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Naughty to even be thinking about it


Can hug her knees :)


Cambridge Consultant
Definitely! Popcorn is really high in carbs. Hence when I'm on plan I don't go to the cinema as the smell kills me, I absolutely love popcorn drenched in butter.
i was going to go to the cinema tonight to avoid halloween madness but I absolutely love salted popcorn and know I would struggle to resist it!!


Gone fishing
yeah, popcorn would be a bad move. As for being naughty for thinking about it. Ack...nothing wrong with thinking it, as long as you don't follow through with the action ;)

Keep up the good work and have a lovely time at the cinema :)


Cambridge Consultant
Well said KD, I think naughty all the time :D I just try not to do anything about it. ;)


Back 2 finish my journey
I went cinema on weds and it wasn't that difficult to resist just don't let whoever your going with have any either!!!


Can hug her knees :)
Thanks everyone only just saw replys but yay me I resisted took my water with me and just glugged that the whole way through :) xx
Well done on keeping your cd crown intact. Bet that feels better than being bloated with carbs! (i have binged on carbs and believe me - it makes you feel like s**t) xx

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