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Near Goal and "binge thoughts" - oh dear

Nearing goal now (although i think i will readjust it as i am def going to be too fat still at 9st 7) and I can't stop thinking about what i want to eat when i get there!

I know that I will have to eat sensibly and carefully otherwise i will put the weight on. I know what to eat and what to avoid. However, I keep telling myself perhaps i could have one day every few weeks when i eat what i like without doing too much damage! I keep dreaming about giant bars of chocolate and pic n mix mainly!

I thought that I had come a long way psychologically with this diet but all of these destructive thoughts keep entering my head! :( I dont want to go back to how I ate before. I ate absolute rubbish, had constant headaches from the sugar rushes and felt tired, sluggish and ugly.

How can I get out of this frame of mind?
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Well done on the losses, it is fantastic to see you reaching goal. You are right to want to sort this out now, I had big problems when I finished CD, not only did I want to eat whatever I fancied, it was so long since I had been able to have treats that I wanted to resample tham all!

You already know the pitfalls so it is just a case of choosing the method which will help you best. Some people have a carb "window" so they let themselves eat whatever they like during say one hour of the day and then are restrained the rest of the time. Others do high and low calorie days (like me, I am doing JUDDD, it is good for loss and maintenance too). The intuitive eaters go about it in their own self-empowering way, you'll have to look on their threads or read "Beyond Chocolate" if you want to go down that route, I can't summarise it quickly.

Yes, you can have chocolate, life without it would be unthinkable. Enjoy it, I'm sure you'll find a way to eat in your post CD life which allows these small pleasures.
I know this may not be a popular comment, but I have lost count of friends I know of who have a 'naughty' day once a week, or every other week. I think lots of people do it. The key is keeping it to just one day.
Yup me too! I maintained 9.7 for two years after loosing 7 and a half stone, but a month ago I binged for 2 weeks non stop due to a horrid time in my personal life (before I was limiting myself to every other friday) and gained two stone in that time, hence being on CD now!
Thanks for the replies guys - i think i will have one cheat day every few weeks as in a funny way it will probably keep me on the straight and narrow. Obviously it will only work if i manage to keep it to one day.

Also, having thought about it over night, i am sure that pretty much everything looks appealing at the moment because i havent been able to eat "normal" food for over 3 months. Its abit like when you've been abroad and you really fancy a particular food that you cant get there. All you can think about is that food!



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I know this may not be a popular comment, but I have lost count of friends I know of who have a 'naughty' day once a week, or every other week. I think lots of people do it. The key is keeping it to just one day.
Sorry to sound harsh, but the key is to sort out any food issues in the first place, then there are no 'naughty' days.

That's not to say there aren't any days where you don't eat non-dieting foods, just that every day is a normal day and food is something you enjoy, but just a very small part of the day.

Yes, I know, getting the issues sorted is a big un, but it'll get you off the dieting wagon forever.
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Hi Jodie

I dont think you are alone with these thoughts. Im still a long way from my goal but already fantasising about what I will be able to eat.

Im sure you will find that your tastebuds have changed after the diet. I had a sausage roll a couple of weeks ago and really beat myself up over it, but tbh, it didnt taste that good. I could taste the fat and grease and I wont be in a hurry to have another, I could easily eat 4 in one go before the diet followed by a couple of doughnuts!!

I think you have to allow yourself to eat what you want - but in moderation after the diet. If you ban chocolate you will want it all the more, so allow yourself a little and you will be fine. Remember that 2000 cals day will seem like a feast after the past few months.

Stay strong Jodie. You need to finish this journey. You are doing so so well.


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Very interesting posts by everyone. I think its a topic that everyone fears.

Does anyone know of any books that can help to retrain your thinking?
Karion dieting you hit the nail on the head by saying we need to sort these problems out now.....but is there something out there to help us deal with the problem??

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