm also trying to drink LOADS of water!!

Does anyone have any tips to give me a kick start to motivate me to keep going!? Help needed...hence reason for this diary!

I don't want to go back to classes when I've got the books and the official scales...but I need that motivation!

So am going to W.I here on a Wednesday morning! :scale:

First weigh in this morning:-

15st 1lb 3/8 :eek:

Goal 1 - 13st 2lbs

Thanks everyone!!! :thankyou:
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Hi and welcome back to WW.......good luck with it all and I am sure that you will reach that goal.
I am no expert on this, but my own personal advice is not to do the 14 points thing, but to have the points that you are officially meant to have each day and maybe save a couple each day for the weekend thing.....if you have 14 points a day, you MIGHT find it too low and impossible to stick to resulting in feeling like its not for you etc...personally i would rather have the amount you are allowed to have and feel that you can cope on it and can stick on it for the long haul, rather than quick fix, but that is just my opinion and of course if you feel that the 14 points a day will suit you as a kick start then go for it...
Anyway, I think WW is fab, and I'm sure you will see the LB's falling off soon!
Thanks Thin Lizzy!

Am definitely not looking to do the 14pts thing long term...it'ss just to give me a bit of a boost for a week/2 weeks max...but am wondering if it'll work? SURELY dropping to 14pts a day for a week you're going to lose weight?!...

I just need that good boost for maybe weeks 1 and 2...just so I see a result and it gives me motivation to continue...

I really want the 50lbs off before I go on hols on 3rd August so am looking at 2lbs a week..EVERY week!! :confused:
Hey welcome to WW!!

I only started on monday and doing it at home not going to the meetings so I can't really give you any tips hun!

I'm taking it one day at a time and really trying to be careful with my points, writing it down is a must so you can keep track! I'm not sure on the 14 points thing, to me it sounds not very much and you might just feel hungry all the time... my only other thought is you could do it as you say for a few weeks lose a bit but then when you go back to your daily amount you might find you could put a bit on or stay the same and then you might feel less motivated?!

Great place here with great support so you picked the right place!!

I'm drinking about 6/7 glasses of water a day and the loo is my second home!!! :)
I definitely don't want to be putting weight on or staying the same...I need that 2lbs off as many weeks as I can...

Does anyone actually know what would happen if I did 14pts for a week or 2 (bearing in mind that I'll be using more points at weekends!)...and then went up to the points I should have which is 23 (well I use 19 and save 4 a day for weekends as normal)???

Really need a boost for my next weigh in or 2.....


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Congratulations on your great loss to date! thats fantastic.

Regarding the whole 14point thing, I can really see how appealing that would be to do (except for the fact you'd be starving!!! :D),

I really understand as like you, Im on a "dead line" to loose the weight too (my wedding in August) so its not like I can afford to sts or mess around at all. I want it quickly!! lol!

.....BUT having said that I really wouldnt recommend doing it - from what Ive learned on here, your allocated a certain amount of points for a reason (bearing in mind your weight and height etc.. ) its very important that you eat your recommended allowance and dont save anymore that 4points a day - the reason for this is that if we eat way too little for our bodies to live on (and 14pts would be!), our bodies basically start to "store" fat - and apparantly when you do feed yourself, your body thinks "Im not getting much food so Ill put this by for when I need it"....

Definately not what we want!! by eating the 14 (imo) you could actually risk sts or putting on more!!!! aaarrrgghh!!!!

I have heard about the kick start plan, its only recommended for a week or two (like you were intending anyway!) as far as I know PLUS (im fairly sure anyway!) it recommends no less than 22points per day if your over 14stone and no less than 18 if your under 14st (can anyone clarify that actually??)

Best of luck pet!!! x
Yeah I've heard that about Kickstart Nikki you're absolutely right...ok so maybe I should eat my points then and just hope the weight still comes off!? I could eat 18/19 as I should be on 23 so I'd be saving 4 (or assuming I did kickstart and took 22 points and saved 4 that'd then be 18 points)...
Hey and WELCOME :talk017:
Rite i know where your coming from havin a deadline to loose the weight! iv till 15th oj july to shift mine hav a holiday booked :)
I go out most weekends lik you and usually end up in some sort of chipper, so my first week restarting i said right im gonna save 4 points a day to allow for alchol ect... and i stayed the bloody same :mad: i musta saved too many!
Went out this weekend and only saved about 10 all week id say and lost 3.5lbs, i think its cos i was eating that little bit extra!
Sound mad i know!!
Its completely your decision just think about it
Best of luck x
I'd be worried that if I ate more and saved less that it wouldn't cover the drinking....alcohol is pretty high calorie and my friends and I are party animals!! :D

Aaaah I don't know what to do for the best..........:confused:
Ha ha u sound just like me and my friends, i did WW abut 3 yrs ago got down to 10 10, and i went out EVERY week end its doable lik! You should change you drink i drink vodka and a pub measure is only 1.5 points
just try the first week with all your points maybe save 1 or 2 a day just to see how u get on
Yeah have started drinking vodka and diet coke or vodka with soda water and lime when I got out as it seems to be not bad points wise?
Just not sure how many points to save for the weekend (for a night out and probs a chipper or kebab or something) and still lose weight!!..Bearing in mind whatever I eat on a Saturday night on way home is probs all I've had to eat that day apart from toast/a sandwich or whatever.
OMG u sound exactly lik me its not even funny its kinda scary lol
i usually only hav breakfast before a nite out, im not sure what a kebab is think around 10 and chips are around 8! How many drinks would you hav when your out, if your anything like me you'll say you loose count lol!
I drink before i go out too i couldnt tell ya how many points i drnk
prob wayyyyyy too many


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Thanks Thin Lizzy!

Am definitely not looking to do the 14pts thing long term...it'ss just to give me a bit of a boost for a week/2 weeks max...but am wondering if it'll work? SURELY dropping to 14pts a day for a week you're going to lose weight?!...

I just need that good boost for maybe weeks 1 and 2...just so I see a result and it gives me motivation to continue...

I really want the 50lbs off before I go on hols on 3rd August so am looking at 2lbs a week..EVERY week!! :confused:
Welcome to the forum scotsnat, and well done on your weightloss so far.

DON'T DO THE 14 POINTS PER DAY... The Officiall WW kick start plan is a minimum of 18 points a day for two weeks and they say you can lose UP TO 5lbs on that....

The 18 points per day is ONLY if you weigh less than 14 stone. Since you're over that your kick start plan should be a daily points allowance of 22.

You might find that if you don't eat enough points, you'll be very disappointed when you weigh in next week. I would certainly eat 20 daily points and save 2 for your weekend if that's what you want, but don't go as low as 18-19 as Ladylipo (I think) found out last week if you save too many points and blow out at the weekend you risk STS in your first week and that'd be so disheartening.

Good luck on your restart.
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Good luck Nats - we were doing LL around the same time last year, I lost 3st 2lbs, and have put 1st 5lbs of that back on!!! I've been faffing around for a month now, and have only lost one pound so I'm increasing my exercise levels more and see if that makes a difference.

Are you doing it by yourself or going to class? Best of luck whatever you are doing.
Sometimes i hav none saved cos id only decide last min to go out!
But usually about 20 maybe a little less
Hi there and welcome to the WW gang.

Id definitely advise against 14 points a day, for one thing youll probably be starving anyway but thats way too low when you should be on 23. As Nikki said the max you should save is 4 points a day. Bearing in mind if you saved even 3 points a day over 6 days thats 18 points on top of your 23 allowance for a night out.

Saving too many, tho tempting could make the rest of the week very hard for you, and when things start getting hard then as we all know, thats when it all goes wrong!

Im sure youll love WW as a diet, and any problems, just shout, most of us are going it alone so youre in good company ;)

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