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Nearly there

Been to weigh in this morning and lost 2lbs. Doesn't seem much for so much effort but I think I'm at my optimum weight. The chemist would only give me one more week then I have to refeed because of my BMI. I notice on other peoples pages, their target BMIs are much lower and wondering if their chemists will let them get that low or are they making the target unattainable adding extra stress?
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My pharmacist 'set' my target at 9st 13lb which would make my BMI 25.4- still technically 'overweight'! I wanted my target at 9st 7lbs which would have my BMI at 24.3. I was 'taken' off LT before either target was reached (long story) and was told because my bmi was now under 30 I wouldn't be allowed back on TFR, only the maintenence/weight loss programme.


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Wahey! one more week! We'll be refeeding together chick! :)

My chemist hasnt set me a target ... i guess thats cuz im still in the top end of the over weight category! LOL I dont pay any attention to the bmi chart anyways but your chemist is probably right in this case as you are now at a healthy weight for your body :)

How do you feel about refeeding from next week? well done on your 2lbs this week btw :) xxx
Thanks Tanya I can't wait for food. I only been back on for 4 weeks, but it has seemed an age. I started dreaming about it now! Decided to refeed for at least 3 weeks this time, to stop myself getting silly,(but bonfire night with hot dogs, soup and jacket potatoes mmmmm) Its so easy to go down the slippery slope once you start. I have been reading other peoples logs and that seems to be the way to go. How are you approaching it?


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I am having 2 full weeks of refeed and then i will go onto calorie counting i think for a while, to try and adjust to portion sizes etc and to try and lose whatever i have left to lose. Then it really is the hard part, maintaining!

Slippery slopes really are evil! My rationale is oh ive had a bag of crisp, very naughty - might aswell have another one so thats the main thing i need to work on. Being able to have things in moderation ... that part scares me! haha How are you going about it?


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I'm going to do a two-week refeed as well, then back to calorie counting for a while (using an online log). When I'm maintaining for a few months doing that I'll ease off for a while, but keep an eye on my weight to make sure I don't ease off too much! LOL!


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Irish - i just signed up to that food focus - is that what your using too?

For me to lose 1.5lbs a week i will need to be eating 1126 calories a day - not far off what i thought! :) I cant wait to start logging things on there LOL

Nenya - get yerself signed up to it - its pretty good and freeeee!!:D x


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I did Tanya- but be careful with what they 'recommend' you eat to lose that much. I wouldn't recommend anyone go under 1200cals a day. It's a good tool & easy to use as a guideline to log your intake.

Google 'BMR Calculator' to find out what your body needs each day to function- I don't recommend you go under that number.
If you don't do any exercise (i.e. you're sedentary) multiply your BMR by 1.3 to find out what your body burns each day just by doing everyday stuff.
Now for a bit of maths stuff- To lose 1 1/2lbs a week you need to have a daily deficit of 750cals a day.
Say your BMR is 1450, times 1.3 equals 1885 cals. In theory- you should be able to eat that amount of calories to maintain your weight. Of course it'll depend on things like any medical conditions you might have, or the speed of your metabolism etc.
Now, to lose 1 1/2lbs a week, you'd need to cut your calories to 1135- which IMO is too low, so really you'd need to do a little exercise (even walking) to boost your overall 'burn' and allow you to eat enough to keep your system burning, and prevent you doing any harm to your organs (from poor nutrition).
Your loss may be slower- but you'll end up healthier, and it'll be more likely to stay off?
Medical experts recommend you don't go under your BMR, as thats what your body needs to work properly.

I used caloriecount.about.com to log last time (it's free too, but a little tricky to get used to, but won't 'allow' you to enter too strict a goal, or recommend less than 1200cals a day)

Does that make any sense? Or have I confused you even more?


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No that makes sense .... i guessed eating 1200cals a day would be ok for me to lose each week so thats why i said it wasnt far off what i thought.

I will have a goose at the bmr calculator later on cheers chick :)

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