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Natural way to quit smoking?


...we're sinking deeper.
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Depends.. what gave me the willpower to quit is the idea that I don't want my children (when and if I have them) to have to go through the death of a parent. It's happened to me, it's happened to friends - some of these instances due to the person smoking.
I just gave up, then a few days later used an inhilator once but even so, I haven't really touched them. I mostly just gave it up without the use of any substitutes or whatever they're selling. Once you get past the 1st week it gets much easier and while you may still crave a smoke - once you really think about it the idea of dragging in a dirty lungful that STINKS like hell - it is the most unappealing idea ever and the craving passes.

To be honest those nicotine products wouldn't work for everyone. Unless you've been an extremely heavy smoker and have developed a complete nicotine dependency (we're talking 20+ smokes a day) then it could be useful... However in some cases it may not actually be helpful because some substitute one for the other.

I've heard pharmacies/doctors also can prescribe medication that easies the cravings and it's a 4 week program? Not too sure about it, I suggest looking it up on the NHS website. :)


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If you do feel like you're slipping, like I do quite often. You can buy herbal ciggies from Holland & Barrett - Nicotine and tobacco free - they seem to help me on nights out with friends etc :)
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I noticed this member only posted once, but for others out there-- catnip is a great way to help stop smoking cravings. I've never been a smoker, but I know two long time smokers who stopped smoking in this way. You can drink it in a tea or take pills-- and of course keep it away from any cats you have!!
Willpower is the biggest tool in your arsenal. Imagine that every time you take a nicotine gum or patch..you are feeding nicotine into your system, which means your body will still crave it...the longer you go without, the easier it gets.

Remember there is only 1 person putting that cigarette into your mouth!!!
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For me I quit smoking once naturally, it was more about timing, I had a fairly heavy smoking session the night before, then slept the most of the day, once I got past 24hrs I was fine, but I started about 3 months later, I quit about 4 months ago now but with the aid of champix from my gp.. they were.. odd to say the least, they made me feel sick more than make me want to stop smoking but they definitely helped. I cant use patches as they give me migraines, the tabs and gum make me sick and the inhilator thing just.. doesn't satisfy so to speak.

It all works differently for people though, but good luck with it! I still have a smoke every now and then but it's once every other month if need be but thats simply because I enjoy a smoke every now and then, though I smoke a cigar rather than a cigarette as I dont crave as much on cigars.

Good luck though!
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Hypnosis did absolutely nothing for me :(
Tried most things but the one that did work was Champix...although you have to be aware how these can make you feel after a month or so :eek:
At the time of being friends with my fiance he smoked 40 plus a day. His excuse would be they are lites....

I didnt give him any indication that I wanted him to quit. The one day we were sat at my house and I was saying about how disgusting the habbit was and how smelly it made anyone that spent any time around smokers. He turned around and simply said give me a date. I gave him one (18th December 2008) and he hasnt touched a cigarette since. Didnt use any aids to stop, still carried cigarettes on him but didnt smoke any. About 6 months ago I asked him why he gave up. He said I wanted to impress you.

I think it is the same as any addiciton and the same as any diet. You have to want to do it and for the right reasons. If your motivation and determination isnt strong enough you wont succeed.


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I finally quit 3½ years ago after 35 years. I had tried various methods in the past - Zyban which did not suit me. Cold turkey after a bad cold. Patches which worked but 3 months later I was offered a cig and took it.
Eventually a good friend who had done it said that it will only successfully work if you really *really* want to do it and no amount of aids - although they can help in the short term - can replace your desire to beat it.

That proved to me that although my previous attempts were serious, my head was not in the right place at that point to understand enough about this powerful addictive drug called nicotine and my then relationship with it.

Love Myr xxx
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Six months ago, I read Allen Carr - haven't smoked since - or even really thought about smoking!


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The nicotine trick by neil casey helped me stay off em for 4 years. Unfortunately I went back on them and desperately trying to quit again the past 14 mos. It's every bit as difficult as before and I am smoking more than ever.:cry:

For some reason cranberry juice takes nicotine out of your system quicker, possibly an acid-alkaline balance thing. I have stocked up ready for next attempt, 17th March. *crosses fingers*
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I read the Allan Carr book several times and when I had a cig I would think about that book and asking myself did I really want it. It took me 3 serious attempts to stop over 3 years and I got to the point where I made myself hate it, its true you have to really want to be able to stop. I did use patches but not for the full six weeks as I got fed up of wearing them. Best advice I was given was to break habits, if you had a break at work and went outside to have a cig go and read a book instead. If you have one after dinner have a bath run before hand and get in it after you've eaten. It can be done in a natural way but the patches did get me over the inital withdrawal symptoms and I think whatever method you do choose as long as you get the result you want it shouldn't matter.


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I've quit twice on patches. First time i stayed off for a year, and the second time I was off for about 4 months.
The patches do work, its the mindset that doesn't :) Any NRT has to come with willpower and determination.
I understand people wanting to do it naturally but you have to consider theres nothing natural about smoking in the first place, and if weaning yourself off cigarettes with a patch or gum etc works and makes it easier, then why not use it?
The NRT lets you slowly reduce your nicotine intake over x number of weeks, and while doing that you can deal with the habit side of it.
Theres not many who can do it without NRT without a really hard time.
I wish everyone success with their quitting. About to set my quit date too (3rd time lucky right).
If anyone discovers a magic (craving free) quitting wand, then please do let me know :D


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Hello, I'm almost on day 4 of quiting whoo whoo! Doing it with just willpower cos I can't afford nrt even on proscription!
I've had 3 chest infections now since this year started and I'm sick to death of feeling Ill and below my
best so I'm determined to do this.
Its not easy though doing it without support, first day I was that angry with withdraws I threw my dvd player out of my bedroom window omg!
After I had calmed down a few hours later I realised how badly I acted and promised not to let it effect me like that again and since then I've been ok. I can fully understand how people that are coming off hard drugs can be I was scary!,!

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