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  1. Jodie

    Jodie Member

    Lighter Life
    Hi people,

    I hope you all had a great Xmas and New Year! I must confess, I have been naughty. I decided to allow myself to eat Xmas dinner (but no potatoes), but this then (inevitably) led to chocolates, eating on boxing day too, and then a few days of returning to my old bad habits and eating anything and everything. I am back on the packets today (so far), but am trying to console myself and the fact I have put on about 7lbs in a few days. I was wandering how much I should be punishing myself and whether anyone else has had similar problems over Xmas?

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  3. fatgirlslim

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    Hi Jodie,
    I've done exactly the same as you, but my slip up came on boxing day and has continued until today! I'm determined to get back on track tomorrow and have my first weigh in of the year on Weds. Good luck, I'm sure we'll soon get stuck back into it (I hope!!)

  4. flirty40greeneyes

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    Saw the title of this thread and thought ......... mmmmmm!! well maybe I'll just slink off now!!
  5. IslandBreeze

    IslandBreeze Castaway

    I don't think you should beat yourself up over it. A lot of us slipped over Christmas - I pigged out for 2 weeks and gained 10lbs. I'm now on the third day of my restart and this morning 5lbs had already gone. I think a lot of your 7lb will be glycogen and water and will disappear as soon as you're back in ketosis.
    The important thing is not that you gained a little but that this time you aren't going to let a few days turn into a few months. I know I've lost loads of weight in the past, then gained it all back because I've let myself get really upset over a small gain and let it get out of control.
    The way I see it this time, is that everyone eats too much over the holidays and gains a little - whether they're fat, slim or normal. So there's nothing unusual in what we've done and we shouldn't regret it - we enjoyed it and now we're ready to get back to losing weight.
    I'm even hoping that as most people are on a diet in January, there'll be less temptation from others.
    Best of luck with your restart!
  6. kazz

    kazz Gold Member

    I've been a bold CD girl too....and am gonna be even more bold in a bit, but tomorrow will be back on the packs. Not worth punishing yourself hun, wats done is'll be back on it in no time and I personally am hoping my 6 extra Christmas/New Years pounds will just come flying off when I start behaving myself again tomorro!
  7. bettyboo

    bettyboo Silver Member

    Put it behind will be off again in no time......I was no saint.......but am back on the wagon again........


  8. meghan1409

    meghan1409 Full Member

    I wouldn't worry too much... we're all allowed to make mistakes, its just not letting those mistakes impact the rest of your progress.

    I too cheated on Christmas, but thank god it was just a (very small) meal and i went straight back on the foodpacks on the 26th with no slip ups since then. I think the key is being very firm with yourself and telling yourself that although you enjoyed every bite, you owe it to yourself to get back on it 100%... it wont be long before you're enjoying every bite of what you eat again if you stick to it.
  9. thetimeisright

    thetimeisright To celebrate my losses!

    A mixture lol!

    If I have learnt nothing else, I have learnt that by beating myself up causes nothing but more comfort eating followed by more beating myself up (crooked thinking).

    Most "normal" or "naturally thin" people will eat more over the festive period and then will cut back in January to compensate for this - they don't beat themselves up they move on.

    I have put on about 10 lbs since the beginning of December but I am purposely not saying that I am "restarting" as I think this sends out the wrong message to my brain, I am continuing my journey or finishing my journey. Restarting to me means you have gone right back to the beginning and I haven't - I have learnt so much through lighter life and so my journey to my final destination (a comfortable size 12) is continuing.

    Good luck with the rest of your journey.
  10. CheekyMare

    CheekyMare Full Member

    And I thought I was the only one!! I've tried to get back on track but it hasn't worked. I think because of all the holiday guests etc.etc. I have now thrown all my nice food away (the small amount that I haven't managed to cram down my throat) and I'll continue on my quest tomorrow. Good luck to everybody else.
  11. meghan1409

    meghan1409 Full Member

    I seriously think its more crooked thinking than anything else.. the whole "well I've had one, i've already messed up today on the diet, I can go ahead and have seconds then" etc...

    It's all about treating tomorrow like it has nothing to do with today. So you ate today, that doesnt mean you have to allow yourself to eat tomorrow... I think that's what got me through.

    I struggled for the first 2 days back on foodpacks after Christmas.. but I just had to keep telling myself it was a one off, a special treat to feel included in an important family meal, and after I got up from the table my weight loss journey had to continue. I tried to forget about what I'd eaten and focus on getting back in to that all important routine.

    You'll be alright, Cheeky! You've been determined this far, you're so near your goal, you can make it.
  12. Ann2shoes

    Ann2shoes Ann2shoes

    Joining the club!

    I too gained 6lbs over Christmas. I was weighed last Saturday so it could be more by now. It`s now the first day of the year and I am back doing what my counsellor advised: 4 litres water, 2 LL packs per day and one chicken/turkey ( what,:( more turkey?!) meal with green salad or green veg.

    Don`t use the word `punish`, it might put your mind in the wrong direction. How about saying `I choose` not to do that any longer. I choose toeat differently now.

    I have decided that I will not panic about these few pounds; no doubt like some of you, I`ve panicked in the past, eaten more and put even more weight on. I`ve proved I can lose the weight and I can lose these few pounds. It took two weeks to gain it and it might take double that to get rid of it but I will allow myself to do it.

    At least everybody posting here recognises they have to go about their weightholding in a different fashion to the past. The collective advice is great and I don`t know where I would be if I had not found this site.

    Started LL 12.7.06. - 14st 1lb
    Finished SS 21.11.06. - 10st lb
    Weight loss - 56lb
  13. Cake'n'eat it

    Cake'n'eat it Full Member

    Lighter Life
    Hi All

    After 10 weeks on LL I made an adult decision to have Christmas Lunch. I thoroughly enjoyed it, it was lovely to experience the tastes and textures of food again - I kept the carbs low and I felt quite proud. My stomach has shrunk so much I only managed a todler sized-meal any way. But then I had family over for Boxing day tea and I picked at the buffet a bit - I tried to keep it low carb but I did have the smallest piece of bread with cheese and chutney. Anyway the day after I got back on to my packs and managed to lose 3lbs between Christmas and New Years. For a couple of days after though I noticed a real boost to my energy levels and then a really flat day.

    I went a bit mad last night too and drunk quite a bit, had onion rings and a few crisps and some chicken. It was a lot more than I intended. I have had half a bar and a soup so far today. I really don't want any more packs and this is where I struggle. I know it will take me a few days to feel right again. I never fell off the rails before Christmas and its much harder to get back on than I thought it would be. We still have lots of goodies that I need to get rid off.

    Still this is a new year and a new beginning. I am nearly 3 stone lighter than I was 11 weeks ago. I have a stone and half to lose to get to goal and I am completely commited to this. Good luck to you all for your journey in 2007 - Christmas is over - now its time to start planning for bikinis!
  14. thetimeisright

    thetimeisright To celebrate my losses!

    A mixture lol!
    This is a great thread isn't it? Look what a difference the counselling has made to all of our lives and our outlooks.
  15. Jodie

    Jodie Member

    Lighter Life
    Thank you guys. It makes me feel a lot better to know that my eating was just a human thing to do and that others of you have eaten too. Im sure we will be fine getting back on track - it really isn't easy as food is tempting me loads now and the foodpacks aren't that flavoursome, but I know it will get easier again over the next few days and definitely be worth it. Best of luck to everyone.
  16. AmandaJayne

    AmandaJayne Trainee Maintainer

    "Most "normal" or "naturally thin" people will eat more over the festive period and then will cut back in January to compensate for this - they don't beat themselves up they move on."

    This quote from Timeisright is right on the button for me. I've been thinking about this for a while now. Acting like a slim person, that is.

    Why are slim people slim? Because they haven't learned to obsess about food like we do. They don't think "Oh God, I've put on weight over Christmas, I'm going to keep on overeating now, because what's the point, I've screwed up." (crooked thinking).

    They just cut back for a week or so until their clothes feel comfortable again.

    I feel that this is a fantastic opportunity for everyone who has 'fallen off the wagon' this Christmas to train themselves to think like a slim person and see what happens.

    Let me go further and suggest that perhaps we should deliberately overeat on one day and then practice cutting back (using all the skills we have learned from LL counselling).

    Well, I'm not ready to do that just yet!

  17. sukie sue

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    hi amanda
    what a great post !! it really does make a difference the way we think and feel doesnt it !!! i too have often wondered how naturally "skinny" people deal with occasional hiccups especially my tiny little sister who is a massive size 8 , but who can eat a pile when she tunes her mind in :) this is a great insight into why we probably end up on our mad obsessive rollercoaster, i certainly will try to overdo it one day ( in the very distant future:p )i hope and pray that all our learning has set us up for a whole new way of thinking which will carry us into a happier and more controlled way of enjoying food and eating to live , not living to eat !!!
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