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Need a kick up the backside !!!!

Hi , I have lost 5 stone 10 lb so far and up till the last few weeks have found it working really well and havent found it too hard .
The last few weeks I have had 'treats' at the weekend and not been too bad , but this weekend I have taken treats to the extreme :(
I planned the wekend off for mothersday etc , but as soon as I had been weighed on friday I went straight to macDonalds , then had a chinese in the evening ( was pretty good and just had foo yung so not too bad ) but then had burgers and biscuits on saturday and popcorn at the flicks and chocolate , sunday was croissaints , a hige meal , jam sandwiches , chocloates ... it goes on ..... the scales today show I have gained 8 lb in 3 days ( I know a lot of it will be water but its still horrendous !) and I need to stop this binging at the weekend :(

I have been on SS+ which I think is making it harder to not pick .. as I get to eat ... I often eat a little more than I should etc .. so I think I am going to try and do SS this week and if I really struggle have a 4th shake instead of the meal .. I have 2 stone left to loose and am finding it so hard to shift :cry::cry:

Please someone kick me up the bum ... I feel really determined to get back on track and get this weight off .. but its so hard now

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dont give yourself a hard time. you have done amazing, and its hard is cd. i have had a bad couple of weeks, not with food really but just with my mindset so dont think you are alone.

my advice would be to maybe start a diary that way you may feel more accountable and will have somewhere to vent when you feel the need to. also going back too ss sounds good as it does take away all food and gives you time to reassess. most of all, i find having a chat with myself helps as i can usually get myself going again. hope you have a good week this week and i am sure the 8lbs will come off over th enext day or two. let us know how you get on!


One day at a time!
Oops! Kick, kick - did that work?;) Now put it all behind you and move on. You have done fantastically well so far and this blip isn't going to sabotage the good work - the 8lbs will be gone in a day or so just drink plenty of water and stick to the shakes. If you think SS will help then try that and see how you do - sometimes returning to the basics justs gets you back into the zone. Good luck:)


hoping for a good loss

Keep going chick, you know you can do it hun. Look at what you have already acheived, so nearly there.

Charlie xx


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I have done exactly the same but for 10 days and not 3.

Today is a new day, new week and I am going to get back on track. Just think of those amazing results. I ahve lost 5 stones too but still got along way to go - I can't wait to get to number 6 - and today is the first day of getting there - by May Day I want to be able to say i ahve lost 6 stones.

Come on - we can both do it!

Forget the blips and think forward... :)


Size 14 here i come!
Hi katie, it is so hard hun and you have done brilliantly. Cut yourself some slack, you had a mad weekend but have noted it and are doing something about it. I am starting to read books on controlling the when we can eat we go for it big style routine. I have to stop thinking the food will go away if i don't eat it now or that if i have had one bad thing then the rest of the day is doomed.
You will get back on track you are strong! Good luck lady!
thanks stinky , i think it is hard when you have a planned day or days off .. as you think ' well I wont be eating again for a while so I have to cram in as much terribly yummy food as I can ....' and I did this weekend !!! But have been good so far today , had my porridge at lunch and trying to hold out for my shake till tea time then I have a mousse for the evening ... COME ON !!!!

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