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Ne one with about 10 stone to loose??


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heya yummy! I started with 10 stones to lose... now have 8stone something to lose but im doing slimming world so will lose slower than u, so would be chuffed to buddy up with ya xxxx
Hi there,

I have about 10 stone to loose in total too.
This is my third week, although at the weekend I pigged out (never again!!!) - I felt really rough and had a washing machine type stomach all night.
We can get throught this and the main thing to realise is that if we make mistakes, we learn from them and support each other.




Serial Foodie!
best of luck for tomorrow!! let us know how it goes :D xxxxxxxxx
Hi YMWN, I am currently finishing week 3 of the Camebridge Diet...not been easy, but I think after my hiccup at the weekend, I am through it and fighting fit!!!

How about you?
Please can I join you 10 stone ish dieters. I originally wanted to lose 12 stone but have now lost 2 and a half, so nine and a half to go. I know it will be a long journey, but it will be so much easier if I have friends in the same boat.


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Can I join in too! I have 11 stone to go and started three weeks ago. I've lost 25 lbs so far - this is the best diet ever!
I have 8 stone to lost.. can I join you? Well, actually, I have 7 and a bit to lose now, seeing as I lost 11Ibs this week :D

Gonna have me a hot chocolate shake now!

Best of luck!
Count me in, I'm trying to lose 10 but going for smaller goals at a time. Day one of the CD for me today and apart from a niggly headache I'm not hungry, I havent' time to eat I'm on the loo all day hee hee xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Yeah i had 11 but lost 1 two weeks befor i started CD and have lost 4 so 6 left:D. Boy is this hard:cry:I'm never getting myself this fluffy again.


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I had around 12.5 stone to lose(to get me to a healthy bmi) I've now lost just over 7, but still have 5ish to go. It can seem like an uphill struggle when you have loads to lose but just stick with it and you'll get there :)


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Thanks!! Yes i've lost 99lb (7 stone 1lb) in 17 weeks, can't quite believe it myself sometimes. My only regret is not starting sooner!! :D


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I've got about 9 to lose so i'll join ya! I'm on my first week of SS.
I'm still getting over the 99 in 17 weeks. WOW well done you what great willpower.

I'm hoping I can stick to this then one day I'll be the one with the really cool ticker that's almost at the right, might pop a worm on the end, coax that hedgehog along hee heexx

It's a frog DOH must have nearly picked the hedgehog