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naughty kels

Oh dear, I bet it tasted great though. :p

I had a terrible weekend food wise. I've eaten rice, crisps, cake, chocolate, bread! I don't know what came over me. :mad:

I didn't drink any shakes since Thursday and have hardly drank any water. I weighed myself this morning and had put back on 3lbs of the 5lbs I lost :eek:

I've been really good so far today, had 2 shakes and an apple and am thinking of having another shake or a soup tonight instead of a meal. I need to get at least the 3lbs back off before my weigh in on Thursday.
awww ***HUGS****

i had a week like that....but your doing the right thing by jumping straight back onto the wagon

however if i were you, id just stick to the 2 products not have three, let your body get use to just the two.

if your all over the place it may slow things down

i would just reccommend lots of water. flush out your system!!!!
Thanks Kels :)

I need to go shopping after work anyway so I might get some salad and some tuna for tea... punishing myself by having a shake instead will probably just make me miserable! :(

I need to come up with some kind of plan for the weekends as I can stick to it 100% during the week but really struggle at weekends when i'm around my other half. :rolleyes:

I'm glugging water like crazy today, got two 2 litre bottles at work that i'm working my way through.

Thanks for your support :) x
not a problem...on the weekends what are your eating plans normally

i would stick to the low carb but just put a post of the atkins bit about a easy to manage and easy to hide low carb menu

i dont really know about a full day of it but can gaurantee they'll give you plenty of support too.

but next time you mess up just remember your only human!
The first weekend I found quite easy, sneakily drank my shakes for brekky and lunch and did chicken in sauce with veg the first night (he had mash too) and the second night I caved in and we had a takeaway pizza however I still lost 5lbs.

This weekend we went out for an Indian on Thursday night. I did eat rice and bread but only a small amount. Friday I starved myself until tea time (felt guilty about the bread and rice) and had a burger (no bread) with salad.. but then 2 big bowls of carte d'or ice cream :eek: Saturday we had bacon and eggs for brekky and we had chicken in sauce with veg for tea followed by choc & crisps later on :eek: Sunday I had cheese on toast for lunch and made a chicken balti with rice and naan bread for tea :eek:

I ate the crisps, choc, ice cream, cheese on toast because he was eating them and i've got no willpower! I cooked chicken balti with rice last night because I'd given up trying!

I don't have this problem during the week, only at weekends when im with him... maybe I should dump him then i'd be slim :D
you need to try and find things to munch on...

when hes having ice cream have you thought of having an atkins bar (the wrappings easy to hide) or make a big bowl of sugar free jelly its easy to munch through that

have you not told him your low carbing and therefore cant eat bread/potatoes and pizza?

if you have just ask him nicely or bribe him with sex to not eat them in front of you!

worked with my OH hehe
Yeah he knows i'm low carbing and was quite supportive during the first weekend just not anymore. It's my fault for being so weak though :rolleyes:

You're right.. I need to be more prepared, need to make sure i've got suitable snacks and food in the house to eat when he's eating his junk!

I will give the bribing a try too :D

Thankyoooo :)

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