Nearly got through the week!


Well, i'm nearing the end of day 6 and all is well... finding it much better now, really gets so much easier after the first few days. This place has been a real saviour too in weak moments! Weigh in tomorrow so keep your fingers crossed for me!
Good luck Juju!! I'm sure you'll be delighted with your first week's result :D
Well done juju
Your doing brilliant, :D
I hope you get an excellent first weigh in, you deserve it! :)
Good luck for your weigh in tomorrow!!! Im sure youve done fantastic!!! I know how you feel as Im over the moon that ive managed my first day back on restart today, ive decided its got to be done 1 day at a time so Im sure I will be here to keep folowing your progress. Sarahxx.
hey you,ve done great getting to day 6 WELL DONE TO YOU HUN!!
Just wait untill you have your weigh in and see how much you've lost..... You cant beat that feeling, you really cant!

I've just restarted yesterdat too sarah, i find the first day the hardest, so glad thats out the way, fingers crossed i'm now on my way to loosing the stone a so desperatley need to get rid of xx
Good luck for tomorrow - let us know how you got on.:)
Well i'm nearly there. Am being weighed at 8.30, and have a pile of science books to mark till then! Today has been very hard. It was the first day back at school, someone had a birthday and filled the staff room with cake and crisps! Then i had to sit and watch the children eat a cooked lunch (although it wasn't very nice, chicken and new potatoes with green beans and sweetcorn,but weirdly i craved the vegetables more than anything) and don't even get me started on the plum crumble and custard for pudding. Felt very tired by the afternoon and i was glad to get home.
Ok .... moan over .... sure i will be far happier once i've been weighed and seen it's all worth it!!
Good luck for your weigh in tonight mind and let us know how you get on.

Hee Hee our tickers are almost identical wish id thought of the shoe it looks good.
Hi Julia
Snap - i went back to work today, although it is a preschool and i only had to deal with biscuits at snacktime today!

Wishing you lots and lots of luck for tonight, im sure you wont need it though youll be fine!:D
i know ... i love pretty flowers!!! Am counting down the minutes till i drive to Northampton ... am going to have a celebratory choc orange cd bar on the way home!!